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Port Charles Update Wednesday 11/7/01

By Dawn

Lucy is leaving a long, rambling message on Scottís answering machine regarding Christina. She does briefly wonder why sheís the only one that has seen her. Rafe enters while sheís on the phone. He asks if itís a good time. Lucy wants to see Rafe because she hasnít seen him in a while. Rafe apologizes for not being around, but he stayed away because Kevin told him to stay away. Lucy wonít let it bother her, so he shouldnít let it bother him. He stares at her and she comments that she hates it when he reads her mind. She doesnít hate when he reads her mind, but she does hate whatís going on with Kevin. Sheís not saying that itís over, but sheís starting to doubt that Kevin is her destiny. Still staring at her, Rafe asks her if kissing Ian is her destiny. Lucy is shocked and wants to know how he knows about that.

Ian and Eve are at the courthouse. Ianís opinion is that the judge is incompetent. Eve wants him to keep his opinions to himself. Itís all his fault that this happened. Ian starts to answer her, then realizes that they need to stop arguing. Eve thinks itís best for both of them if they donít see each other. Eve wants him to worry about chip on shoulder; they begin to shout at each other as the counselor enters the room. Sheís not impressed with them. If this is an indication of their homelife, the decision of what to do with Danny is easy.

Alison calls her friend in the lab about the DNA test on Hope and Jamal. When he gets results, if heíd call her, sheíd appreciate it. After she hands up, she hopes she will.

Sitting at the table in the Recovery Room, Kevin is asking Mac about Christina. Heís not surprised Mac found nothing, and Mac asks him if he thinks itís all in Lucyís head. Kevinís not sure. With all the stress theyíve all been under, heís not sure of anything. Mac knows Kevinís worried about Eve and Ianís social services meeting. Finally getting to the point, Mac asks Kevin if his head is with Lucy or Eve.

Karen and Frank run into the cabin. Karen is loving the whole vacation. Frank loves her wake up calls, but he hasnít slept for four days. Karen loves waking him. She warns him that itís their last night there, and she does not intend for either of them to sleep. They cuddle on sofa, and Karen asks him to promise her that it isnít a dream. Especially the engagement part. Frank has never felt anything so real. She needs her camera to make sure they canít forget. Itís in her purse and Frank finds it, but he wonít give it to her. As they wrestle for her purse, it opens and spills at Frankís feet. Smiling, Frank leans down to pick up everything. On the floor, he finds a small bag of white powder. He tastes it and discovers itís cocaine. He wants to know why she has it.

Kevin thinks Mac should know how he feels about Lucy. Theyíre forever, and he only feels protective of Eve because of Ian. Mac reminds him that thereís no proof about Ian either way. Kevin is convinced that Ian has a dark side, and he hides it well, but itís there. Lucy is trying to convince Kevin that itís not Ian. Kevin tells Mac that Lucy believes that there is a Dark force with no face or name. Kevin occasionally thinks she may be right, with all the strange things heís seen, he canít completely rule it out. But heís afraid that if he lets his guard down, Ian will show his true colors. He doesnít want to break up a family, but he wants Eve and Danny to be safe. Mac goes to make a call. Alison brings coffee and tries to pour it in Kevinís tea. Sheís not all here, and Kevin asks her if sheís okay. Sheís waiting for a friends test results, and she hopes itís not important. Mac returns and tells Kevin that they can go. Kevin starts to thank him, but Mac doesnít want his thanks yet.

The counselor repeats all the charges to Eve and Ian. Eve is adamant about Ian not deserving custodial rights. Ian tries to cover by saying that Eve is sorry the counselor walked in on their argument. They love each other, but losing Danny has caused stress. Eve is wonderful mother. Ian continues to tell the counselor that Eve is loving and caring. Eve doesnít answer. Counselor stands and goes to the side of the room for an important phone call. Eve doesnít understand what Ian is doing. Heís trying to make a good impression, and he wants her to stop fighting and help. The counselor tells the person on the other end of the phone that the parents have had their last chance and itís time to remove the child. Eve and Ian hear this, and stare at each other.

Lucy accuses Rafe of peeking in her window, but he says he can read her mind. Lucy insists that she wasnít thinking about it, and hasnít thought about it much since it happened. Even though it was nice, and sweet, it was just a kiss between friends. Lucy isnít buying Rafeís excuses. She wants to know more about his powers, but he avoids her, and she gets more anxious. Sheís been studying vampire slayers. None of them have the powers Rafe has. They canít fix broken mirrors or show people visions. Rafe asks her about vampires that can walk around in daytime or live in churches. More anxious, Lucy wants him to stop it and tell her whatís going on. She begs him to tell her, and Rafe finally yells that he canít answer her questions because itís against the rules, which stuns her. What rules?

Frank is holding the bag of cocaine as Karen swears that she doesnít know how it got there. She hasnít slept, and he wants the truth. He wonders if sheís back on drugs, but she says sheís not. She canít explain where it came from, but she realizes that she has to tell him the truth. When she starts with Chrisís name, Frank wonít believe that Chris put the cocaine in her purse. He might have, but that wasnít what she was talking about. She tells him that Chris injected her with vampire blood. Heís been doing research in secret. She found out, they argued, and she got stuck with a formula that Chris developed. Thatís why sheís acting this way, not drugs, she tells him and asks if he believes her.

Rafe doesnít want to answer Lucy, but she wants to know. Heís there to look after her. But she asks again, and Rafe tries to convince her that there are some things sheís better off not knowing. She refuses to forget about it, but he canít tell her. Her life is a mess, and she needs to concentrate on fixing her life, not Rafe. If she could, sheíd have a talk show on television. She doesnít know where to begin to pick up the pieces. Rafe tells her to trust her instincts. Her heart has never steered her wrong before. When he asks her what her heart is telling her, she closes her eyes and takes a few deep breaths before staring at him and saying that itís telling her Doc.

Eve admits to the counselor that theyíve had problems, but she can depend on Ian wanting best for Danny. This confuses the counselor, if she can depend on that, why would she file a restraining order. Eve blames post partum depression. Everybody makes mistakes, and she was being overprotective. Ian adds that he would take Danny out to play with him after Eve put him down. Eve wonít forget look on his face when he saw Dannyís first smile after he did that. The counselor asks about the vampires. Ian tells the counselor that Eve had dreams back before they even met. Eve informs her that sheís working with Kevin on it, and heís not concerned. But the dreams are very vivid and Ian says it was real to her. Eve begs her to realize that theyíve had their problems, but their working on them. They would both do anything to get him back. The counselor thanks them for their time and wants to leave. They beg to see Danny, but itís not possible. He has already been given to court appointed caretaker. Thatís it. Ian knows that Eve is still upset. Theyíre doctors, and they vowed to take care of anything. Ian begs her to give him a half hour to talk.

Karen begs frank to say something. All he can say is her name. Sheís coming up with something wild, and she tries to convince him that she wouldnít make up something so strange. It had to be Chris. She admits that Chris was there, and Frank is upset. Karen continues with Chris is obsessed with her or something. Frank doesnít believe her And heís going to get his stuff. Alone, Karen sits on sofa and promises to get Chris. Heís going to pay for doing this to her.

The Recovery Room bartender hands Alison an envelope that was left for her. Taking it, Alison goes outside and holds it. Sheís nervous about the fact that this is it. This will show if Jamal is or isnít Hopeís father. As she opens it, she drops it, and Rafe approaches her.

Ian and Eve are at a table in the Recovery Room. Whoever Dan is with, heís safe. Ian would put him in her arms if he could. As he answers his beeper, she says sheíll be all right. He goes to the phone, and Kevin comes in with Danny. He sneaks up behind Eve and calls her. Mac and Kevin enjoy the look on Eveís face as she looks at Danny. Mac pulled some strings Kevin has been named Dannyís temporary guardian. Theyíve been looking all over for her to tell her. Eve is crying and Kevin puts him in her arms. Lucy enters and runs into Ian as they see Kevin and Eve. After staring at Kevin and Eve for a moment, Lucy and Ian stare at each other.

This was the exact same preview they showed last Fri, and Iím not sure itís right, but...
Livvie wants to tell everyone the truth. Caleb says she canít do that because it would ruin everything. Livvie yells that he made her do it.