PC Update Monday 11/05/01



Port Charles Update Monday 11/5/01

By Dawn

Karen and Frank enter the cabin and Frank's worn out, but Karen's ready to go. Frank admits that she's given new meaning to word unpredictable. Karen promises him that she's just starting to warm up. Chris watches them through the window as they kiss.

Valerie is looking a photo album of Hope as Jamal approaches. She's still crying about never seeing Hope again. She made the album before she knew she'd have to give her up, and now that is all she has left of her baby.

Alison is in the alley with Jack. She messed things up, but Jack knows she didn't mean to. Alison had to know if Jamal is the father, but he isn't, and she messed everything up for nothing. Jack warned her that if she went snooping around, she'd cause trouble, and she did. She asks him why he isn't saying told you so, and he admits that he thinks there's more to it.

Livvie is on to every sick twisted thing Caleb made her do. He used to her to do his dirty work. She brought him back, and Caleb knows it was because she loves him more then she does them. He couldn't exist if it wasn't for her, so he wants her to think about that. Think about the role she played in this.

Chris wonders if Frank and Karen are going for a record. Karen and Frank are cuddling in bed. Frank is halfway to knocked out, and he can't believe Karen is still ready to go. She's looking for something under the blanket, and finally she finds a candy bar. Frank tries to get it from her, but she won't share. She will give him something better. She asks him to marry her.

Valerie can't believe they sent a lawyer and dismissed her like she was nothing. She's going to go to them and do something. Jamal tells her that's a bad idea. She begs him to go with her. If anyone can make them change their minds, Valerie believes it's Jamal.

Jack thinks about the fact that they had a one year agreement with Valerie. The minute he and Alison show up they changed their minds. Jack just thinks it's strange, and there's more to it. Jack and Alison begin to wonder what they're hiding. It occurs to Jack that maybe Livvie's instincts about Jamal and Valerie were right.

Livvie tell Caleb that he doesn't have a clue what love is. She drove a wedge between the people that belong together. Caleb reminds her that these people tried to destroy him. Livvie admits that she's responsible for bringing him back. She wouldn't have answered if she didn't love him. Caleb knows that her love brought him back. She is his destiny. He needs her strength to regain his own. All she did was plant the seed, it was their own mistrust that turned it into a mountain of misery. Livvie thinks they helped them create that mountain. Caleb can give her the world. Happiness forever. She will never be lonely as long as he's in her life, but there is a price. And right now she's paying.

Frank thinks she's kidding, but she tells him that all her life she's stood back waiting for things to come to her. Now she knows shat she wants and she wants to grab it. He makes her laugh, he makes her happy, and he went back in time to bring her back. He looks at her and she sees how much he loves her. Frank promises her that it will never change. But he thinks it's the guy that should get down on his hands and knees. Karen asks him if he loves her. When he says yes, she asks him again if he will marry her. Repeating yes, Frank puts his arms around her and lays on her. As they kiss, his cell phone rings. He has to get it, but he promises to tell them he's busy. He can't find his pants, and goes to the shower to find them. Karen hears something outside and goes to the door. When she opens it, there's nothing there. After she closes it, Chris tries to escape. Karen catches him leaving and wants to know why he's stalking her.

Jamal is adamant about it being not his place to get involved. Valerie tells him that he's always helped her in the past. It not wrong to want to be part of Hope's life, but the more she pushes, they more they'll pull away. To her, if feels like giving up her baby all over again. He tries to comfort her, but she pulls away.

Alison asks Jack if he thinks Jamal is the father. She didn't look premature to Alison when she was born, and she didn't need special care. The only way they can know for sure is a DNA test. Alison is all for it, but then Jack realizes that he's wrong. If Jamal finds out why Valerie can't see her, it's a world of grief they don't need. No buts, leave it alone. Either way Jack knows Alison will lose.

Livvie is angry. Caleb has no right to manipulate her into hurting people whose only crime was rescuing her. They saved her life. Caleb sarcastically asks her if she calls this a life. Reaching for her, he tells her to remember how she came alive with his touch. How their bodies next to each other felt as if they had one heart beating. Livvie appears to be losing the battle, and Caleb grows confident. She turns to him and all she feels is sick to her stomach. Smiling, Caleb doesn't believe she means it, but he made her sleep with a stranger so Jack could catch her. Livvie accuses him of taking away the only pure love she's ever known. Jack swears he loved her, but the minute she stepped outside boundaries, he was gone. Livvie knows that it might be over for her hand Jack, but she will find the others and tell them that Caleb is behind all their misery. Caleb is going to show her why she won't do that.

Karen asks Chris if he's lost him mind. He's looking out for her, the least he could do since he injected her with vampire blood. She cooperating, that does not give him the right to interfere with vacation with fiancée. Chris is shocked, and Karen admits that she asked Frank to marry her. Chris tells her that she doesn't know if she's going to walk or fly down the aisle. Karen is adamant that it's none of his business. Karen asks him why he's staring at her, and he wants her to keep her voice down. She reminds him what Frank will do to him if he catches Chris collecting data, and she wants him to get the hell out of her face. The house call is over. Leaving him outside, Karen goes back inside to fireplace. Frank finds her, telling her that it was Joe on the phone. He didn't tell him they're engaged. He wants to keep it to himself for a while. Picking her up, he carries her around living room screaming that they're getting married.

Chris watches, muttering that this is one wedding that is never going to happen.

Alison and Jack enter the Recovery Room. Jamal asks them what they're up to, and Alison says nothing. Jack is going to get back to work. Admitting that he should, too, Jamal kisses Alison goodbye. Alison sees Hope's baby album on the bar and looks through it. Finding Hope's birth weight, Alison realizes that she was not small enough to be premature. Lock of hair is in the album, and Alison talks to herself about possibility of a DNA test to find out if she's really Jamal's daughter. She shouldn't take it, but she finally does and puts it in her pocket. Jamal sneaks up on her and asks her what he's doing. She shows the book to Jamal and offers to put it in a safe place for Valerie. Looking at the restraining order Valerie left on the bar, Jamal takes it and leaves.

Jack comes back into the Recovery Room and runs into Kyle. Jack's glad he's out of the hospital, and apologizes for losing it with him. Kyle admits he would have done the same thing, and he's not going to press charges. They agree that Livvie played both of them. Shaking his hand, Jack sits down. The waiter tells him that he saw Livvie in a hurry, and after a brief reaction, Jack remembers that she's not his girlfriend anymore.

Holding Livvie's throat, Caleb asks her what she's gong to do. She's going to tell everyone the truth about him being responsible for everything that's happened. Caleb reminds her that he's dead and she destroyed their lives. Jack believed it was her. Crying, she hopes to make them understand that she didn't know what she was doing. They'll all think she's crazy and lock her up. She wants Caleb out of her life. It's too much to ask her, he can still see desire behind her anger. She still wants him to can give her what no one else can. Livvie wants to warn her friends and make things right. They may not believe her, but she has to try. As she tries to leave, Caleb stops her. She'll leave when he says she can.


Livvie is going to tell everyone the truth. Caleb won't let her do that because it would ruin everything. She knows, and they are going to know, too.