PC Update Friday 11/09/01



Port Charles Update Friday 11/09/01

By Kathy 

Jamal lets Alison have it for suspecting Hope was his child, and getting a DNA test.  Rafe tries to intervene, but is unsuccessful.

Caleb and Livvie in their same old conversation.  Livvie will do anything he wants.  He wants Livvie to kill Jack.  He gives her poison.  Livvie calls Jack on the phone to ask him to meet her.  He tells her he’ll meet her at the Recovery Room.

Mac comes by to see how the baby is doing.  Kevin thanks Mac.  Mac tells him to be careful.  Mac asks Kevin how Lucy will handle the arrangement with Eve and the baby.  Kevin says Lucy loves him and won’t do anything to hurt the situation.  Mac calls him on it, and Kevin admits Lucy is angry.

Ian and Lucy are kissing and undressing, they fall back on to the sofa…………

Alison apologizes to Jamal.  But Jamal says he doesn’t care.  She’s ruined Valerie’s chance to see Hope ever again.  Jamal thought all the secrets were over between them  and tells Alison that she can’t do anything to make it better and leaves.  Jamal meets Valerie on his way out and tells her they have to talk.  Alison confides to Rafe, he comforts her.  Livvie arrives at the Recovery Room and asks Alison if she’s okay.  She tells Alison they’ll talk later because Jack arrives.  Livvie remembers Caleb’s veiled threat that she not fail in her mission to kill Jack.  Jack is not receptive to Livvie.  Alison brings them some sodas and Livvie brushes her off to continue her conversation with Jack., which becomes heated.  She knocks the munchies off the table and, as Jack goes to retrieve it, she pours the poison into his soda.  Rafe looks on….

Kevin and Mac continue their conversation.  Kevin tells Mac he has tried to reassure Lucy of the situation.  Mac suggests Kevin put Eve up in a hotel or put her with Victor.  Kevin disagrees.  Mac tells Kevin he doesn’t think this is good for his and Lucy’s relationship.  Kevin tries to defend himself.  Mac is not convinced.

Ian and Lucy, post-lovemaking, discuss what just happened.  Neither regrets making love.  They agree they needed each other at that moment.  Ian asks if Lucy thinks what happened was Caleb’s doing.  Lucy says no.  It was just friends who needed each other, a “band-aid.”  They agree it was a wonderful band-aid.  Lucy then wonders what will happen next.

Jamal asks Valerie why she returned to Port Charles.  Valerie insists she got a letter from him.  He tells her he didn’t send it.  Jamal presses Valerie as to why she returned.  She admits she returned for him because she thinks she’s in love with him.

Jack and Livvie continue the argument.  Jack gets up to leave, but Livvie tries to keep him there so he will drink the poisoned soda.  Rafe is watching, and remembers Caleb telling him he owned Livvie’s soul.  Rafe mentally causes Alison to knock over the poisoned drink.  Livvie appears a bit upset, and abruptly leaves.

Mac tells Kevin they are investigating Ian, but Kevin reveals he has hired a private detective on his own to keep an eye on him.  Mac warns Kevin that he is accusing Ian of something he can’t be sure he’s done and tells him it might blow up in his face.

Ian and Lucy embrace half-clothed as the private detective snaps pictures.

Jamal is shocked at Valerie’s admission.  She tells him if he were Hope’s father that she knows everything would be different.  Jamal is about to tell her he IS the father, when Alison walks in.  She says she has to talk to Jamal alone.  Valerie leaves to pick up her paycheck.  Alison tells Jamal she doesn’t think he should tell Valerie that he is Hope’s father until he thinks it through.  He tells her she is being selfish and leaves.

Rafe helps Jack sop up the spilled drink with a napkin.  Jack says he’s going to stay away from Livvie, which Rafe tells him he doesn’t think is a good idea.  As they watch, the napkin turns black.  Jack is shocked.

Livvie goes to the cave to Caleb.  He asks he if she’s done as she promised.  She tells him “clumsy” Alison knocked the drink over.  Caleb approaches and tells her if that’s the case she didn’t do as told.

Monday’s preview:  Karen confronts Chris with Frank behind her “You followed us to the cabin and put that cocaine in my purse.”  Chris answers:  Cocaine? Karen, are you back on drugs?

Caleb to Livvie his hand on her throat: “You want to be with me no matter what the cost.”

Jack to Rafe: “If I’d a drinked [sic] that it would a killed me.  You don’t think Livvie knew about this do you?”