PC Update Friday 11/30/01



Port Charles Update Friday 11/30/01

By Kathy 

James is grooming Caleb for his big night. He tells Caleb how proud he is of him, of the way he is vanquishing his enemies. He tells him he wishes he could serve him forever, but that he knows has to leave. James tells Caleb his powers are at their peak. He tells Caleb he finally approves of Livvie and knows he is well matched and well guarded. Caleb thanks James for his service to his family over the years and to him. James takes off his crest ring, hands it to Caleb and disappears.

Alison runs up to "Tempted" and Rafe is waiting for her. She asks Rafe what is going on because he has told her that something is going to happen, but he won't tell her what it is. He tells her things have to work out on their own, he has to stick to the rules. He tells her all he needs is have faith. Alison insists on going in. Rafe picks her up, throws her over his shoulder and takes her away.

Everyone is locked in the restaurant arguing amongst themselves. Jack tells the group Caleb is back and everyone protests, but Kevin agrees. He tells them he saw James die in Transylvania. Chaos reigns. It is revealed that Daniel is in danger because Livvie is working for Caleb. Kevin protests Lucy would have known. Jack tells him she did know. Kevin asks where Lucy is and Jack tells him that Livvie murdered Lucy and that they were all in danger.

Livvie has Danny and tells him she is taking him to see his daddy. She has a flash of Kevin being fatherly and tells Danny she is taking him to his new daddy.

Back at Tempted everyone is continuing to argue. Metal walls come down and boxes the group in. It comes out the Chris knew about Caleb. Frank moves in for the attack, he's held back just as the walls start closing in.

Rafe puts Alison down in the middle of the forest. He tells her if everyone in Tempted bands together they can fight evil. He says he can't interfere with the choices everyone has made. He tells her he tried to guide everyone and that there was nothing left but faith that they will come together. He says he can't alter the course of their lives. Alison points out that he interfered with her decision to get into Tempted to be with Jamal.

The walls continue to close in. Kevin and Ian put two tables together to stop the walls from closing in further. Just as people are starting to relax, one of the walls rises to reveal Caleb behind a wire barrier.

Rafe admits he was wrong to stop her from entering the restaurant. But he wanted to keep her safe. Alison hugs him and tells him he's a good friend. She tells him they both know she doesn't belong in the woods, but with Jamal and the rest. They take off to the restaurant.

Caleb taunts everyone. Asks who missed him. He tells them how easy it was to tear them all apart. He explains how Livvie helped out in destroying each and every one of their relationships. He shows a bit of film of Livvie shapeshifting out of Anne Marie and Christina. Kevin refuses to believe that Livvie would harm anyone on her own. Caleb laughs and brings Livvie out. She enters carrying Danny. She tells her father she is where she belongs. She apologizes to Eve and tells her Danny isn't Eve's son anymore.

Alison begs Rafe to help her find a way in to the restaurant, but Rafe tells her it's too late, the "show" has already begun.

Caleb takes Danny and puts him in a cradle. Livvie tells the group that for the first time she is making her own decisions. Now we're a real family she says looking at Caleb. Caleb then taunts the group that he and Livvie will make love before their very eyes. He then begins taking off his clothes and Livvie's. He gives Livvie James' crest ring. His intention is that they will make love in front of everyone and then kill them. They retire to the pillows kissing. Livvie asks him to tell her he loves her. He does and Livvie pulls out a silver arrow and stabs Caleb in the heart and says, "No more. Now it's done. Caleb's gone and it's for good this time. We're free. We're free."

Preview for Monday "Miracles Happen" : Everyone is out in the woods looking up at a great light. Eve: "Look at it." Jack: "Feel that?" Livvie: "Ah the warmth" Frank: "It came out of no where." Alison: "Yeah, it's almost like some sort of miracle."