PC Update Monday 11/26/01



Port Charles Update Monday 11/26/01

By Dawn

Frank is worried about Karen. He knows she lied about rehab, and he's convinced that Karen is off getting high somewhere. Gabby tries to get him to stop jumping to conclusions, but he's sure.

Chris tries to hide the results of Karen's blood work, but she won't let it go. She's sleepy and achy, and she wants to know what the results are. Reluctantly, he gives them to her and she reads them quickly. Shocked, Karen insists that the blood work can't be hers. It belongs to someone who is old and who has internal organs that are failing.

Ian hugs Eve and tells her that it's the truest thing he knows. When he turns, Eve tries to sneak up behind him with the syringe, but he turns back and catches her. He wishes she hadn't done that.

Lucy scrambles on the ground to get away from Caleb and screams. Caleb insists that he's going to kill her, but Lucy realizes that the closer he gets to her, the stronger her powers become and she stands up to fight him. She knows he has fangs, but slayers have powers, too. Caleb knows that she doesn't know how to use them, but Lucy has been practicing and she feels it in her bones. The power has been passed down from her family, who Caleb insists that he's killed. Advancing on him, Lucy thinks that it's the slayer's turn to kill the vampire. Before Caleb can answer, Livvie appears. Grateful to see her, Lucy instructs Livvie to throw her the crossbow and run. She says it a few times before Livvie smiles and goes to Caleb. Livvie asks Lucy why she would run from the man she loves. Confused, Lucy looks at her.

Frank is still looking for Karen, and Gabby shows him a roster. It's all Frank needs and he leads her to the elevator.

Chris admits that he had the lab run the tests twice, and he wishes he could tell her that she's reading this wrong. He has no idea why she's aging so quickly. Karen knows that if they don't find the answer, she'll be dead by next week.

Ian holds Eve's wrist and she demands to know how he found out. Furious that how he knows is all she cares about, he tells her that security called and told him that Eve had stolen a bottle of Sodium Pentathol. He wants to know what her plan was. For her own sake and Danny's, she had to know the truth about everything. He swears he was honest about everything with her, but she didn't believe him. Eve asks him if he told her everything, and when he says yes, she doesn't remember him telling her that he slept with Lucy. His eyes don't falter from hers, but he sighs.

Caleb and Livvie taunt Lucy. He asks Livvie why the slayer thinks she'd give back the slayer thing, and Livvie answers that it's because she doesn't think. Not wanting to believe that Livvie is involved with Caleb, Lucy asks why. Livvie is proud to tell Lucy that she loves Caleb. When Lucy asks her how it happened, Livvie goes on to tell her how easy it was to break up Eve and Ian, fool Kevin, and the one about the woman that ended up in Ian's bed. Smiling, Caleb tells Livvie that it was Lucy and they laugh. The look on Lucy's face is a mixture of shock and hurt at that, and Livvie asks her how that happened. Caleb reminds Livvie of Christina, and Lucy begins to scream at him again, wanting to know how he did it. Caleb wants Lucy to see how easy it was, and in front of Lucy's eyes, Livvie becomes Christina again. Becoming angry, Lucy advances on Caleb, but Livvie blocks her and shoves her back. When Livvie offers to take care of Lucy, Lucy dares her to try. Still taunting Lucy, Livvie throws the crossbow on the ground. Threatening to take care of both of them, Lucy bends down to pick it up, but Livvie shoves her down, saying that Lucy can't even take care of herself. On the ground, Lucy backs away from them.

Karen is yelling at Chris that it is all his fault. Chris wouldn't wish this on anyone, and she's right that he shouldn't have been playing god. He promises to find her a way out of it. He created a serum, he can create an antidote. As long as they're together, he'll find a way out of it. But she has to trust him, and as long as they're together, he'll take care of her. Karen moves into his arms and he holds her. Someone knocks on the door, and Chris assumes it's the pizza Karen ordered. He yells at the door that it's open, and to put it on the table. They're both shocked when Frank and Gabby enter.

Ian is surprised that Eve knows about Lucy, but it doesn't matter how she knows. He tried to tell her the other day, but he couldn't. It just happened. Eve sarcastically says that explains everything. Ian tries to tell her that two friends turned to each other for comfort because the two people they both loved the most in the world betrayed them. Eve deduces that he never lied to her before he slept with Lucy. When she asks him if he never lied about Anne Marie, or the kidnapping, or accidentally killing someone else's husband, he says no. But he cheated on her with Lucy, and he lied about it. Ian hasn't stopped loving her, and he can't change what's happened. All that's left as far as Eve is concerned are lies, and she can't trust him. Ian understands that's where all their troubles started, and if she'd had faith in him, this never would have happened. Eve takes that to mean that he's saying that it's her fault he slept with Lucy. It finally sinks in to Ian. They've gone too far, they can't go back, and they don't belong together anymore.

Livvie advances on Lucy with the crossbow, and Lucy stands to back away from her. She tells Livvie to put it down again. Caleb moves towards Lucy, but Livvie stops him. Lucy still has slayer powers, and she wants to kill Lucy for him. Still not completely convinced, Lucy tells Livvie to think about what she's doing. Livvie's hoping her husband will let her do the honors. Smiling, Caleb finally agrees to allow Livvie to kill Lucy. Remembering that Lucy's powers are stronger when he's close, Livvie advises Caleb to go and she'll catch up with him. He tells Lucy that it has been an experience and vanishes. Relieved, Lucy thinks Livvie was faking for Caleb, but Livvie yells at her to not move. She's going to shoot her through the heart so it will be faster that way. Lucy begs her to not do it as Livvie shoots her.

Frank informs a stunned Chris and Karen that Gabby saw that Chris had signed out for a few days. Karen wanted to protect Frank from the truth. When she got hooked again, Chris was there. He saved her life and kept her from overdosing. They fell in love. Frank doesn't want to believe it, but Karen kisses Chris to prove the point. Gabby doesn't know what's going on, but she wouldn't give up Frank to be with Chris. Chris asks Frank if he needs Karen to say it again, but he turns and leaves. Saying that they deserve each other, Gabby leaves Chris and Karen to chase Frank. Crying, Karen falls to the sofa and Chris kneels in front of her. She's going to die a horrible death, and she can't put Frank through that. Telling her to let it go, Chris reminds her that they have more important things to worry about.

Gabby catches Frank in the hallway, and he knows that it isn't the Karen that he knows and loves.

Eve is shocked to hear Ian say that they don't belong together, but she wants to know what happens now. Ian wants them to stay the way they are until they get Danny back, and Eve agrees as long as Ian stays as far from him as possible. It's best that way because he doesn't have to worry about her sneaking up on him with a needle. He was always honest with her, and now he realizes that every time he held her while she was pretending. She argues that he knows her better then that, but he doesn't think he knows her any better then she knows him.

Livvie goes to Caleb and hands him the arrow, which is covered with blood. Running his finger along it, Caleb brings it to his lips. Kovich blood always had a sweetness to it, and he's convinced that it's Lucy. She's brought him the tastiest gift of all. He has his fangs back, and with Lucy gone, all their enemies have been destroyed. It's time for them to finish what they've started.

Rafe is running through the woods, screaming Lucy's name. Turning, he stops, realizing that Livvie actually did it.


Showing Kevin his stake, Jack tells him that Caleb is back and asks him where the slayer is.

Smiling, Livvie states that life couldn't get any better. The slayer woman is dead and he has his fangs back. Caleb reminds her that there is one thing missing.