PC Update Thursday 11/29/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 11/29/01

by Dawn

Chris remembers Caleb telling him that he wants to see them at Tempted. Karen exits the bedroom, holding the wall for support. The protein drink is disgusting, but Chris wants her to feel better. Karen wants to know how that's going to happen, since she has the internal organs of an 85 year old. Chris wants her to believe that she's getting better. Wrapping her coat around her, he promises her that a night out will do them both a world of good.

Jamal can't believe that the Hartmans took off with Hope. Valerie blames him and Alison for it happening. Jamal withheld the knowledge that he was the father, and Alison scared them away. As Jamal tries to console Valerie's thoughts that she'll never see Hope again, Alison enters the Recovery Room and tells Jamal that he has to be careful. When she hears about the Hartmans, Alison wants to help, but she has to tell them that there is something scarier that they need to worry about.

Frank is getting ready to go to Tempted, but Gabby still thinks it's a bad idea, and she's not going. Seeing Livvie gave her a strange feeling, the same feeling she got when they received the message from Karen. There wasn't anything that Karen looked like she had to say, and if she did, why would she want Gabby there. Frank has to go, and when Gabby realizes that she can't talk him out of it, she decides to go with him.

Jack is tied up in strips of white cloths in the catacombs and he struggles to free himself.

Livvie is playing with Danny when Kevin comes downstairs in a suit. When he voices doubts about meeting Lucy at Tempted, Livvie reminds him that Lucy went to a lot of trouble to set this up. Kevin checked on Lucy, and she hasn't been to the spa in months. Quickly, Livvie tells him that she went to a new one, but when Kevin wants the number, she figures Lucy must have left by now to get ready for tonight. Kevin is still worried about Lucy. No matter what is going on between them, she always returns his calls. Livvie thinks Lucy just wants to see him in person. Kevin is also worried about Jack after how bad he looked when he came by yesterday. Now Livvie tells him that he worries too much. People aren't predictable and he's just overreacting. Kevin doesn't buy it. Lucy and Jack have both talked about Caleb being back, and now he can't find either of them. Glaring at Livvie, he wants the truth about what's going on..

Eve enters Tempted, hoping that Kevin has good news for her. James greets her at the door and asks her if she's meeting someone. Kevin hasn't arrived yet, but James shows her to the table. Ian is at the bar and their eyes meet.

Jamal wants to know what Alison is talking about, but Valerie thinks she's just babbling. Alison is surprised to know that Valerie knows that Jamal is Hope's father. Before Alison can explain, Jamal gets a message from the Hartmans for Jamal and Valerie to meet them at Tempted. Alison tells him that he can't go.

Ian asks Eve what she's doing there. She shocked to see him there, but the place wasn't his idea. Eve realizes he's meeting Lucy, and he realizes that she's meeting Kevin. But Ian isn't sure what Lucy wanted, all he knows is that Livvie told him to meet her there. Eve got Kevin's message from Livvie, as well. Eve thinks that she knows what Livvie is up to. She wants the four of them together because she's young and dumb enough to believe in happily ever after. Deciding that she doesn't want to be there, Eve is going to call Kevin. Before she can, Chris and Karen enter the club. James is happy to see them and escorts them to a table. While Chris reminds Karen that they have to put on a good show, Ian and Eve are putting on a show of their own. Karen tells Eve that she's been busy, and now she has the flu. Eve stares at Karen, and points out that Karen looks like she had more then the flu. She's worried about Karen and wants to know if something else is wrong.

Jack struggles to free himself, and tries to think. He has to get his strength, no one knows Livvie is helping Caleb. He has to warn them. Concentrating, he pulls one of his hands free, and quickly extricates himself from the bonds.

Livvie tells Kevin that she would be concerned if she thought Lucy and Jack were in trouble. But just because they're not where they said they'd be is hardly reason to panic. Kevin asks her if it bothers her that they were both talking about Caleb, and she denies it. Caleb is dead, and everything was in her head. Suddenly, she decides that she's made everyone else crazy. It's her fault because of everything she did before Caleb died. When she says that she might be keeping him alive for everyone by them just seeing her, Kevin assured her that none of this is her fault. What Jack and Lucy were talking about has nothing to do with her, and he's sorry he overreacted. She's been amazing and he's sorry he questioned her. Livvie feels like she has brought only problems to his life, and Kevin denies this. Livvie is the most incredible daughter he could ever want. She's been through more then anyone should have to go through, and she's come out stronger. He regrets not spending more time with her. He decides that Livvie is the one person that means more to him than anyone and whatever Lucy wants can way. He's going to stay home with her and Daniel. Livvie tries to hide her panic. He has to go.

Livvie didn't mean it like that. He and Lucy mean so much to her, she wants them to talk about it. Kevin knows that what Lucy and him have to work out take more then one talk. Livvie knows this is really important to Lucy, and it would make him feel better. She knows how much Kevin loves her, and she wants him to be happy, too. He worries about her because he's her father, and she worries about him because she's his daughter. Danny and her will be fine, and he needs to go. After he finally leaves, Livvie goes to Danny, promising him that this is the big night and he'll finally be with mommy and daddy where he belongs.

Jamal questions Alison and she points out that none of this makes sense. The Hartman's leave town, then want to meet him and Valerie. Jamal doesn't see how it could hurt to meet them, but Alison asks him if he believes in guardian angels protecting him when something bad is about to happen. When Valerie gets impatient, Jamal promises to talk to Alison about this later. When Alison decides to go with them, Jamal doesn't think that's a good idea. As Jamal and Valerie leave, Alison is close to panicking. She can't tell them about Rafe, but she has to follow them. After she exits, Jack enters the Recovery Room. The busboy tells him about Tempted. Jack figures out that it's Caleb's big plan.

When Karen tells Eve that she's at the tail end of the flu, Eve offers to take her to the hospital. Aggravated, Chris assures Eve and Ian that he's already checked Karen out. Karen assures them that she's fine, and she wants to leave. As Chris tells her to sit down and order, Frank and Gabby enter. Frank approaches them and demands to know what Karen wanted to say. When Karen reaction is to be confused, Gabby is convinced that something else is going on. Now Chris decides that he wants to go home, too. Jamal and Valerie enter the club, and he's surprised at the crowd already there. But they're there to meet the Hartman's. James calls everyone to attention. He's honored they are all there for the grand opening, and to celebrate, the champagne is on the house. He's going to the wine cellar to get a vintage year. As they all stare at each other, confused, Kevin enters and wants to know what's going on.

Livvie holds Danny and remembers Kevin telling her that she's the most incredible daughter. Her father doesn't understand what she has to do.

Kevin demands to know what's up. Livvie told Eve he was there. He's there to meet Lucy, but so is Ian. Eve thinks Livvie set the four of them up. Kevin realizes that no one has actually talked to Lucy. Chris interrupts him to say that he isn't there because of Lucy or Livvie. He was meeting a new business partner for his new venture. Karen is surprised at that, but Frank approaches Chris, attempting to pick a fight. James reappears behind Kevin and recognizes his voice. Turning, Kevin reminds James that he's dead. Replying that it's a matter of opinion, he's waiting for one more guest who should be arriving now. Jack enters, screaming at everyone that Caleb lured all of them there. He's back to kill them. As Kevin goes after James, he disappears.


Caleb is going to let his guests know exactly what he has in store for them.

Livvie is taking Danny to see his new Daddy.

Kevin orders Jack to tell him what he knows about Lucy. Jack tells him that Lucy is dead.