PC Update Tuesday 11/20/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 11/20/01

By Dawn

Chris is working on his laptop at his apartment, remembering Caleb's threats. He jumps when Karen taps him on the shoulder. She woke up thinking about Frank because he left three sweet messages. Lying to him is making him miserable, which is making her miserable, and she wants to tell him the truth. Chris advises her to not make hasty decisions. He's recreating the experiment. Karen wants to know how he's doing it without the blood or the notes. She is all he needs.

Frank is happy to see Gabby working. She's happy, even if it's the graveyard shift. He's on his way out. Alison enters as he leaves, and gives Colleen some muffins. She was coming by to let them try her new recipe. Rafe carries Jack into ER screaming for help.

James is honored to be serving Caleb again. He's called for James's spirit in this great time of need. James belongs with Caleb, and he rescued the music box. Taking it from him, Caleb thanks him. James wants nothing more the then to see Caleb whole, but his time with Caleb is limited. Caleb knows that his time is limited, too. If things don't begin happening for Caleb sooner, the people are beginning to suspect, and they might find out the truth. James knows that they're downfall must be complete. It's not as bad as James thinks. Caleb has Olivia. James isn't so convinced that Olivia is helping. She might be what's holding him back. Livvie hears this and wants to know who James is.

Caleb holds Livvie in his arms and introduces her to James. Livvie apologizes for being so nasty. She had no idea who he was, but she wants to know why he thinks she's not devoted. James is afraid that Caleb's devotion to Livvie is his weakness right now, but that makes Caleb is angry. Stopping Caleb, Livvie agrees that she is responsible for him not coming back quickly. James is suspicious and protective for a good reason. The Morleys have been persecuted for centuries. But under James's protection they have survived. Caleb insists that Olivia is no outsider. James thinks she may become more like Caleb, but as that happens, he becomes more like her. James is dismayed to think that she is humanizing him. She's making him mortal. Caleb and Livvie are not happy to hear James's observation that she's turning him.

Karen demands to know how Chris is doing it. She can't go on like this, and Chris promises to find out what's going on and fix it. She wants to go back to Frank and back to normal. She admits to him that his version of her future scared her. Chris promises her that they'll get through this. She falters, and Chris is concerned. She's tried, and she slept last night for the first time in weeks. Thinking about it, Karen begins to wonder if the serum is wearing off. They both begin to think she may be going back to normal. Chris begins to examine her. He needs her to trust him, and he'll take care of her.

The doctor tells Alison and Rafe that Jack is unconscious, but in perfect health. Alison is confused, but they can't do more until he wakes up. Claiming to be his sister, Alison begs to see him. When the doctor agrees, Alison and Rafe both run in and watch Jack. Alison sits next to the bed and begs him to wake up as Rafe watches.

Chris gives Karen a tray of food, but she wants the results of her blood work first. Smiling, Chris shows them to her. They've changed, and the levels are headed back to normal. It's like she said, her body is adjusting, but she feels like she's coming down with something.

Frank heard about Jack, but Gabby doesn't know anything more. Gabby's worried about him because she heard about Karen. He's going crazy without her. The rehab won't even let him call her. Gabby wants to help.

Alison continues to talk to Jack. They have a lot of stuff to do at shop, and he's not getting out of it. Rafe senses something and leaves the room. Approaching a janitor, he finds Ed. Rafe assumes he's in trouble for breaking the rules by helping Jack, and goes on a rant trying to explain himself. Ed tries to stop him, but Rafe is too busy chewing himself out. He's not sorry he did it and he'd do it again. As soon as he stops talking for a moment, Ed asks him if he's done. Rafe doesn't know, and asks Ed if he's done, as in if he's losing his job again.

Alison is forced to get mushy. Jack means a lot to her and Jamal. He's their best friend, and he's their family. They love him. She wants him to stop this and wake up.

Caleb is furious at James for speaking against Livvie. She is what James has always claimed he wanted for Caleb. He is devoted to her, and he believes she is devoted to him. Livvie proclaims her devotion to her love. Livvie wants to show him how devoted she is, and she hands him the picture of Lucy and Ian she took from the lighthouse. Taking the photo, Caleb shows it to James and asks him if it is proof of her devotion. James won't give up. She might be devoted, but she's not perfect. All his life James has wanted to be a vampire in every sense of the word. His fondest desire was to share in the greatest pleasure, feeding. But Livvie doesn't want to feed, and she's repulsed by the idea. The picture might be proof that she's on his side, but she's not perfect. Livvie doesn't want to feed. The thought of it repulses her, and James is mortified that Caleb is seeking another solution to make being a vampire more palatable. James warns Caleb that he's weakening the family line. Caleb threatens that he will send James to hell if he says one more word against Livvie. Reaching for Caleb, Livvie strokes his face and tells him to not do something he's regret later.

Karen listens to Frank's phone messages on her answering machine. He loves her and he's behind her all the way. Chris knows she's listening, and she insists that she's going to go to Frank. Stopping her, Chris tells her if she leaves now, she'll ruin everything. The normalcy that she wants will never happen if she leaves. Chris asks her for one more day and she finally agrees.

Gabby sets it up for Frank to see Karen at rehab. A friend of hers works there and can get him in.

Ed understands why Rafe helped Jack. Jack's fine, but Caleb is another story. He's trouble. Ed is there to tell him he's doing good. That's it. He has faith in Rafe and he fades as he walks away. Rafe goes back to Jack's room while Alison is asking Jack why he won't wake up. She turns to Rafe and tells him that she saw Jack's eyes flutter. All Alison wants to know is what happened to him. Rafe admits that it's bad. So bad he doesn't want to wake up. Rafe promises Alison that if she keeps talking to Jack, he'll hear her. Rafe leaves her with him and he stirs again. She takes his hand and calls him frantically.

Livvie tells Caleb that as much as it touches her to see him stand up for her, it's true. She knows that she'll have learn to feed and like it. She wants to crave it for him and do anything he needs her to do. James admits that he might be wrong about her, and Caleb tells Livvie that she knows what to do with the pictures. Smiling, she takes it from him and kisses him goodbye. After she's gone, James wants Caleb to understand that he only has his best interest at heart. He's there to insure Caleb's return beginning now. Caleb wants to know how. James lays the box on the bed and it turns into a cape. In awe of the cape, Caleb approaches it slowly. It is the Morley cape, the one that has been in the family for centuries. Caleb hasn't seen since he left his home. Sitting on it, Caleb is still while James takes it and wraps it around Caleb. James promises Caleb that when he wakes, he'll be back fully restored. Caleb doesn't know how to thank James, but James assures him that seeing Caleb whole again will be reward enough. But now he must sleep. Caleb closes his eyes as James holds him.


Valerie is shocked to learn that Jamal is Hope's father and asks him how long he's known.

Ian wants to talk about Lucy about him and Eve making progress

Eve shows Kevin the picture of Ian and Lucy and wants to know how they could do this to them. Kevin is confused about how she got the picture.