PC Update Wednesday 12/5/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 12/5/01

By Dawn

Rafe is alone in Lucy's living room writing in his journal. He only has until Xmas Eve to turn things around, and he realizes that he has to stir the pot. He pats himself on the back for pulling a rabbit out of his hat with the invitations. A Xmas part is exactly what the town needs.

Livvie comes downstairs in her robe and points out to Kevin how nice it is to have a normal breakfast together, but she knows it isn't over. Kevin hugs her and tries to reassure her that they'll deal with the fallout. She's afraid of what's going to happen to the people she hurt. Trying to distract her, Kevin suggests that they go away for the holidays, but Livvie reminds him about his wedding to Lucy. Avoiding the obvious question, Kevin tells him that Lucy decided to spend the holidays with Serena, and he wants to spend them with his daughter. Livvie knows something else is going on, and when Kevin stalls, Livvie figures out that they broke up because of her.

Alison compliments Jamal on his timing. They spent all night making love, and they haven't even gotten out of bed before he tells her that Valerie is moving in with them. Jamal explains that last night she was excited about the invitation to the Xmas party, and this morning, they were busy. Alison asks him when she's moving in when a knock at the door answers her question. Sarcastically, she pretends to be excited about their new roommate.

Jamal lets Valerie in and assures her that everything is okay with Alison.

Rafe is sitting in front of Lucy's fireplace writing in his journal again when Lucy enters, frantically searching. He speaks to her, but she ignores him. She's looking for the invitations. Getting her attention, Rafe asks her what's going on. The invitations are missing, and she can't find them. From her actions, Rafe knows that something more important is lost. Cornered, Lucy admits that she and Kevin called off the party. Beginning to cry, she admits to him that it was a surprise wedding, and asks him why she loses everything she wants. Hugging her, Rafe apologizes and tries to tell her things will be fine. It might be just a glitch between her and Kevin, but Lucy knows better. When Rafe asks her what happened to the woman that always said that Love would always find a way, Lucy agrees that she used to say that. But now love is lost, and she doesn't know what happened. When she repeats that she was supposed to be marrying Kevin, Rafe knows it's not really okay. Lucy admits that her heart is shattered.

Alison tries to calm down by telling herself that she can do this. She remembers telling Rafe that he made her sit down and think. Rafe gave her more faith that love always wins. Calmer, she leaves the bedroom. Valerie promises to be out of their hair as soon as possible. Alison knows what it's like to leave something behind and have nowhere to go, and it's no trouble. When Valerie asks her again if she's sure, Alison proves it's okay by telling her that she cleared a shelf in her bathroom. Thanking her, Valerie appreciates her gesture. Alison is convinced that they can make this work. As Valerie takes her bag to another room, Jamal asks Alison where his girlfriend is.

Lucy is still trying to stop crying. Rafe doesn't think her tears are so bad, but she tells him that she keeps crying over the same dumb mistakes, and she needs to stop. There is not going to be a party or a wedding, and the best thing for her is to join a convent. As Lucy mentions how great she looks in black, Rafe teases her that she won't be too great at the vow of silence. As Lucy smiles and smacks him, the doorbell rings. She's going to toss the invitations and start a whole new life. Gail and Serena are at the door, and Serena wants to know where she's been. After a moment of searching her brain, Lucy tells Serena that strange things have been keeping her busy and she hugs her daughter. When she looks at Serena, Lucy realizes that her feet have grown a mile. As Lucy thanks Gail for bringing Serena over, Serena runs to Rafe. He agrees with Lucy that Serena's feet are huge. Serena decides that it's just an excuse to go shopping. As Lucy begins to plan a full day of shopping, Serena asks Lucy why she didn't tell her that she and Kevin were having a Xmas party. Stunned, Lucy asks her how she knew, and Serena shows her the invitation. As Lucy stares at it, Serena is so excited that Lucy can't tell her it's not going to happen.

Jack flops on his bed and remembers telling Livvie that he'd keep watch over her. He can't get her out of his head and he starts to pace around the room before he throws a pillow.

Livvie is talking to Kevin. The moment she met Jack she knew that it was him. They fit so well together. All her life, she's been afraid of being abandoned, so she clung to Kevin, then to Jack. She reasons that could be how she ended up back with Caleb, but Kevin insists that Caleb manipulated her. Livvie informs Kevin that he needs to let her grow up by letting her stand on her own feet. As Kevin reminds himself how lucky he is to have Livvie for a daughter, the doorbell rings. Kevin opens it, and it's an invitation for Livvie. When she opens it, she's not half as shocked as Kevin is to realize that it's the invitation to the Xmas party.

Alison sits with Jamal and states that Valerie needed help, and she knows that Jamal has a marshmallow heart. Shocked, Jamal demands to know who kidnapped his girl. Laughing, Alison admits that Rafe gets a lot of the credit. When she tells Jamal how special Rafe is, Jamal wants to know how special. He thinks Rafe has the hots for her, but Alison denies it. Rafe is totally spoken for, and so is she.

Kevin is not happy about the invitation. Livvie is glad that Lucy changed her mind, but Kevin is angry that she didn't talk to him first. Livvie supposes that Lucy got a sign from the universe or something. Determined to deal with Lucy later, Kevin wants to talk about Livvie's universe. Livvie decides that maybe this is a sign that she still has a chance with Jack. Kevin reminds her that the guy was willing to die for her, and as far as he's concerned, that's the deepest kind of love. If Livvie really wants to grow up, Kevin advises her to face Jack. She should look him in the eye and tell him what she's telling Kevin. Changing her mind, Livvie remembers that Jack doesn't want to see her. Taking her shoulders, Kevin tells Livvie to give herself a chance. Now she's happy, and she's gong to go talk to Jack. Maybe there is a chance for all of them.

Rafe agrees with Serena that the town needs a party. Lucy growls under her breath to him that he's not helping. Serena wants to go shopping for a new dress, and Lucy remembers her birthday is coming. Serena has to go, but they'll figure out the big shopping trip. Gail can't wait to bring Lee and come to the party. After they're gone, Rafe asks Lucy if he has to wear a tie. Lucy replies that he won't have to wear a tie because there isn't going to be a party. No party, no wedding, and she can't exchange gifts with a man that she was supposed to be exchanging vows with. As she decides to call everyone and tell them the party is off, Rafe accuses her of being selfish. Everyone needs a party right about now. Ignoring him, Lucy picks up the phone. A light shines on her, and the phone is dead. Rafe pretends to have no clue, but Lucy isn't going to give up. God invented cell phones for a reason. Rafe thinks they came from a hotter place. The light shines over Lucy again, and her cell is useless. More determined to call off the party, Lucy goes to her laptop to email everyone. Once again, the light attacks her electronics, and her computer crashes. Not only is her life falling apart, but all her major appliances are blowing up as well. Standing, she decides to go to the office and contact everyone from there. The light appears again and her keys are gone. Rafe reminds her that she's always talking about the Universe sending her signals, this sounds like big signal to him. Smiling, he tells 'Luce' to party on. As far as Lucy's concerned, the Universe can go jump in the lake. His laughter only makes Lucy pout.

Alison hates to leave Jamal, but she teases him by saying that she has to go see Rafe. Promising to try to get off her shift early, she kisses Jamal and tells him to keep that thought. As Jamal goes back inside the apartment, he finds Valerie wandering around the living room wearing a bra and jeans. He turns around, but she asks him to hand her a sweater. She thinks they should start getting used to it.

Jack is still alone, staring at a picture of himself and Livvie. Suddenly, something occurs to him and he gets up.

Lucy is having a mental meltdown. As she decides that she's going to the office. Panicking, Rafe tells her that she can't go to the office because she can't find her keys. Maybe not, but she's very good at finding a cab. Grabbing her, Rafe drags her to the sofa and begs her to listen to him. Before he can speak, the phone rings. Elated that the phone is working, Lucy runs to answer it. Kevin is on the other end. When she tells him that she's been trying to call him but her phone wasn't working, Kevin sarcastically mentions that he got through the first time. Ignoring his tone, Lucy mentions that a funny thing happened concerning the invitations to the party that they decided to cancel. Kevin knows all about it because Livvie got her invitation. When he tells her how excited Livvie was, Lucy mentions that Serena had the same reaction. Neither of them know what to say, but finally Kevin asks her if the party is on. They both hem and haw for a while, neither wanting to make a move. Finally Lucy asks him if he thinks it's a good idea. When he says yes, she agrees to stick to that plan and hangs up. Kevin decides that Lucy sent them, while Lucy decides that Kevin did it. Lucy tells Rafe that they're having a party. Just a party. Lucy isn't happy, but Rafe is.

Livvie enters Jack's apartment, but Jack isn't there. She finds the picture of them on the ground. Looking around, she realizes that all his stuff is gone.


Rafe blocks Jack's bike and tells him that he's making a big mistake.

Karen tells Chris how much she misses Frank as Frank pounds on the door.

Eve asks Ian if he's still in love with her.