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Port Charles Update Wednesday 11/21/01

By Dawn

Ian and Kevin are looking around General Hospital for Jack. He's gone. Alison and Jamal offer to go look for him.

Valerie is heading in the Recovery Room when she runs into Livvie coming out. Livvie's papers scatter all over the ground, and Valerie helps her pick them up. As Livvie grabs them and says they were Jamal's papers for the bike shop, Valerie realizes she left one. Calling to her, Valerie picks it up and looks at it. She's puzzled to realize that it's a DNA test. Reading further, she realizes it's a paternity test for Jamal and Hope, and he's the father. As Valerie goes to confront Jamal about it, Livvie watches her and smiles at the chaos she's caused.

As she is calling Ian, Eve is looking for the poem Ian recited, and she finds the picture of Lucy and Ian. Ian answers the phone as she realizes what she's looking at and drops the phone. Kevin knocks on the door, and he wants to apologize for the other night. He needs to pick up Danny. He knows that there is something wrong with Eve, but she tries to tell him otherwise. Taking the picture from her, he is shocked that she has it. Eve wants to know how Ian and Lucy could do that to them.

Valerie stops Jamal inside and wants to know how long Jamal has known about Hope. He admits that he's known about it for a few days. The DNA was Alison's idea, but it was the birthmark that convinced him. He didn't tell Valerie because he's thinking staying out of Hope's life for good might be the right thing to do.

Jack is alone in the woods remembering opening the music box. Kneeling, he holds his head and shakes. Alison finds him and tries to get him to tell her what happened. He doesn't respond to her at first, but she won't give up. He tries to leave, but she grabs him. Slowly, one word at a time, he tells her that he was in the catacombs, and something is in his head. She begs him to tell her what's going on. He went to the catacombs to find out why Livvie was acting so weird. In the music box, he saw darker evil then she could ever imagine. It was like looking the devil right in the eyes.

Lucy asks Ian what's going on with Jack. Ian was examining him until Kevin pulled rank and now Jack is gone. Lucy realizes that things are worse. Ian pulls Lucy to a chair and sits with her. He wants her to know how much he cares about her, but he wants to make sure that they're just friends as far as she's concerned. He finally tells her that he and Eve are making progress.

Eve offers Kevin the picture, and he admits that the detective that he hired is the one that took the picture. Kevin hired him to follow Ian, but Lucy was a bonus. Eve thought Ian had betrayed her in every way that counted. She knows why Kevin was so angry and drunk, and she's tired of Ian hurting her. No one gets away with hurting her like this.

Alison reminds Jack that he survived before, and he'll survive again. She wants to help him, but he has to do something first alone. Promising her that he's okay, he hugs her and tells her that he'll call her. After she's gone, he closes his eyes and realizes that it's always going to be with him.

Eve wants to know the truth before she tears Ian out of her heart. She wants to hear it from him. Kevin stops her when she says Sodium Pentathol. Eve has to live with Ian and pretend everything's okay to get Danny back. Kevin doesn't want Lucy or Ian to know they found out until they decide what they're next move is going to be. Eve trusts him with everything that means anything to her. Kevin promises to take care of Danny like he's his own and takes Danny home. Taking the picture, Eve wants to know if all the horrible things everyone has said is true.

Lucy is very happy for Ian. Ian wants a chance to share his life with Eve and Danny. He asks her what she wanted, but she says that she wanted to make sure he was okay. She advises him to go home and tell Eve and Danny how much he loves them. Ian is glad she's in his life, but she stares in his eyes and tells him to remember that he has meant more to her then she could ever put into words. Picking up on the fact that she said meant in the past tense, he questions her. She hesitates and wants him to know that whatever happens good will always win over evil, and being with the people he loves is what's important. Worried, Ian asks her why she sounds like she's saying goodbye, and she backpedals. She was just getting sentimental. She's really happy for him, and he deserves some happiness. Ian doesn't know what reason she has, but if Kevin is what she wants, he hopes she gets him. Lucy believes that whatever the Universe has in mind to happen is going to happen. Still not sure what she's really saying, he tells her that he's got to finish his shift. Kissing her cheek softly, Ian tells her to stick around. Lucy tells him that's her plan. After he leaves, she admits that sticking around is her plan, but she's not sure it's the Universe's plan for her. Taking her Tarot cards out of her purse, she shuffles them, hoping that she doesn't turn up the Stranger card. She's shocked and more then a little scared as she turns up the Grim Reaper card.

Valerie argues with Jamal that she doesn't want to take Hope away from the family. All she wants is for Jamal to go and talk to them. She wants to see Hope. Jamal doesn't think that's a good idea, but Valerie talks him into asking them to at least send her a picture once in a while. He decides that they're both going to go, and it's only so they can have his medical records. He's not going to break up the family. Finally he agrees, and she begs him not to tell Alison about it. As he agrees, Alison enters and goes to him. Saying hi to Valerie, Alison kisses Jamal and asks him what he's doing. Valerie and Jamal both swear that nothing's going on.

Jack is rummaging through his vampire books in his room.

Eve is at General Hospital and goes into the medicine storage room. Unlocking the cabinet she takes the Sodium Pentathol and puts it in her purse. She's going to find out who Ian really is. As she tries to leave, Ian sees her. Her excuse is to pick him up for dinner to keep up appearances, but Ian wants her to admit that she also enjoys his company. As he turns around to sign out, Eve glares at his back.

Kevin decides that Danny has the right idea to be sleeping like a baby. Looking at a picture on the table of himself and Lucy, he remembers that they had a lot of good times. But it was a long time ago. The lights flicker, and a wind blows through the lighthouse. Standing, Kevin investigates, but finds nothing at the windows. As he moves back towards Danny, he finds Lucy's stranger card on the floor. When he picks it up, he begins to realize what might be going on.

Lucy is alone in the catacombs calling Caleb. She knows he's back and what he's up to. It's not going to work. Lucy has the strength and the power to stop him. Clapping startles her, and she's shocked to see James behind her. He observes that she looks as if she's seen a ghost.


Eve wants to trust Ian, and she's going to use the Sodium Pentathol to find out.

Kevin asks Rafe if Caleb is back, and Livvie warns Rafe to not say one word.

Lucy orders James to tell her where his master is.