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Port Charles Update Thursday 11/8/01

by Dawn

Eve is holding Danny while Kevin watches. Ian and Lucy approach them. Ian wants to hold him, and Eve hesitates before handing him over. Ian holds his son and cuddles him while Lucy stands behind him. Ian thanks Kevin, who is trying to do what's best for Danny. He admits that he's the guardian, and neither Ian nor Lucy are happy to hear this. Eve doesn't care how Kevin did it, she's grateful.

Rafe hands Alison the envelope and asks her where the fire is as she runs to the door. She tells him that there might be a fire, and admits that she ran DNA test behind Jamal's back. Jamal has no idea there is a chance he's Hope's father. But she'll know as soon as she reads the results. Alison tells him that the envelope has the end of their troubles in it, and Rafe asks her if it could be just the beginning.

Jamal is at Hope's adoptive parents' house. The mother doesn't want to see him, but Jamal begs her to wait. If she wants what's best for Hope, she'll listen to him.

Livvie is alone in the catacombs, remembering being the one that helped Caleb. Everything she's done is going through her mind. Caleb changed her because he wanted her to help him. She remembers arguing with him in about all the things he made her do. Alone, she's crying and remembering the dream where everyone blamed her. Caleb's hand reaches out and he strokes her hair gently. He wanted to give her time to think about her decision. She's thought about everything he's done for her, and how her family keeps letting her down. Her answer is yes, she chooses him.

Alison asks if the DNA test is a can of worms. Rafe some things better off unanswered, and he encourages her to focus on the truth. Her heart told her that it would be better for everyone to know, but now she thinks it might have been just better for her. She's confused about whether to read the results or not.

Eve is still thanking Kevin and is overjoyed that Daniel will be staying with them at lighthouse. Social Services can't find out, and Kevin asks Lucy and Ian if he can trust them. Lucy never meant for this to happen, and Ian is glad that he's with his mother instead of a stranger. He's going to visit his son, and Eve won't argue. Kevin wants to work it out and suggests supervised visits. Ian's angry, and doesn't believe that Kevin ahs authority over Danny. Kevin is the temporary guardian and he does have say over Danny. Eve tries to convince Ian that Kevin did them favor, and Ian should be grateful. Ian thinks she's grateful enough for both of them. Lucy is furious and she tells Kevin he's wrong. Kevin tells her to butt out. In idea hits Lucy and she accuses Kevin of doing all of this to Ian so he can save Eve and take her away from Ian. Kevin asks her if she's lost her mind. Tearfully, Lucy reminds Kevin that she went to him to tell him that she saw her daughter. She begged him to help her, but he wouldn't listen. Now he can't do enough for Eve to get her baby back, but he wouldn't do anything to help Lucy get her daughter back.

Caleb asks Livvie to stand against her family and friends. She's more then willing, and she want them to pay for what they've done to her. When she corrects herself to say what they've done to both her and Caleb, he wants to know what brought about this sudden realization. It's not a realization, she's known how much she loves him all along, but she was afraid to admit. Without him she may as well be dead. She kisses his neck while his arms reach around her. Pulling her away by hair, he admits that she's saying all the things he wants to hear, but he has a problem. He doesn't believe a word of it.

Rafe tells Alison to close her eyes. Imagine she opens the envelope and Jamal is Hope's father, how would things change. Alison admits it would be horrible. Rafe tells her to imagine that Jamal isn't the father, and how does she feel about it. She still feels horrible because she went behind Jamal's back. Making his point, Rafe asks her what happens if she doesn't open the envelope. Nothing. Nothing would have changed. She wouldn't have done anything that she was ashamed of, and she decides to forget what is in the envelope.

Jamal is sorry to bother them, but Valerie is upset. The adoptive mother told Jamal's girlfriend, and the decision is final. Jamal is shocked that Alison was there. When he hears that Alison and Jack were looking to get a sample of Hope's blood for a DNA test, Jamal is angry. He has no idea why Alison would think that he is the father. Hope comes out and her mother picks her up. Jamal sees the birthmark, and recognizes it. He mentions how unusual it is. She asks him to leave or she'll call the cops.

Kevin tries to talk to Lucy. Christina and Danny are two completely different issues. All Lucy knows is that she wants Christina back just as badly. Eve tries to tell her that Kevin is only trying to help. Lucy tells her to shut up. Taking her shoulders, Ian tells Lucy that they're not getting it. Eve takes that to mean that Ian's taking Lucy's side, and Ian thinks Lucy is the only one making sense. Ian believed in her. Kevin moves closer to Lucy and glares at her. What she saw was an illusion, wishful thinking, or whatever the hell goes on in her mind, but he's sick and tired of her complicating things with her problems. Not wanting to hear another word from him, Lucy says "To hell with you." Eve wants to go home, and Kevin agrees. Ian and Lucy are stunned, and Eve says it's only for a while. Kevin says he'll talk to Lucy later, and she is adamant about he won't. After Lucy storms out, Kevin and Eve head for the door. As Eve passes Ian, he calls her name. She apologizes and leaves.

Livvie tells Caleb about her dream, and she realized that their love isn't forever like what she has with Caleb. Nothing is like what they have. Now she wants to know if he forgot how incredible it was between them, and how he could not believe she would choose him. Caleb reminds her that she betrayed him, but she was angry. Now she knows what he craves more then anything, and she's ready to give it to him. He wants her to pass a test.

Eve and Kevin are at the lighthouse with Danny, and Eve is shocked that Danny has changed so much. Lucy stands at the door and watches them. Eve thanks Kevin, but seeing her smile is enough for Kevin. Kevin is such a good friend to Eve, she doesn't know what she'd do without him. Reaching for Eve, he puts his hand on the back of her head and promises that she'll never find out. It's enough for Lucy, who leaves without them ever knowing she was there. Her thoughts of apologizing to Kevin turn to the hell with Kevin.

Alison feels better, and she promises to stop looking for trouble. When she thanks Rafe, he replies that he didn't do anything. He stopped her from making a horrible mistake, and Alison thinks he's amazing. Rafe returns the compliment and watches as she prepares to tear up the envelope. Jamal sees her and starts to yell at her about going to the family's house. Taking the envelope, Jamal opens it. The results are positive, and Jamal is shocked to discover that he is Hope's father. Alison begins to cry, and he wants to know how long she was going to keep it from him.

Livvie wants to know what the test is. It's the same thing he asked her to do before. He wants her to kill Jack. He hands her purse to her and promises that only then will she be able to prove she loves him. She calls Jack on her cell phone. Kissing Caleb, she answers Jack and says she needs to see him.

Eve knows her friendship with Kevin is costing him with Lucy. He knows how upset she was and he lost it on her. He'll worry about Lucy, and she needs worry about Danny. Ian brought it on himself. There was a time Ian thought he was being set up. Kevin doesn't know what to think, but hired a detective to keep eye on him. Eve is surprised, but it's a good idea. She can't forget the look on his face when he left. Ian's lost, and he wasn't faking. Kevin got Danny back for her, but Ian's alone.

Lucy finds Ian at her door, but she wants him to know that he didn't have to check on her. Ian knows how upset she was. But he was upset, too. She still is, but so was he. Someone left boxes for Lucy at the door, and Ian hands them to her. They're from Don and the note says to look at them right away. When Lucy opens them, she starts to cry. They're the invitations for the Christmas party she and Kevin were going to have together. Ian promises her that they can't cancel Christmas, but Lucy admits to him that it was supposed to be a wedding party. It was a big secret, but now it isn't going to happen. Kevin doesn't want her anymore. Ian starts to gently contradict her, but she knows he really doesn't want her anymore. Crying, Lucy asks Ian why this is happening to them. Ian can't answer her because he doesn't know anything anymore. She's glad he's her friend, at least they're not alone. They hug and hold on to each other for a minute. As Ian pulls away from her, they stare at each other, but Lucy's eyes don't meet Ian's. Ian heads towards the door, but Lucy stops him. He doesn't have to go. Sighing, Ian informs her that he's not going anywhere. Ian moves to her and touches her face. At first Lucy tilts her face to his hand and slowly moves closer. Finally they kiss. It's soft and gentle at first, but the quickly get more intense.

Jamal is furious that Alison snuck around behind his back.
Caleb is counting on Livvie not letting him down.
Lucy and Ian, minus their shirts, and kissing as Ian lowers her onto the sofa.