PC Update Friday 11/02/01



Port Charles Update Friday 11/02/01

By Kathy

Livvie has a vision of Lucy chasing Christina.  She realizes she has been doing Caleb’s bidding.

Eve and Kevin are at the Lighthouse.  Eve is frantically looking for Danny’s “lovvie,” the dog he cuddles with.  She finds it and Kevin tells her everything will be all right.  She turns on Kevin and tells him all the problems she’s encountering are his fault.

Ian is with Lucy pouring himself a drink.  He tells Lucy she doesn’t know what it’s like to be accused of kidnapping.  He says maybe he’ll just become what everyone thinks he is. 

Rafe is railing at the heavens.  He is told he is still seeking revenge.  He asks what revenge?   He is taken to a moment when Caleb is about to bite a young Russian woman.  Rafe stops Caleb.

Ian says maybe he’ll grab his son and get out of there.  Lucy tells him not to.  That the group should all join together to fight the evil.  He tells her he’s tired of fighting dragons.  Lucy asks him about Eve.  He says she doesn’t trust him Lucy should ask Eve.  She tells him this whole thing is about lies and that they are all being manipulated even Eve.  She tells him he can’t take Danny and leave.  He loves Eve and it’s ripping him apart.

Eve continues to blame Kevin.  Kevin says he didn’t ask for Anne-Marie to come to him, but he couldn’t keep silent about it.  They calm down and Kevin promises to get Danny back.  Livvie overhears and realizes she has been causing all the trouble.  She has a vision of locking Eve’s door, of being Anne-Marie and talking to Kevin.  Kevin tells Eve she’s not alone.  They will work it all out.

Livvie goes to Lucy’s house and overhears Ian and Lucy.  Ian says he never thought he’d love anything as much has he does Danny and Eve.  Lucy says, “Maybe that’s because finding Eve is like your whole life becoming a full circle, you know complete.  And then when you have a child together its like you’re taking your heart out and watching it run around laughing and loving.”  Livvie has another vision of writing the note and changing the answering machine message.  She also sees herself calling Lucy as Christina.

Rafe tries to stop Caleb, but Caleb throws him against a wall.  They banter, Rafe goes for Caleb, but he dodges.  Caleb tells Rafe he’s killed all the other slayers.  Rafe throws Caleb off.  Caleb recovers goes toward the woman.  Rafe also goes toward the woman to get her to run.  Caleb stabs him in the back and kills him.

Rafe finds himself on the ground at the lake.  Now he remembers, but he says he won’t let Caleb win and he won’t let his anger get in the way of stopping Caleb.

Eve is still upset and depressed.  Kevin says he knows what the court evaluation is.  That she has to trust him and he’ll get her through it and help her get Danny back.

Ian tells Lucy he still wants to leave.  She says if he leaves he will be letting whoever is doing this to him will win.  “This is about good versus evil and the Ian Thornhart I know is not a coward.”  Ian smiles.  He thanks her for giving him hope.  Lucy tells him she’d miss him if he left.  So Ian agrees to stay.  He tells her he loves her she says likewise.  They hug and then………..kiss!  Both are shocked.  Ian pulls back and leaves.

Livvie enters the cave shouting for Caleb.  He comes out wondering why she is there since he didn’t call her.  Livvie is furious and tells him she will kill him for making her ruin everyone’s lives.

Previews: Jack to Alison:  I’m starting to think that there’s more to this adoption thing than we know.

Karen to Frank as Chris watches through a window:  “I’m just starting to warm up.”  She kisses Frank.

Livvie to Caleb:  “I’m going to make you pay for what you did to the people I love.”