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Port Charles Update Wednesday 11/28/01

By Dawn

Alison wants to know how Rafe saved the bird. It was dead and he brought it back to life. Rafe tries to tell her that the bird was just hurt, and Alison needs to forget what she saw.

Gabby sees Frank in the alley, and he has cuts and bruises on his face. He got in a fight at Jakes', and Gabby knows it's because of Karen. He swears that he can handle his girlfriends hopping into bed with Chris. Not buying a word of it, Gabby drags him to ER for stitches.

Chris tries to get Karen to eat, but she doesn't see the point since she's going to be dead in a few days. Trying to boost her spirits, Chris promises her that he's going to find a way to reverse the serum. Karen knows he's running out of time, she's getting weaker and she can feel it. Standing slowly due to the aches running through her body, Karen goes to the bedroom. Someone knocks at the door, and Chris opens it to find Caleb, who instructs him to be a good boy and invite him in.

Eve and Ian are both on duty, and Eve complains to him that pretending to be a happy couple is killing her. He agrees, but Ian will even pretend to trust her to get Danny back. Shocked, Eve reminds him that he slept with Lucy, and now he says that he can't trust her. Livvie hears this and catches Ian after he walks away. When he asks her, she reassures him that Daniel is fine, but Lucy wants him to meet her at Tempted. He's confused, but when Livvie relays the phony message about it being important he agrees to meet her there. After he walks away, she whispers that everything is falling into place..

Alison doesn't buy Rafe's explanation that he knows a few magic tricks. She saw a light and felt the energy flowing from him. It triggers her memory and she remembers that she also saw it the night at the monastery. Jack thought she was dead after the tree hit her, but Rafe helped her. Shock crosses her face as she realizes that she was dead and Rafe brought her back. He tries to deny it, but Alison knows it's true. Suddenly she pinches him and he screams. This convinces her that he's real, but he can bring things back to life with light and energy. Rafe holds his head in his hands and sighs. He would love to answer her, but he can't. Alison has another idea. She'll throw out guesses, and if he doesn't say anything, she'll know she's right. First she asks him if he's God, and after she rules that out, she asks him if he's an alien. At his negative answer, she guesses some sort of healer. When he tells her that she's asking for trouble, Alison knows she's getting closer. Some sort of healer, maybe, or is he from the same zip code as God. He almost laughs at that one, and Alison knows. She sees it in his eyes, and the miracles she's seen. He's an angel. His answer is only to smile at her.

Eve and Ian are treating Frank while Gabby explains that he got in a fight. Eve offers to call Karen, but Frank doesn't think she'd be interested since they broke up. Frank tells a shocked Ian and Eve that Karen has decided that Chris is the love of her life. Gabby fills them in on catching Karen at Chris's apartment. Shaking her head in disbelief, Eve leaves the room. Livvie catches her out in the hallway and tells her that she's worried about Kevin. He wants Eve to meet him at Tempted, but it's about getting Danny back to her and it's a secret. Swearing to not tell anyone, Eve agrees to meet him there.

Chris doesn't want to invite Caleb in, but Caleb orders him again. It's in Chris's best interest because he can't stay in there forever. Finally Chris invites him inside. As Caleb walks around the living room, he asks Chris about the project. He's happy to hear Chris's report that the serum will be ready any day now. His friend will have the power of a vampire without the need to feed. Chris comments that it's the bark without the bite, and Caleb in not amused. He hopes that Chris is a better doctor then he is a comedian. When Caleb asks about Karen, Chris tries to tell him that Karen is fine. Caleb wants to see her, to which Chris tries to stall him, but Caleb wants to see her now.

Frank continues to complain to Ian about Karen and Chris, voicing his opinion that the entire town is going to hell. Eve returns with the reports, and Frank asks them if they're okay. Eve and Ian try to convince him that everything is fine between them.

Walking around Rafe, Alison repeats that he's an angel. He tells her if she's looking for wings, she should forget it. He travels light these days. After he tells her that he's not her personal guardian angel, Alison wants to know why he's there. Almost kidding, she asks him if she gets three wishes, and he laughs. But she doesn't know how to act around her first angel. She's always believed in them. Suddenly she remembers that she kissed him and asks if she's going to get into trouble. Amused, Rafe tells her that it was a harmless, nice kiss, and he'd be the one in trouble because no one is supposed to know who he is. When Alison reminds him that she guessed, Rafe realizes that he hasn't been sent to the principal's office, so he must not be in trouble for it. She wants to know what else he can do and begs him to do something. Finally he asks her what her favorite flower is, and when she answers, he pulls a pink rose out of his jacket for her. Remembering his journal, Alison hands it to him. He's glad to have it back, it's a souvenir of what his life was like before. Alison realizes that the last entry was April 12, 1991, and it had to be the day he died. When she asks him how, he replies that it was in the line of duty. That tells her that a vampire killed him, and when he cautions her that she's getting into dangerous territory, it's another clue for her. He's there because of a vampire, but if Caleb is dead, why is he there.

Chris doesn't want Caleb to see Karen, but Caleb has issues with people that say no to him. Appreciating that, Chris tells him that Karen isn't there. She's out running off all the excess energy the serum has produced in her and she could be gone for hours. Caleb intends to wait for her, but Chris can't work with him there. As Caleb promises to be quiet, Karen exits the bedroom, sees Caleb, and returns to her bedroom without Caleb seeing her. Chris tries to convince Caleb that he's a problem. It's very unsettling talking to a dead vampire, and he might freak Karen out. Unable to argue that point, Caleb agrees to leave. But he wants the serum, and he wants to see Karen. Caleb wants them both to be at Tempted tonight. Chris tries to bow out, but Caleb informs Chris that if he appreciates little things like breathing, he'll be there. The choice is simple; be there or stay at home and pick out which suit he'd like to be buried in. Unable to refuse such a charming invitation, Chris agrees to be there. When Caleb finally leaves, Chris sighs and falls to the sofa. Karen appears and doesn't want to believe that she saw Caleb there.

Alison wants to know if Rafe is there because of Caleb, but he's already told her more then he can. Curious, Alison begs him to tell her what heaven is like, and if the pearly gate thing is for real. Rafe tries to avoid her questions, but she wants to know if he has a mission. His mission is Faith, but if having faith were easy, everybody would be doing it. What he really needs is for her to have faith, and promise to not tell a living soul about him. Having kissed an angel and not tell anyone will be hell for Alison, but she winces at her own choice of words. That's a bad subject for him, she knows, but if he clues her in on what's going on, she'll keep it a secret. He has a very important reason, and all he can tell her is that things are going down really soon. Alison realizes that something very bad is about to happen tonight. Either the whole town is going crazy, or she is.

Chris tries to convince Karen that who she thought was Caleb was a lab tech from the hospital. Karen starts to question herself, but Chris explains it as the fact that she's been cooped up in the apartment too long and she's going stir crazy. He wants to take her out for dinner, insisting that it will do her some good to get out. Reluctantly, she agrees to get a little more sleep and go out with him. After she goes back to the bedroom, Chris starts to wonder how he's going to keep Caleb from seeing Karen, because if he does, they're both toast.

Frank asks Ian if something's wrong, but Ian explains that he's tired from fighting for Danny. He releases Frank and Gabby intends to take him home. On the way out of ER, they get a message from Karen to meet her at Tempted so she can explain about Chris. Gabby thinks the message is strange, and she doesn't think Frank should go. Frank is anxious to hear Karen's version of an explanation, and he wouldn't miss it.

Eve catches Ian alone to tell him that she won't be home for dinner. He asks her if she's working late, but she's meeting a friend. It's just as well, he's meeting a friend also, and he won't be home. Telling her to not wait up for him, he leaves her alone.

Caleb joins Livvie in the catacombs, and she is ecstatic. It's all coming together for them. No one knows that Lucy is dead, and everyone will be at Tempted the way they planned it. Caleb states that tonight will be everything he wants it to be, and Livvie asks him if she's been a good wife. He's proud of her, and he kisses her neck before whispering in her ear. Grinning, Livvie declares that it will be her pleasure as he strokes her hair.


Eve tells Karen that she looks worse then if she had the flu.

Kevin is worried about the fact that Lucy and Jack were both going on about Caleb, and now he can't find either of them. He wants the truth from Livvie.