PC Update Friday 11/16/01



Port Charles Update Friday 11/16/01

By Kathy 

Caleb has just appeared before Chris. Chris tries to "toady" up to him with complements, Caleb tells him to knock off the "schmaltz," that the only reason he is here is because Chris has something that he wants.

Eve is flustered that Ian is awake. She apologizes for waking him, He tells her it is not necessary because he is her husband. They talk and Eve admits she's uncomfortable having Ian in the house, not because she is afraid, but because she's still in love with him and a part of her wants to be with him.

Lucy is at the door with Christina. She ushers Christina in to her house and calls Kevin to tell him her daughter is there. Kevin is very cold and nasty over the phone. He is holding the picture of Lucy and Ian making love. Kevin hangs up on her. Lucy thinks he doesn't believe her. She tries to call Scott on his cell phone, but it is turned off, she tries Scott's office, but the line is busy, so she takes a Polaroid picture of Christina to fax to Scott's office.

Chris is unsure of what he could have that Caleb would want, but he tells him, "What's mine is yours. Within reason of course." Caleb smiles and tells Chris he likes him because he is completely amoral. Chris says, "Thanks." Caleb tells him he wants the vampire serum for someone who wants to be like him, but doesn't want to feed. Chris tells him the serum has been destroyed. Caleb tells Chris that its no problem because he can use his blood and recreate it. Chris tells him all his records have been destroyed as well and it will be difficult to remember. Caleb tells him he doesn't care how difficult it will be. Chris WILL make the serum. Chris plays coy and asks if Caleb will make him a deal.

Eve tells Ian her feelings are strong and that they haven't stopped. Ian agrees his are as well. Eve tells him that when he talks about getting Danny back he is so strong that she believes it's possible. Ian confidently tells her they will get the baby back and maybe if she can remember what they used to have, they could get back together as well. Eve tells him their problems haven't changed, and they will need time. Ian decides to go for a walk. He leaves and as Eve sits on the sofa, in Ian's bed linen, There is a knock on the door. It's "the grim reaper," Kevin. He has drunkenly appeared there to tell her the Lucy/Ian news.

Chris wants all profits, consultation on who will receive the serum, and a high-ranking position in whatever coven results from the use of his serum - president or CEO. AND Chris wants to be taught the mind-thing Caleb does to Livvie to make her fall in love with him. Caleb asks if that's all. Chris thinks so unless Caleb has a better offer. "Here's my offer Chris," says Caleb and he slams Chris' head down on the desk. He tells Chris, he is to give him the serum and he will spare Chris' miserable life. Caleb asks if they have a deal and Chris squeaks okay. Caleb prepares to have his blood taken. "Now do me a favor and be careful doc, I'm not used to being the donor," grins Caleb.

Lucy goes to get Christina something to eat. She tells Christina to stay put as she goes into the kitchen. When she comes back to the living room Christina is gone. Lucy freaks and goes to the door calling for the little girl, when she opens the door Livvie is on the other side. She comes in and tells Lucy no one is there. She asks Lucy if she's okay (there's some "gaslighting" going on here). Lucy runs around and around calling for Christina.

Ian is in the woods and thinks about the first time with Eve in the cabin, their wedding day and then flashes to making love to Lucy. He is determined he will tell Eve everything, that there is no chance for them to be a family if she doesn't hear it from him.

Kevin pacing in Eve and Ian's apartment saying he can't do it. He can't hurt Eve the way Ian and Lucy hurt them. He tells Eve that he and she deserve better than Ian and Lucy. He tells her that their marriage together was peaceful, that maybe they took it for granted or got bored with it. Then he mumbles about the two of them hooking up with the two most unpredictable people they know. Kevin is muttering about Lucy and Ian, and Eve tells him if he knows something about Ian he has to tell her.

Lucy tells Livvie Christina was there. She touched her hair. She knows she was here. She calls the police, but gets nowhere with them. She picks up the picture to prove that Christina was there and the photo is of an empty sofa. Livvie comforts Lucy and tells her she will move in if Lucy wants. Lucy tells her "No." Lucy just wants to be alone. Lucy looks at the picture one more time and sees a shadow on the empty sofa.

Eve tries to get Kevin to talk. Kevin tells Eve how wonderful she is and how good their friendship is. He tells her that friends make the best partners and that's what they had. He says they were happy when they were together and he kisses her. Ian walks in on the kiss.

Livvie meets Caleb in the woods. He asks if Lucy is missing Christina again. Livvie says yes that she thinks that they are driving Lucy crazy. Caleb grins and says, "Good." Caleb tells Livvie he has a surprise for her and that her future is bright. Livvie interrupts and says "Our future." They are happy. They hear twigs break and turn. It's Lucy.

Previews: Jack to Rafe: "Caleb can't make Livvie do bad things from the grave, or can he." Lucy to Kevin: "Because of Caleb these bad things are happening. I swear to you, I'm telling you the truth." Kevin to Lucy: "And you always tell me the truth, right? Ian to Eve: "I made some big mistakes and I think you should know about it."