PC Update Wednesday 11/14/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 11/14/01

By Dawn

Livvie can't believe that Jack is accusing him of killing her. When he asks her again, she sarcastically admits that she turned into a murderer overnight. He doesn't think she came up with it on her own, he thinks Caleb has something to do with it.

Victor can't believe Ian won't have dessert again, and promises to come up with something that he can't resist. As Ian backs towards the door, he runs into Lucy, who is entering the Recovery Room. They stare at each other for an awkward moment before Ian pulls her into a hug. Lucy is curious to know if it was just a friendship hug, and if it's all right for them to hug in public. Ian assures her that he'll tell her a story about two friends that were close enough to be lovers for one night and it didn't change who they were. Lucy is grateful, and she wants to hear the story now. Ian doesn't have time because he's going to see Danny. Lucy doesn't think that's a good idea, and he should call first. Ian refuses to ask permission to see his son, and he assures Lucy that he'll be careful that Social Services doesn't find out. After Ian leaves, Victor approaches Lucy. Begging him for the special of the day, Lucy heads for the bathroom. As she passes a woman at the bar, she overhears the woman tell her office that she's going to Kevin's for a surprise visit for Social Services.

Kevin enters the living room as Eve gets Danny to sleep. She wishes he'd wake up so they could take him out, but Kevin doesn't think that's a good idea. Telling Ian he can't see Danny isn't his idea of a good time, but Eve is convinced that he'll understand. As they continue to discuss it, someone knocks on the door. Eve hides and Kevin opens the door to have Ian walk inside past him to see Danny.

Jamal is fighting with a bolt on a bike when Alison enters. He's not happy to see her, but she wants to see him. He hasn't come home, and she wants to know if he's okay. He just found out that he was a father and his girlfriend knew it and wasn't telling him. Apologizing again, Alison swears that she never looked at the results. It doesn't matter to Jamal, he thinks he would have been better off not knowing. This surprises Alison, but Jamal is upset that now he has to worry about her having a life with her adopted parents. Alison tries to convince him that Hope is fine and she's going to have a wonderful life. But Jamal can't be a dead beat father like his father was. Knowing that he's Hope's father changes everything for him. He's not sure what to do. If he steps up, he could ruin Hope's life. If he doesn't, he's no better then his own father.

In a panic, Lucy grabs Victor and begs him to stop the Social Services woman. Stall her any way he can, even if it means clogging. Victor is confused, but Lucy runs out before he can ask any questions. As the Social Services woman tries to leave, Victor pretends to know her from somewhere, and she stops to talk to him.

Ian is not going to ask Kevin for permission to see Danny. Eve tries to convince Ian that Kevin is doing them a huge favor, and Kevin thinks Ian is being irresponsible. As they continue to argue, Lucy enters yelling Doc's name. Breathless, she tells them that Social Services is right behind her, sending everyone into a panic. It's finally Lucy that tells them to calm down and work together so Eve and Ian don't lose Danny forever.

Livvie tells Jack that Caleb is dead. But Jack thinks she's having aftereffects like she was before. Angry, Livvie won't believe a phony story about someone trying to poison him. This is what he lost when he pushed her away, and now she thinks he's right. She threatens to call the police if Jack doesn't leave, and he finally does. Rafe appears behind her and asks her if she's going somewhere.

When Rafe asks Livvie if she's in a hurry to go see Caleb, she tries to leave but he stops her. She remembers him as the motormouth angel that was trying to convince her that Caleb is using her. Rafe informs her that Caleb was, is and will continue to use her. Unfazed, Livvie doesn't want to hear it. She's not under a spell this time. She made a choice of her own free will. Including poisoning Jack. Rafe tries to convince her that her heart is still strong. Livvie recants her entire family tree that is nothing more then lunatics that are happy to kill. Desperate, Rafe begs her to let him help her destroy Caleb.

Jamal tells Alison that his father wouldn't take responsibility for his children and he can't turn his back on his little girl. Alison tries to convince him that the situations are different, but Jamal is convinced that, thanks to her, he knows Hope is his little girl and he has to do right by her. Jack hears Jamal and admits to him that he went with Alison to talk to Hope's adopted parents. Not understanding, Jamal can't believe that Jack and Alison would hold this back from him. Jack and Alison didn't want to see him get hurt, but Jamal can't get past the fact that they went behind his back, even though they changed their minds.

Lucy orders Ian and Eve into the closet, with Danny. Kevin hands them the bottle and heads for the door. But he stops and hands Lucy the bottle for Danny. As Lucy hands the bottle to Eve, Kevin realizes that they need Danny out of the closet. As Lucy takes the baby, Kevin opens the door. The Social Services worker watches Lucy hold Daniel and demands to know who she is. Kevin introduces her as his fiancÚ, which surprises Lucy. They're both nervous and inform her that it's time for Danny's nap. Eve and Ian are in the closet together and not happy to hear the Social Services worker say that she's going to stay a while and observe. Kevin and Lucy are just as unhappy to hear this.

Jack and Alison try to apologize to Jamal, but he doesn't want to talk about it. As he leaves the shop, Alison and Jack both take the blame for what happened. Alison wishes she could turn back the clock and make it not have happened. Neither of them know what to do, but they both remember the good days when Alison baked muffins and Jack and Jamal worked on bikes. They have no idea how to make it better.

Lucy puts Danny in his bassinet and she and Kevin are obvious about trying to make a good impression. The call each other babycakes and other nonsense endearing names as Lucy begins to hum to Danny to get him to sleep. Danny begins to cry, and Lucy and Kevin try to hide their panic. Eve wants to bolt out of the closet to comfort her son, but Ian stops her. The Social Service worker wants to ask questions, but Kevin has a few questions for her. Having stumped himself, Kevin asks her where she's from. When she says Iowa, Kevin pulls her to the globe so she can show him where. While Kevin distracts her, Lucy runs to the closet and gets the pacifier from Eve. Lucy asks her what to do if it doesn't work, and Eve points her finger out of the closet. At first Lucy asks if she should give him a finger before she realizes that Danny will teeth on her finger and stop crying. Quickly, Lucy returns to Danny and gives him the pacifier. The Social Worker has questions for Lucy next. Lucy answers that she has two daughters, and Kevin agrees that she's a wonderful mother. It's awkward, but Lucy and Kevin manage to pull it off to the Social Worker's satisfaction, and Danny finally stops crying. Wishing them luck, the Social Worker finally leaves with a warning that she'll be back.

After she's gone, Ian and Eve exit the closet. Eve wants to take Danny and leave. Lucy tries for a second to argue, but gives up. Ian takes over, and he's figured out a way to hold on to Danny for good, but he doesn't think Eve's going to like it.

Livvie wants to know why she would give up Caleb. She chose him and she loves him. Rafe thinks she'll change her mind when Caleb starts giving out the hard jobs. What will Livvie do when Caleb asks her to hurt Kevin is Rafe's next question. He doesn't think she has it in her, and he knows she loves Kevin. As Rafe leaves her, Livvie says that Rafe is wrong, and she's already figured out what she's going to do to her father.

Eve and Ian share an awkward hug in the loft and tell a different Social Worker that they've decided to move back in together and everything is going fine.
Frank asks Karen if Chris really injected her with vampire serum.
Lucy asks Kevin if they can really build a lifetime together and if they really have a chance.