PC Update Tuesday 11/06/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 11/6/01

By Dawn

Livvie wants to leave the catacombs but Caleb won’t allow it. Livvie is determined that she will never help him hurt her friends again. When she gets out, she’s going to tell them that he’s trying to destroy them. He made her do it, and they’re going to know, too. Unfazed, Caleb says that it’s fine, but maybe he has been going about this all wrong. They’re bound to find out he's alive. He can’t hold her against her will, but when she chooses to be with him, it’s her choice. Until then, Caleb wants her to go do whatever she needs to do. Knowing it’s a trick, Livvie believes that he wouldn’t give up this easily. Caleb wants her to learn about her friends. Livvie knows that they care about the real her, and she's more sure about that than she is about anything. Sitting down on the bed, he tells her to tell them he’s back. He wants her to see what happens.

Lightning strikes outside the Lighthouse. Livvie is asleep on the couch. Livvie sits up on the sofa and calls for Kevin. She has to find them and warn them. Grabbing her coat, she heads for the door, but Lucy is there. She’s in a long gothic black dress with braids in her hair, and she's surprised that Livvie forgot about the costume party at the Recovery Room. Lucy wants to know what’s wrong because Livvie never showed up the other night. Livvie tells her that Caleb is alive, and Lucy tries to calm her down. Warn them about what, Lucy asks if she actually saw Caleb. Livvie admits that she saw him lots of times, but she didn't remember until now. He wants to destroy all of them. Lucy isn’t convinced it wasn’t a dream. Livvie wants Lucy to believe her, and she reminds Lucy that she even said that there was evil in Port Charles. Something was making people act strange. Shocked, Lucy asks if Caleb is the evil. Relieved that Lucy appears to believe her, Livvie tells her that he is alive and getting stronger. He’ll have his full powers back soon because the more they suffer, the stronger he gets. Livvie wants to warn Eve, Ian, Jamal, Alison, Kevin, and Jack. Lucy is meeting them all at the Recovery Room for the costume party.

Rafe enters the Recovery Room as Jamal sits with Alison. Ian is in full gothic, as is Kevin and Eve, and Valerie. Chris and Gabby are also there, and Victor is tending bar. The party does not have a good turnout, and Kevin isn’t surprised. All of their lives have gone to hell. Kevin and Eve are wondering why they’re there. Kevin remembers they were going to try to forget for a while. Eve can’t do that with Ian there. Victor knows that Ian is drowning his sorrows, and Kevin wants to join in. Before Eve can leave, Livvie and Lucy enter. Livvie stops the music and gets them all to listen to her. After everyone stops and watches her, she says it. Caleb is back from the dead and is alive. They don’t believe her. Gabby insists that if it were true, she would feel it. Jack doesn’t feel anything either. They all thinks she’s imagining the whole thing. Ian asks how Caleb came back. Livvie says he feeds off their misery like blood. He played with all their heads. They still don’t believe her. Eve insiste he’s dead. Rafe tries to get them to listen her by insisting that she’s telling the truth. Kevin wants to hear the entire story from the beginning. Livvie just came from seeing Caleb in the catacombs. He wants revenge and more power. They all played into his hands by turning against each other. Lucy can't refrain from saying that she told them so. Ian asks about him regaining his strength. If he's not at full power, how did he cause all of this. Livvie is forced to admit that Caleb had help. Jack asks if there is another vampire, and Livvie has to admit it was her that did this to them. Lucy is shocked that Caleb made Livvie do it. Livvie repeats that she didn’t remember anything until now. Ian asks her if she expects them all to believe that. The lights go out.

Ian demands that Livvie tells them, but Kevin wants her to explain. He’s hurt that Livvie could do this to all of them, and Livvie swears that Caleb brainwashed her. Eve is sarcastic about her not remembering. She tells them to ask Jack, Jamal, and Alison. They knew she was having blackouts, that she was ending up in strange places with no idea how she got there. They also knew that she was losing blocks of time. Caleb was making her do terrible things for him. Eve demands to know what terrible things, and Livvie answers Anne Marie. She’s not alive, it was Livvie. The letter, the phone call and going to Kevin. It was Livvie. Caleb made her become Anne Marie. Ian is furious, and asks her about Daniel. Livvie was behind the kidnapping. Befoe Livvie can say it again, Chris wants to know how Caleb made her do it. Lucy goes to Livvie and asks her what else she did. Livvie stares at Lucy, who figures it out and begs her to say that she wasn't Christina. When Livvie nods, Lucy begins to cry. Alison wants to hear Livvie say that didn’t do anything to her and Jamal. The letter to Valerie was Livvie. Valerie is shocked that she did it. Livvie was supposed to drive a wedge between Jamal and Alison, just like she did with Ian and Eve, and Kevin and Lucy. Caleb used her to destroy everyone that destroyed him. Even the guy Jack caught her with. Caleb is the reason she lost Jack, but she wants Jack to understand that she’s a victim too. Ian asks her if she wants them to feel sorry for her. She took away all the happiness they’ve ever known, she put Danny with strangers, and Ian doesn't want to hear about being a victim. Lucy is still crying and she asks Livvie how she could do this to her. Her deepest secret, the only thing she wanted in the whole world, and Livvie used it against her. Alison thought she could trust Livvie. Jamal knows she betrayed them. Livvie tells them again that Caleb made her do it, but Gabby knows that Caleb can’t make anyone do anything unless she wanted to serve him. Rafe begs Kevin to defend Livvie, but he can’t. Livvie knows Kevin thinks Livvie is crazy just like Rachel and Ryan. Livvie can’t believe this is happening. Kevin understands that the trauma of Caleb was too much for her. Rafe argues, but Kevin knows a breakdown when he sees one. Caleb is controlling her in her mind to fulfill a fantasy. Deeply suppressed anger caused Livvie to lash out at everyone in frustration. The only thing Kevin really believes is that it's not Livvie’s fault, anymore then it was Rachel’s or Ryan's. Livvie swears the she’s not crazy, and it was Caleb that made her do all those things. None of them believe her, and that's okay with Livvie. If that's what they need to believe, they can blame her. As long as they stop blaming themselves or each other they can get their lives back to normal. Lives will never go back to normal, Eve insists that Livvie has destroyed them all. Everyone joins in to repeat that.

Opening her eyes, Livvie realizes that she’s tied down in the psych ward with all of them around her. She begs them to let her go, and cries that she’s not like Rachel. They leave her tied down and one by one go out the door. Livvie calls Victor grandpa, and he tells her not to call him that again. Kevin thinks it was too much to hope for that she wouldn't turn out like Rachel or Ryan. Kevin leaves her she cries and screams at him to not leave her. Calling him Daddy, she begs him to come back.

Still in the bed, Livvie screams for someone to help her get out. Rafe approaches the bed and offers to help her. He believes her. He helped her remember, but now that she has... she lifts her arms to show him what happened. Untying her, Rafe promises to get her out of Port Charles. Livvie doesn't want to leave, but they’ll lock her up again if Rafe doesn’t get her somewhere safe. Jack knows her better then anyone, and Livvie is sure that he’ll believe her. He won’t turn against her. Running out the door, she finds Jack in the hallway. She begs him to believe her, but Jack says that she did hurt people. Realizing that Jack is just like the others, Livvie begins to cry. He puts her back in her room where she belongs. As she’s banging on the door, Caleb welcomes her back. Livvie begins to cry and goes to him. They don’t believe her, and they locked her away. Caleb soothes her. It was a bad dream, but it was also a vision of what would happen if she did tell them. But it doesn’t have to be that way. She never has to be alone or afraid ever again. But it’s her choice. It always has been. Holding on to Caleb, Livvie cries.


Frank asks Karen why she has cocaine.
Alison is on the phone asking about DNA tests
Mac asks Kevin if his head is with Lucy or Eve
Rafe accuses Lucy of kissing Ian, and Lucy wants to know how he knows that