PC Update Thursday 11/15/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 11/15/01

by Dawn

Chris finds Karen in the On Call room and asks her what's wrong. Everything he said to her sunk in and really freaked her out. Sitting next to her, Chris apologizes, but he had to find a way to get through to her. Telling Frank was a bad idea. As Karen agrees with him, Frank enters and asks if he heard his name.

Ian and Eve are in the loft together waiting for the counselor. When she knocks on the door, they're both ready. The counselor was surprised they called her, but Eve wanted her to see for herself that they've moved back in together. They awkwardly put their arms around each other and tell the counselor that it feels good.

Livvie is at the lighthouse writing at the table. Kevin startles her, and she tells him that she was just trying to figure out what units to take this semester. That's good news to Kevin, and someone knocks on the door. Lucy enters and tells Kevin that she wants to talk to him. Taking the hint, Livvie offers to go upstairs. Lucy's been driving around and thinking. As Kevin asks her what's on her mind, Livvie sits on the stairs out of sight and listens as Kevin asks Lucy what's on her mind. Lucy thinks it was wonderful how they all pulled together to get Danny back with Eve and Ian. She hopes it works and Danny gets to go home, but she can't stop wondering why he was willing to work so hard for Eve, but when it comes to her he won't. Kevin tries to explain that the situations are different, but to Lucy all that matters is that she believes she saw Christina. He knows how desperately she wants Christina back, yet he won't support her. He denies being unsupportive, but it's all made Lucy realize that there's a big wall between them. She wonders if they even have a chance to build a life together with something so serious between them.

The counselor explains to Eve and Ian that the first objective of Social Services is to put the child back in their own home. The fact that they've moved back in together is a good start. As well as rescinding the Restraining Order against Ian. The counselor will arrange for a supervised visit, but she wants them to be together at least a week before she'll even consider returning Danny to them. After the counselor leaves, Ian admits that he almost believed they were back together himself, and next time they'll be more convincing. But Eve has a problem with the fact that they have to live together. Ian understands that she still doesn't trust him, and he agrees that they won't like it, but they have to do it for Danny. Eve intends to keep her distance from him, and he agrees to it.

Chris excuses himself and leaves Frank and Karen alone. Karen begins to talk, but Frank interrupts her. He wants to tell her he was wrong. When she told him about Chris, he shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. As crazy as it sounds, Gabby told him how it felt to be a vampire, and he asks her if it's true that Chris injected her. Karen denies the story and admits that she's back on drugs. Frank will help her no matter what, but she has to deal with this on her own. She decides that until she does, it's off. Their engagement is over.

Kevin isn't sure she meant it the way is sounded. To him it sounded like she is thinking of ending their relationship. If she thinks he's going to give her up without a fight, she's wrong. Lucy reminds him that she believes she saw Christina and he didn't believe her. And that he can't understand why she trusts and believes in Ian. Kevin answers that she'll never understand his connection to Eve, but they'll find a middle ground. Lucy's upset because he didn't support her, but he'll do better. He loves her, but Lucy knows that's not always enough. Not believing that, Kevin sits next to her and says that he won't believe she's giving up on the love between them, and how much they love each other. Livvie continues to listen to them from the stairs.

Frank is shocked, but Karen insists that they have to be over for a while. She's taking a leave of absence from the hospital and going back into rehab. When Frank offers to help her, she tells him that he can't. This is something that she has to do on her own. He has to let it go, and so does she. Karen knows what he went through to save her before, and she doesn't want to put him through that again. Frank finally understands that he has to lever her alone. But he wants her to remember the minute she gets out, he's there. Crying, she goes to him and they hold each other. Without another word, Frank leaves her. A hand touches her shoulder and she turns to find Chris staring at her.

Lucy loves Kevin, but the past few weeks he's been miles away from her and she's missed him. She tells him she was angry and she falters before she says more. Kevin touches her face and asks her to tell him. He wants to know what it is, but she can't bring herself to tell him. Kevin leans closer to her and before they can actually kiss, Livvie looks at Danny and he starts to cry. As Lucy comforts Danny, Kevin watches her and tells her that if she wants to talk about Christina, he'll listen. He wants to help her. Trying to not cry, Lucy tells him how much that means to her. She has to go, and after he asks her if she has to, she answers yes. Taking her arms, Kevin tells her that it will take time to work through their problems, but he wants to try. Lucy agrees with him, but she leaves the lighthouse without kissing him. After Lucy is gone, Livvie asks him if they worked everything out. Kevin thinks they did, and Livvie pretends to be happy for them. She puts on her coat and tells him that she has to run to the store. Agreeing to pick up formula for Danny, she watches Kevin leave the room before she says that she can't let Kevin and Lucy get back together. She needs Caleb's help for the power to do what she has to do next.

Ian returns to the loft and announces that he's home. Eve's first words to him are that he doesn't have to yell. He wasn't yelling, he was just warning her that he was home. Eve tells him to put his stuff somewhere in the living room because Danny's things are in the spare bedroom. Ian offers to take the sofa, and he wants to talk to her. Eve wants to call Kevin and check on Danny. This is uncomfortable for both of them, but Ian still thinks that this is the only way to get Danny back for good. Eve agrees, but decides it doesn't mean she has to like it. Staring at her, Ian surmises that she's bothered by the fact that she likes having him around. This makes her furious, and she's going to bed. Smiling Ian takes his shirt off and stands alone in the living room. He doesn't see Eve return to the living room and stare at him.

Karen pulls away from Chris and he apologizes. He just wants to help her. She doesn't care what he wants or thinks. She just told Frank that she's back on drugs and she's going into rehab. Chris can't imagine what it's like, and Karen agrees. Chris could never know what it's like to not be human, to be half a vampire and to hurt the man she loves. Now that she's told Frank she's going into rehab, she can't even go home. Chris offers her the spare bedroom in his apartment. He can be close by to monitor her that way. Reluctantly, Karen agrees and takes Chris's keys. She leaves to go talk to Alan. Alone, Chris smiles. He can't imagine how this could get any better. Then he turns, and what he sees makes him say no repeatedly and that whoever he sees there is dead.

Ian is on the sofa, trying to bore himself to sleep with the TV. A picture of him, Eve, and Danny catches his eyes. Turning off the TV, he goes to the picture and holds it. Finally he goes back to the sofa and lies under the blanket. Eve enters the living room and quietly goes to the fridge. Ian calls her name and sits up to return her stare.

Lucy is alone on her sofa looking at a picture of Christina. She wants to know why her little girl isn't with her. Everything would be okay if she were there. All Lucy wants is to feel her daughter. Forcing herself to put the picture down, she goes to the front door to lock it. As she does, the outside light goes out. Thinking it's a light bulb, Lucy opens the door to find Christian standing outside. Dropping to her knees, Lucy begins to cry and talk to Christina.

Kevin opens the door to let the pounding private detective inside. He's sorry to come so late, but he got the goods on Ian. Ian has quite a private life, which the detective has on the pictures he hands to Kevin. As Kevin opens the envelope, the detective continues to tell him that Ian takes playing doctor very seriously. Holding the pictures, but not looking at them yet, Kevin agrees that it sounds like Ian. But the detective wants Kevin to check out the broad that Ian is with. She looks like she lives at the gym. The fist picture is Ian's face and a woman's back, but the second picture is Ian kissing Lucy, and Kevin is so shocked all he can do is whisper her name.

Chris wants to know why Caleb is there.
Kevin holds the phone as Lucy tells him on the other end that Christina is with her. He doesn't answer her and she asks him what's wrong. He's staring at the picture of Ian and Lucy.
Eve admits to Ian that she's still in love with him.