PC Update Tuesday 11/27/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 11/27/01

By Dawn

Alison and Jamal are discussing going out at the Recovery Room. They both want to, but they don't have the money. Jamal promises her that they'll do it another time before he leaves. He runs into Valerie in the alley, and he's upset that she met him there. Alison will not be happy to know that Jamal is meeting her, and he's sorry he lied to her. Valerie is afraid that Alison will do something to mess up her last chance to see Hope.

Kevin opens the door and Jack wants to know where Lucy is. Kevin wants him to calm down, but Jack knows that Caleb is back. It sounds too much like Lucy's been talking to Jack as far as Kevin's concerned. She doesn't know anything, but Kevin knew that she has feelings about it. He did too, but here is no proof. Kevin's afraid that they'll cause mass hysteria soon, but Jack wants to put Caleb away for good this time. He needs the slayer to help him.

Rafe finishes burying Lucy in the woods. He wants to know how it happened. Rafe was supposed to be her guardian angel, and the last thing he thought he'd have to do was bury her.

Livvie wakes to find Caleb watching her. Slaying a slayer can take a lot out of a person, and he was waiting for her to wake. She was hoping it wasn't a dream, but it wasn't so tuff for Livvie to kill Lucy. She never had a chance. Smiling, Livvie realizes that the Slayer woman is dead, the rest are circling a dream, and it couldn't be better for them. Caleb notes that one thing is still missing.

Jack tries to convince Kevin that Caleb is alive, but Kevin is adamant about the fact that no one has seen him and there's no proof. Jack knows it's true, and Kevin wants to know how. Admitting that he went to the catacombs, he tries to describe the evil in the music box. The only description he can come up with is that it's Caleb's evil. That's when he ended up in GH. Again, Kevin tries to talk calmly to Jack, but he's had it with talking. The blood sucking friend is alive. Not giving up, Kevin tells him that if Caleb was alive, Livvie would have heard from him, and she swears she hasn't. Jack knows that Livvie is lying and she's helping Caleb. Jack admits to Kevin that Livvie tried to kill him

Livvie wants to give Caleb anything he wants. All he's ever wanted is a love like this, the love she's given him. She feels the same way. He knows everything she's done, and all she's sacrificed. She loved Jack, she broke up her friends, and she even turned on own father. And what she did last night. To Livvie, destroying Lucy was a pleasure. She would do anything to bring him back and show him that nothing matters to her except him. He loves her, and she loves him. Nothing else matters to her, and she knows what she wants to do. They kiss passionately.

Jamal and Valerie get off his bike, and he wants to do most of the talking. He doesn't want to scare them off. She agrees that might be best, but she knows they're going to flip about him being Hope's father. But Jamal doesn't want paternity rights. All he wants is the original agreement. Valerie wonders what Hope will be like, and who she'll take after, her family or his.

Alison finds Rafe at a table, but he's not happy. She wants him to tell her that she's paranoid, but she's afraid that Jamal has something going on. Finally, she notices that he's not happy, and asks him what's wrong. He feels like a complete failure. So many things are so messed up he can't begin to tell her. Unfair things. Alison is alarmed, but Rafe knows that she wouldn't believe him if he told her what's wrong. Laughing, but with no humor, he remembers that he can't tell her because of the precious rules. The word rules makes Alison jumps up and want to know what he's talking about. He's convinced that no one can help him, and he leaves. Alison finds his journal on the table and begins to read it. It's dated from 1991 to April 12th. She sure it's important to him, so she's going to chase him and give it back to him.

Kevin is shocked. Livvie ordered Jack a drink and poisoned it. Kevin is furious that Jack is accusing her, but Jack is convinced that she's back with Caleb and wants him dead. Kevin thinks this is about their breakup. When he tells Jack that he understand, Jack argues and begs Kevin to believe him. But he doesn't. He'll take care of this himself. Kevin wants to do it calmly, and he tells Jack to sit down and talk about what they're going to do. He needs to get control of his head. Kevin promises to try to track down Lucy if Jack will go get some water and calm down. But as soon as Jack is out of the room, Kevin calls the hospital to get help for a delusional Jack. Jack hears him and tears the phone cord out of the wall. Kevin tries to talk him down, but Jack will prove to him that he's making a mistake as he runs out of the lighthouse.

Livvie is kissing Caleb and reaches under the pillow behind him. At the same time he stops and she wants to know what's wrong. After everything she's done for him, what is holding him back. What she was reaching for was a rose, and she gives it to him. He wants to get lost in her forever, but they have to stay strong. They can't afford to be vulnerable. The last thing they have to do is. Livvie is his to command. It's time for the grand finale. To show everyone what they've messed with. When he's done, they're going to be sorry they ever walked the Earth.

Valerie wants Jamal to answer her question about if he wants to be a part of Hope's life. Part of him does, but he also knows that he would be complicating her life. It's not complicated to Valerie. You love them, they love you back, and she doesn't believe that Hope could have too many people that love her. No matter what, he doesn't want to freak these people out. Valerie is against his idea to warn them they're coming, but he convinced her. She gives him the number, but they don't answer the phone. It's been disconnected. Valerie is afraid that they've gone with Hope.

Rafe is in the park, talking. He knows it's true that the rules are worthless. He finds a dead bird and decides that there is one thing that he can fix it. Alison approaches him from behind as he kneels down to the bird. As he holds it, a white light appears and the after a moment, the bird flies away. Alison wants to know how he did that and who he really is.

Kevin tries to call Lucy and leaves a message on her answering machine. Livvie hears him and asks him what's going on. As he begins to tell her about Jack's visit, Livvie thinks it all makes sense. The last time Jack saw her, he accused her of trying to poison him, and she believes that Jack is beginning to crack from everything he's been through. Kevin is also worried that he can't find Lucy. They're not exactly close these days, but he can't find her. When Livvie tells him that Lucy went to the spa, Kevin isn't surprised. But Livvie insists that she wants to meet with him when she gets back. It has something to do with settling things once and for all between them.

Jack is in the catacombs, screaming at Caleb to be a man and show himself. Appearing to him, Caleb asks Jack if he's missed him. Jack wants to know how Caleb is there, and Caleb admits that Livvie is the one to thank. But he didn't make her do anything, he simply called his wife and she came to him of her own free will. Caleb is thrilled to tell Jack that Livvie tried to kill him of her own free will to prove how much she loves him. Jack doesn't think she proved it well, but Caleb knows that she had help from the other side. That confuses Jack, but Caleb refuses to tell him what it means. The one regret that Jack had the last time is that he wanted to kill Caleb himself. But this time the slayer is on to him. Smiling, Caleb informs him that Lucy is dead, and he tasted her blood himself. Jack doesn't believe it, but Caleb wants him to know that he's lost. The game might be over, but Caleb can still have fun. As Jack tries to leave, Caleb blocks his way, telling him that he and Livvie wouldn't want him to miss it.


Chris opens the door to find Caleb wondering how it goes with the mad scientist.

Alison guesses that Rafe is an angel.

Livvie tells Caleb that everything is perfect for him.