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Port Charles Update Tuesday 11/13/01

By Dawn

Colleen sees Gabby at the counter. Gabby is hoping Alan will let her return to work. Karen runs past the counter with Frank chasing her. He wants to help her, but she doesn't think he can help her if he won't believe her. Chris injected her with vampire serum, followed them to the cabin, put the drugs in her purse, and she's going to prove it. Frank chases her into On Call room, where Chris denies the accusations and asks Karen if she's back on drugs.

Jack touches the napkin that is lying over the poison, and it bursts into flames. Scared, Jack wonders what it could be. Pretending to know nothing, Rafe asks Jack a few leading questions until Jack begins to think about where it came from. The bartender and Alison were the only ones that touched it, and Jack wonders if both of their drinks were tainted. He puts the napkin in Livvie's drink to check, and it comes up normal. Knowing that it was some kind of acid or poison, Jack realizes that it could have killed him. He asks Rafe is Livvie could have known about it.

Livvie swears that she tried to do Caleb's bidding, but all Caleb knows is that Livvie failed and Jack is still alive. When Caleb hears that Rafe was the one that interfered, he finally believes her. Caleb wonders if Rafe will ever learn his lesson. Livvie swears again that she tried to kill Jack he told her to because she wants to be with him. Caleb touches her face and grips her throat.

Karen orders Chris to tell Frank what happened. That he was the one that put cocaine in her purse. Karen is adamant that Chris was there. Chris asks Frank if this started before or after Frank found the bag. Karen threatens to kill Chris, but Frank stops her. Frank listens as Karen tells him what happened. Chris saved some of Gabby's blood when she was a vampire and mixed with human blood. He was going to shoot himself, but she got in the way. Pretending to have no idea what she's talking about, Chris offers to allow them to search his office. If they find vampire blood, he wants to know about it. Chris pretends to be trying to help her kick drugs. Frank doesn't want to believe Karen's on drugs, but he really can't see any alternative. He suggests they go to a meeting together. Karen swears she's not on drugs, and if he doesn't believe her, he can leave. He's quiet, but she tells him to go. After he finally does, Karen glares at a smiling Chris who asks her if there's trouble in paradise.

Caleb knows what happened. He kisses her, and he knows that she would have gone through with it. She swears that she would do anything for him and offers to try to kill Jack again. Caleb has better plans for Jack that are worse then death. What matters now is that he's happier with her and he's beginning to believe that she's worthy of this life. She falters, and he asks her what is wrong. It's not her place to say, but she knows that he's both pleased and sad. When she mentions how badly he wants to feed, he answers that he will be able to soon. He misses the taste of blood. The texture of skin, the smell, the power surge that makes his whole body come alive. She falters again, and he knows that she doesn't like hearing about it. She admits that it makes her feel ill, but she'll try to do whatever he wants. They'll deal with it when time comes. Livvie wants to be as good to him as he is to her. She knows that she can't give him the pleasure of feeding yet, but she will make him feel good in other ways that she knows she can. She pulls him to the bed with her and they kneel side by side.

Frank is headed for the stairs when Gabby catches him. She's trying to come back to work part time. Frank is happy to see her trying to get her life back together. It's not easy after being a vampire. Gabby tries to explain, but it's difficult. She did awful things that she knew was wrong, but the bad felt so good that she couldn't stop. It was like being on drugs. She didn't need sleep, she felt invincible, her senses were heightened, and her sex drive was off the scale. Frank thinks about what she's saying.

Karen wants to kill Chris, but he knows that she won't. When Karen accuses him of destroying her relationship with Frank, Chris points out that she can't run off and propose to an EMT and tell him what happened. Karen decides that Chris has just lost his lab rat and tries to leave. Grabbing her arm, Chris informs her that he is the only one that can help. He wants her to realize how out of control she is, but she only replies that he hasn't seen out of control yet. Before she can get away, he drags her out the door to show her what could be her future.

Jack recounts the story to Rafe. Livvie called and wanted to see him. Rafe wants to know what she said. Livvie said she wanted to be friends. Alison brought their drinks, but wouldn't hurt them. Rafe, still trying to lead Jack in the right direction, agrees that Alison and the bartender wouldn't have done it. Jack asks Rafe if he thinks someone tampered with the bottle. Rafe tries to convince Jack that whatever was in his drink had to have been put there after the drink was on the table. It makes sense to Jack, but he can't bring himself to say that Livvie could have done it. She doesn't want to be with him, but she would never try to kill him. Rafe doesn't agree, but won't say it. Jack picked up pretzels that Livvie spilled, but he still can't believe she's capable of it. Then Jack remembers Livvie searching for Caleb's ring, the torn pictures on the bed, finding her naked in the catacombs, in the hotel room with Kyle, and convincing Alison that Jamal might be Hope's father. Suddenly Jack has to know something and he runs out the door. Rafe wants him to find her and the truth about Caleb before it's too late.

Livvie is massaging Caleb's back. All she wants is to be with him for eternity. They'll have that. Caleb promises that as soon as the others are destroyed, they'll have it. She asks him what she has to do. Tear down everyone that struck against him. Shatter their relationships they way they shattered hers with him. As they hurt he gets stronger. Livvie promises to help destroy them so they can be together. Caleb knows she will, and he'll be watching her.

Gabby appreciates Frank understanding, and she has to go see Alan. After Gabby leaves him alone, Frank starts to remember things. Gabby's voice describes being a vampire overlaps his memories of Karen going after the robber at the Recovery Room, and still ready to jog after he was worn out. He realizes that Karen was trying to tell him what happened, and maybe he's wrong. Going back to On Call room, he finds it empty.

Chris drags Karen to the catacombs where Caleb lived. She isn't into cold dark psychobat dwellings. Chris thinks it might be her future. She has vampire blood running though her veins. Karen reminds him that it was only the good stuff. But Chris wonders how long it will last. She's mutating, and no one knows what's going on inside her. She's not a vampire, but Chris denies either of them know that. Her energy and sex drive is endless, her senses are heightened, and where drugs dull the mind, she's clear headed and alert. And she's not longing for blood. She's not a vampire, and she's not going to go along with his plan for her to be his guinea pig forever. Chris continues to tell her that she can't begin to understand what's happening, and how can Frank marry some hybrid creature that he can't begin to understand. Chris is concerned about her and worried about where she might end up. He wants to find out and control it. Karen isn't as sure as she was about Frank, but now she thinks Chris sounds more like a lover than a scientist. He asks her if that's such a terrible thought. Karen runs out as Chris chases her. Caleb appears and remembers Livvie's words about blood making her feel ill. Caleb realizes that Chris had the power of vampire, without the desire to feed. It's exactly what Livvie needs.

Rafe talks to his boss. He's watching what he's saying, but Caleb is using Livvie and things are out of control. Rafe tells his boss that he might have to make a move. Livvie approaches and Rafe fades as Jack joins her. Livvie reminds him that he said they couldn't be friends. Jack can't be friends with someone that tried to kill him, and he knows she did.

Eve is shocked to see Ian at the lighthouse and demands to know what he's doing there. He's there to see his son.
Livvie sarcastically admits to Jack that she became a murderer overnight. Jack knows that's not true, and Livvie asks him what is true. Jack thinks Caleb has to be behind it.