PC Update Thursday 12/6/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 12/6/01

by Dawn

As Rafe writes in his journal at a table in the Recovery Room, Livvie enters and sits alone. When Rafe approaches her, Livvie accuses him of knowing that her plan would work, but it would cost her Jack. Rafe still hopes for a happy ending for them, but Livvie informs him that Jack has left Port Charles.

Jack is on his motorcycle and stops when Rafe jumps in front of him. Rafe is trying to stop Jack from making a mistake he'll regret for the rest of his life.

Karen wakes on the sofa to find Chris watching her. She knows the trial drugs he gave her aren't working. Chris has a good feeling about it, but Karen is not as optimistic. Chris promises to take care of her and save her life. She's scared, cut off from everyone, and no one has any idea what's happening to her. Chris insists that they keep it that way. It's like a bad cosmic joke on Karen to have her life in Chris's hands. When Chris suggests that maybe this is how it's supposed to be, Karen gets frustrated. She's sick, she's scared, and she misses Frank. He can never convince her that this is the way it's supposed to be. As Chris tries to reason with her, an angry Frank pounds on the door.

Ian and Eve put Danny in his bassinette. Still thinking good things can happen, Eve reminds Ian that it's back to bottle feeding, diaper changing, and sleepless night. It sounds like heaven to Ian. Her to, but they have to talk. Now that they have Danny back, Eve needs to know if Ian still wants to be with her. When Ian replies that they have a child and they'll always be connected, Eve asks him if he's still in love with her.

Livvie tells Rafe that Jack's room is empty except for the picture of them he left behind. Livvie hurt Jack, and Rafe would have probably done the same thing. Livvie knows she hurt Jack and she went there to beg him for another chance. But now it's too late. Rafe doesn't believe it's ever too late to ask forgiveness. The guy that loves Livvie is out there tearing himself apart, and Livvie is in there feeling sorry for herself. He wants her to stop whining and do something about it.

Jack wants Rafe to leave him alone, but Rafe is looking for a ride back to Port Charles. Jack has no intention of ever going back, and he never wants to hear the words vampire or slayer again. Taunting Jack, Rafe asks him if Livvie is on the list. If she is, that's a good reason to split. Livvie will live, but will Jack. Rafe warns him that this will follow him around for the rest of his life. Jack can't pretend she never existed, and they can't go back to being just friends. Rafe tells him to go for the third option of trying again. They had a good thing, but now Jack believes the good thing wasn't good enough. Jack feels like he should have realized that it was over a long time ago. Now Rafe raises his voice. Caleb is dead, Livvie loves him, and he picks now to walk away. Putting his helmet on, Jack reiterates that it's too late and tells Rafe to get out of his way. As he rides away, Rafe says that it's never too late.

Ian wants to give Eve a simple answer, but he can't. He still loves her and he wants Danny to have the family he deserves. Eve knows that they've done some horrible things to each other and Ian can't disagree. But Eve believes they've been given a second chance, and they owe it to Danny to try. Ian doesn't have to try to love her, but he wants to know how she can love someone and not trust them. Eve doesn't want to consider their love not being enough. She's ready to take the first step to put the past behind them and move forward. Ian asks her if she's willing to forget that he slept with Lucy.

Frank is still pounding on Chris's door. When Chris answers it, he tells Frank he was on the phone, but who he was talking to is none of Frank's business. Frank wants to see Karen, and he's not leaving until he sees her. As Frank pushes his way in, Chris tells him that Karen is out shopping. Frank doesn't believe Chris. Tired of trying to convince him, Chris tells him to look around, but to check the bedroom, because that's where she spends most of her time. Chris tells Frank to deal with the fact that he loves Karen and Karen loves him. Furious, Frank doesn't believe him. Something's going on and he wants to know what. Rhonda wants to see Karen, and no one believes that Karen doesn't want to see her mother. Grabbing the phone, Frank intends to call Rhonda, Scott, Eve and everyone else that cares about Karen to come over and hear Chris's story.

Rafe tries to convince Livvie that it won't be okay unless she makes it okay. She needs to make a life for herself and grow up, even if that means a life without Jack. She knows she's made mistakes, but Rafe thinks her first mistake was to listen to other people. Telling her to pretend he's not there, Rafe asks her what she's feeling. Livvie needs to answer a question that has always plagued her. She wants to know if she's a product of her mother, father, or neither. She's not afraid to be alone, but it's hard. All she ever thinks about his her and Jack. Rafe advises her that she may be meant to be with Jack, she may not be, but she owes it to herself to find out. She needs to take the first step tonight.

Jack finds Rafe again and wants to know how Rafe got ahead of him. He denies Rafe's accusation that he really doesn't want to leave. But Rafe cares because he hates waste. Rafe wants to know if Jack knows why Livvie did what she did, why can't he understand. He can't find the answers if he runs away. Jack keeps asking himself why Livvie answered Caleb's call. It had to be something that Caleb could give her that he couldn't. Jack feels like he should have known that Livvie wouldn't settle for a white picket fence. The white picket fence sounds good to Rafe. Jack remembers a place down by the river that he saw. It was run down, and not something he thinks Livvie would want. When Rafe asks him how he knows, Jack decides that the conversation is over. When Jack orders him to get out of his way, Rafe tells him to look back one more time before he splits. Rafe thinks he owes himself that, but Jack is angry.

Eve joins Ian in the living room. She starts to tell him what she felt when she found out about him and Lucy, and Ian says that he never meant for it to happen. Eve sarcastically asks him if he never meant for it to happen or if he didn't mean for her to find out. Then she apologizes, but it hurts. If she's going to be truthful, she can understand how he got there. She believed everyone else except him. Ian still can't believe that she believed he killed a man in cold blood and tried to kidnap their son. Unable to begin to understand how he felt, Eve admits that she steered him in Lucy's direction. Ian won't let her take the blame. He has no idea how it happened. There was something tearing them apart and he should have fought harder. Eve wants to know how they find their way back, but Ian doesn't know. There was a time Eve knew that they didn't need words to communicate. Ian admits that even when she was driving him crazy, he still wanted her. Ian kisses her and she moves closer. The kiss passionately and lean back on the sofa.

Chris tells Frank to put the phone down. He and Karen will have a dinner party for everyone. Chris repeats to Frank the he doesn't think Karen will be home anytime soon. As Frank paces around the living room, he sees a syringe on the sofa. Not saying anything, he threatens Chris that he'll be in touch and leaves. Karen comes out and berates Chris for telling Frank that she spends most of her time in his bed. That's not keeping up the show, that's being cruel. When Chris tells her to sit down, she admits that the serum isn't working. Suddenly Frank kicks in the door and sees Karen. Instantly worried, Frank begs Karen to tell him what's going on. Chris orders him to leave, but Frank grabs the syringe and demands to know if Chris is supplying her with drugs. Kneeling in front of Karen, Frank reminds Karen that she's always talked to him before, and he wants to know why she won't know. When Chris tells Frank that he talks too much, Frank punches him. Picking Karen up in his arms, he carries her out the door.

Ian and Eve are still kissing, but Eve realizes that something is wrong and she pulls away. The last time they were this close, Ian remembers that she tried to stick him with a needle. She was wrong, but he can't get past it. Ian doesn't know if they'll ever get past it. They don't have any trust in each other now.

Jack goes to the house and it's for rent. He imagines it being fixed up and Livvie running out of it into his arms. She can't believe the place is theirs and she loves every corner of it. As he pictures carrying her over the threshold, Jack shakes his head and puts his helmet back on. Starting the bike, Jack thinks about it for a moment, then turns off the bike. Getting off, he goes into the house and looks around. Livvie is walking around inside the house with a candle and their eyes meet. Rafe is standing outside the window and smiles at them before he vanishes.


Lucy asks Rafe if it could still be a wedding, or will it just be a party.

Frank tells Karen that whatever it is, it can't change the way he feels about her.

Livvie never expected to see Jack again. He thought it was best for them, but Livvie denies it's best for her.