PC Update Tuesday 12/4/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 12/4/01

By Dawn

Rafe is writing in his journal about the evil being gone, but the doubt still remains. Reuniting them by Xmas Eve will take a miracle.

Eve is carrying a very fussy Danny around the lighthouse. After a few minutes, a light shines on her and she remembers Ian reciting the poem Daniel to her and Danny in the hospital nursery. Suddenly Eve realizes what Danny wants. Putting her scarf on, she's going to take him to make him happy. As she goes out, Kevin is at the door. There's something she needs to do. Kevin reminds her that Social Services can't find out. Eve can't explain it, but she knows everything's going to be okay, and she leaves. Entering the lighthouse alone, Kevin picks up the phone, but someone knocking makes him hang it up again. Thinking it's Eve, he runs to the door and is shocked to find Lucy standing outside. He's not happy to see her, but she wants to talk to him. Actually, she wants to confess.

Jamal apologizes for being gone so long, but Alison knows that Valerie was freaked out. She's not angry or jealous, and Jamal is surprised. Moving into his arms, Alison has seen what happened to their friends because they stopped believing in each other, and she doesn't want it to happen to them.

Ian is on the phone with the attorney telling him to find a loophole because he misses his son. Someone knocks on the door, and he's shocked to find Eve, who asks him if he wants visitors.

Jamal holds Alison and promises her that nothing will come between them again. It's all over. She wants to talk to him about Hope. If he wants to pursue a relationship with his daughter, she'll stand behind him. Jamal is touched, but he's decided to leave her alone. Alison is surprised, but Jamal is convinced that Dara not finding the Hartmans is a sign. Hope is lucky to be with them, and he's not going to interfere. The three of them are a family that he won't mess with. He screwed up enough. The Hartmans were scared out of town, and he wants what's best for Hope. But it means a lot to him that she was behind him. They kiss, and he offers to call in to work. Alison insists that he goes to work, and they'll get together tonight for a nice evening. She walks him to the alley, and when she turns around, she's happy to see Rafe in the doorway.

Ian holds Danny while Eve smiles and watches. Danny is calm and happy already. Ian has reservations about her bringing Danny to him. When he mentions Social Services, Eve decides to leave. He know that Eve wanted to bring normalcy to Danny, but she insists that it was for them as well. Picking up the pieces isn't going to be easy for them, and Ian knows it's going to be hard for them to forget what happened between them. Eve blames Caleb for everything, and she wants to forget. But he can't forget that she didn't believe in him, and he doesn't expect her to forget what happened between him and Lucy. As Eve asks him if it's too late for them, the counselor knocks on the door. Ian and Eve begin to panic.

Lucy asks Kevin how Livvie is and she understands that Livvie's been sleeping since she got home. Livvie was brave as far as Lucy's concerned, but Kevin thinks she was brave to fake her own death. When Lucy replies no big deal, Kevin doesn't want to think about what a big deal it would have been if Caleb found out. But he didn't, and everything is fine. Lucy realizes that not everything is fine. Kevin asks her about the confession, and Lucy admits to stalling. She begins to cry as she forces herself to speak. It happened a few weeks ago, it started when he moved Eve and Danny into his home. Lucy didn't handle that well, and when he didn't believe she'd seen Christina, it killed her. She was crazy, confused, angry, scared, lonely, and she finally admits that she slept with Ian. As she begins to tell him more he admits that he knew. Lucy's shocked that he didn't say anything. When Kevin says that with everything that's happened it doesn't matter, Lucy is more hurt. She just told him she slept with another man, and he said it doesn't matter. She demands to know what it says about her, him and their entire relationship.

Alison is more then happy to hear that Rafe gets to stay for a little while. But only until Xmas Eve. Rafe has to clean up the mess Caleb left behind. When Alison asks questions, Rafe almost tells her. Alison wants him to bend the rules and tell her. Rafe admits that he has to reunite the couples. Alison highly doubts that he'll be able to do it. He's glad to hear that she and Jamal are back together and Alison thanks him for talking her through it. Thanks to him, she believes that good will win and she has more faith. Rafe is touched that she learned that from him, but he thinks she was always special. Alison wants to believe that a little of him rubbed off on her, and Rafe admits that a little of her rubbed off on him as well.

Eve is in a panic, but Ian is through hiding. Moving to the door, Ian opens it and tells the counselor that Danny's there, Kevin isn't, and they're happy. He doesn't care what the court says. Danny's healthy and happy. The counselor interrupts them to tell them that the court granted them custody of Danny again. In the sunrise this morning, the counselor admits that she realized Danny belongs with them. Happy, Ian and Eve hold their son.

Kevin sarcastically asks Lucy if she's the injured party. She feels terrible, but it's worse that he doesn't care. He decides that she wants to feel better, and he gets vicious. When he found out what happened, it nearly killed him. He went out, got drunk, made an ass out of himself, and actually came on to Eve. Lucy takes that to mean that she was right that he was still attracted to Eve, but Kevin denies it. He's in love with Lucy, or did she not hear him say that it killed him to find out what she'd done. She heard him say that it didn't matter, and he accuses her of hearing only what she wants to hear, and that's not new. Finally showing her just how angry he is, he asks her if she wants him to scream and throw things. Taking a coffee mug, he throws it in the corner, shattering it. He yells at her, asking her if she feels better knowing that he's hurt and angry. But what hurts the most is that they've been there before, and he can't believe he thought she wouldn't.... he can't complete that thought, but Lucy knows what he was going to say. He orders her to not say anything. They've been through too much, and Livvie is his priority. Lucy understands that, and Serena is hers. She needs to spend time with Serena and find a way to get the images of Christina out of her head. They agree to take a break. Lucy doesn't want to bring it up, but she has the invitations for the Xmas party, surprise wedding they were going to have, and she wants to know what happens to that.

Jamal finds Valerie at the Recovery Room and she tells him that she got kicked out of the retreat. Jamal offers her a sofa at his and Alison's apartment. Valerie isn't sure Alison will be okay, but Jamal assures her that things are fine between him and Alison.

Alone with their son, Eve and Ian discuss how wonderful it is to have Danny back. Eve is going to go tell Kevin and get Danny's things. Ian says they'll be together again, and Eve asks if they are. They need to decide if they have a marriage.

Kevin reasons that given the place they're all in, it isn't the right time for a party. Lucy agrees halfheartedly, but admits that all she wants to do is hide in bed until the year is over. Kevin feels the same way. She has the invitations at home, and she'll go get rid of them. Lucy stares at Kevin as if she's hoping he'll argue with her, but he doesn't. She goes to get her coat, unable to speak. As she leaves, she finally tells him that they missed their moment again. Kevin admits that they never seem to be able to get it right. She leaves and Kevin turns around, staring at the walls. Outside the door, Lucy allows herself to become hysterical.

Alison is excited about helping Rafe play matchmaker. Rafe reminds her that they have to have a plan, it's not like they can sprinkle love dust around. Alison's eyes light up and she has to know if love dust really exists. Amused, Rafe tells her to get real. It's hard to get real when she's talking to an angel in her apartment, but she agrees to try. His plan is a party, and she's invited. From behind his back, he pulls out a bunch of invitations and hands them to her. Alison opens it, and it's the invitation from Kevin and Lucy's party. Alison asks him if Kevin and Lucy know they're having a Xmas party, and Rafe admits that they don't know yet.


Jamal and Alison are in bed. Alison wants to know how soon Valerie is coming to stay. Valerie knocks on the door.

Serena wants to know why Lucy didn't tell her she and Kevin are having a Xmas party. Stunned, Lucy stares at Rafe, who shrugs.

Livvie tells Kevin that she's going to go talk to Jack, and maybe there is a chance for all of them. Kevin thinks about what she said.