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Port Charles Update Monday 12/3/01

By Dawn

Alison is anxious to get inside Tempted, but Rafe assures her that everything's all right and Caleb is gone. At her reaction to hearing Caleb's name, Rafe tells her that it's over, and Caleb is gone for good.

Livvie stares at Caleb's body for a moment before turning to the crowd still behind the fence. She tells them again that it's over, and Eve screams that she wants to get to Danny. As Livvie moves towards the baby, Ian and Eve scream at her to not go near him. Livvie tries to tell them that she never wanted to help Caleb, but she needed him to trust her. He had to have his full powers back and be vulnerable. It's the only way for someone who isn't a slayer to kill a vampire. She begs Kevin to believe everything is okay, but he screams that Lucy is dead and she killed her. Lucy's voice is loud as she enters, asking him if he really thought it would be that easy to get rid of her. As a relieved Kevin watches, Lucy kicks Caleb's foot and assures him that she's fine. Eve immediately begs her to check on Danny, and Lucy is glad to make sure that the baby is fine. Ian tells Lucy to get Danny out of there, and Lucy realizes that they don't want Livvie near the baby. Grabbing Livvie's shoulders, Lucy proceeds to tell them all that she wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for Livvie. Caleb was going to kill her, until Livvie begged him to let her do it. The scene goes to a flashback of what happened once Caleb disappeared.

Livvie screamed at Lucy and pulled the trigger on the crossbow. The arrow missed Lucy and embedded itself in the tree behind her. Relieved, Lucy admits that she really didn't believe Livvie had it in her to kill. Together, the two of them planned to deceive Caleb by cutting Lucy's arm and putting her blood on the arrow.

Back in Tempted, Lucy finishes the story by telling them that she put her blood on the arrow, and Livvie adds that as soon as Caleb tasted Lucy's blood, he was convinced. Kevin whispers Lucy's name, and she apologizes. But she insists that Livvie is the one that saved them all. Caleb was going to pick them off one by one, but his love for Livvie was his weakness. Chris wants to know how they can be sure that Caleb won't rise from the dead again. Lucy explains that Caleb let his guard down at full power. All the rules for the undead to be killed. Ian's not convinced, and Lucy approaches Caleb and slowly pulls the arrow from his chest. Instantly, Caleb ages to a very old man and it shocks everyone. At the same time, the bars disappear and everyone is free.

Frank, Jamal, Gabby, Karen, and Chris are still staring at Caleb. Eve and Ian are staring at Danny. Kevin goes to Livvie and Lucy to hug them. Karen starts to walk and falters. Chris leads her to a chair sits her down. Alison and Rafe enter, and Alison realizes that Rafe knew all along what Lucy and Livvie had planned. Jamal calls her and she runs to him. As Jamal silently holds Alison, Valerie tries to get his attention, but he ignores her. Livvie approaches Jack, who needs to see Caleb for himself. Livvie swears that Caleb is dead and tells Jack to trust her. Repeating her words like he can't believe she said them, Jack walks past her to Lucy and hugs her. Staring at Caleb, Jack asks why he looks like that. Lucy and Rafe explain that Caleb's mortal being is actually hundreds of years old. Without the evil that kept him alive, he's nothing more then a very old, very dead man. Kevin hugs Livvie, knowing that she'd never give in to Caleb. She admits that it was hard, but Kevin assures her that everyone is grateful, and things will go back to normal. Hearing him, Ian approaches them and informs them that things will never be back to normal. A lot of people got hurt. Kevin admits that Caleb and Livvie weren't the only ones doing the hurting. He bought into it as well, and he believed the worst about Ian. Ian admits that none of them were innocent in this, and his eyes meet Lucy's as he says that they all did things they're not proud of. Lucy's eyes drop from Ian's as he continues to say that things may never be the same again. Chris checks on Karen, who swears she's fine. He goes to get the car, and Frank approaches her. As far as Frank is concerned, Caleb being back explains everything, and he wants Karen to know that he thinks what happened between them is mixed up from Caleb. He refuses to believe that Karen woke up one day and loved Chris. She begs him to stop, but he has to hear that she chose Chris over them. She can't say it, but Chris interrupts them. She leaves a heartbroken Frank. Eve wants to take Danny home, but Kevin reminds her that he is still Danny's guardian. Eve doesn't care, she'll go to the lighthouse, but she'll never leave Danny alone again. Ian understands, but Lucy starts to speak. Not giving her a chance, Kevin interrupts her to say that they have a lot of things to talk about, but not here. Ian doesn't like to watch Lucy take Kevin's admonishment like a child, but he says nothing. Kevin says there is something they need to do.

Karen and Chris are discussing the fact that the serum made her have the powers briefly, but did not make her full fledged vampire. Chris promises her that he's close to the answers, but Karen is convinced that she's dying and there's nothing he can do.

Ian can't believe they're burying Caleb in the grave meant for Lucy. Lucy is holding the music box and Ian asks her softly if she's okay. She's fine, and glad to hear that Eve and Danny are fine. She just can't believe that so many people were hurt, and so many relationships were destroyed. Ian promises her that they'll all get back on track. They all just need time. Kevin approaches Livvie, who swears that she's fine. He reminds her that she just plunged an arrow into Caleb's chest after helping him for months. She doesn't want to talk about it, and Kevin tells Jack that it's not a good time as he approaches. Stopping Kevin, Livvie thinks Jack deserves some answers. Rafe asks Lucy how the slayer feels. Lucy replies that it feels like destiny, but she wasn't actually the one that shot the crossbow. Rafe answers that the arrow found it's home in an evil heart, and she helped guide it. Lucy thanks him for helping her and Livvie, but Rafe assures 'Lucy Kovich' that she did it on her own. Alison doesn't want to be there, and she wants to take Valerie home. Valerie doesn't want to be alone, and jumps on Jamal's suggestion to go to the Recovery Room. Alison approaches Rafe and invites him to go with them. He can't, but she begs him. After they're done there, there is someplace else he has to go. Alison is afraid that means he's leaving for good, and Rafe hopes that's not the case. Livvie wanted to tell Jack, but Caleb would have known. Jack reminds her that Caleb loved her. When she realized how much, she knew what to do. That's the part Jack doesn't understand. Livvie explains that the night Eve got Michael to fight Caleb. His love for his brother was his weak spot then, and his love for her was his weak spot now. He still can't believe that she tried to kill him for Caleb. Livvie swears that she wrote a note on the napkin for him to not drink the drink, and a flashback shows the note. She knows that she's done a lot of damage, and she's broken a lot of love, maybe even theirs. Jack knows that she was trying to help, and she did what she had to do. As he walks away, she wonders if she did it too well. As the men finish burying Caleb, they are sure that he won't be walking around again. As Kevin throws the last shovel of dirt on Caleb, Lucy stops him long enough to throw the music box in the grave first. As Kevin throws a few shovels of dirt over it, he decides that it's over, and they can forget. As Livvie says that she can't forget, Ian bends down and pounds a cross into the top of the grave to be sure Caleb stays dust. As he does, the sun comes out and shines on them. They all turn to look up, and Alison realizes that it's a miracle. She glances at Rafe as she says it. Lucy says it's a new day, and Kevin answers a whole new beginning. They all stand together and watch.

Rafe meets Ed on the bridge, and Ed congratulates him on a job well done. Rafe guided them without telling them. He got the job done without breaking the rules. In a panic, Rafe tries to convince him that he still has work to do. Ed doesn't need convincing, he knows there is a lot of unhappiness that has to be put into balance by Xmas Eve. Rafe wants to know why there is a Xmas Eve deadline, and Ed explains that if the couples aren't reunited by then, they'll lose the chance at happiness. Rafe is worried he might not make it, but he won't let Ed think he doesn't believe he can. He has a lot of faith in how strong their love is. After Ed wishes him luck and disappears, Rafe writes in his journal. As he speaks, the camera shows each character.

Some feel like outsiders in their own relationships while the person they love is pulled in another direction. Alison watches Valerie monopolize Jamal's attention.

Some were sure their love was strong enough to last for all time and they can't understand what tore it apart. Frank looks lost as he sits at a table with Gabby.

Some know all the reasons, but find themselves leaning on others that they never dreamed of depending on. Karen sleeps on the sofa while a concerned Chris watches over her.

Some have lost so much faith in each other I don't even know where to start. The feelings are still there, but the trust is poisoned. So much has been brushed away it seems like moving on is the only option. Jack touches Livvie's face and leaves her crying in the park.

Some lucky ones still have someone to turn to. An old friend or lover to help them get through the hard times. Eve puts Danny's carrier on the table and she hugs Kevin in the lighthouse.

Some find themselves more alone then they've ever been. More alone then any heart should be. Ian enters the empty loft and holds a picture of Danny and Eve.

Some are more alone then their hearts can bear. Lucy sinks to the floor in front of her fireplace holding a picture of her, Kevin, and Christina.

Rafe realizes it's all up to him, and if a miracle is what it's going to take, then a miracle is what he'll perform.


Alison is looking at how torn apart their friends are, and she doesn't want it to happen to her and Jamal as she runs into his arms.

Ian opens the door to find Eve and Danny. Eve asks him if he's up to visitors.