PC Update Thursday 11/01/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 11/01/01

by Dawn

Jamal is sitting with Alison and Jack at the Recovery Room. Jamal figures that if they work around the clock, they can catch up at the shop. Jack apologizes, but they aren’t worried about it. Valerie brings the coffee pot, and Jamal tells her she doesn’t have to wait on them. A woman approaches Valerie, identifying herself as the attorney for Hope's adoptive parents. Jamal stands to ask if he can help. Hope’s adoptive parents don’t want her contacting Hope again. It’s all explained in the papers the attorney gives her. Valerie begins to cry and Jamal walks away with her. Alison tells Jack that she knows that it's her fault.

The judge restates his order to place Daniel in protective custody. Eve gets to her feet and tells Lucy to get away. Getting closer, Lucy wants to help. Eve tells Lucy that she’s done enough. As far as Eve is concerned, all Lucy did was make Eve look like a lunatic that can’t take care of her own baby. That was not Lucy's intention, but she was trying to explain how worried Eve has been. Kevin starts to say I told you so, but Lucy advises him that if he says it, she’ll smack him. Ian and Eve beg the judge to reconsider. Eve has taken care of him since he took his first breath. The judge apologizes, but he feels like he has no choice. Eve won’t give Danny up. She will run for the rest of her life if she has to, she won’t give him up. The judge threatens Eve with contempt of court charges, but that doesn't phase her. As she tells the judge that he'll never find Daniel, Livvie enters the room with him and realizes that she’s made a mistake.

Alison feels terrible about Valerie getting cut off from Hope. Jack tries to tell her she doesn’t know that she is responsible. Hope is her baby, and now she can’t see her because of what Alison did. Jack tries to talk her into staying out of it, but Alison has to try to fix it. She begs him to help her. Reluctantly, Jack agrees. They leave as Jamal promises to call Dara for Valerie. Valerie had an agreement with the adopted parents, and she doesn't understand why they are turning on her now. She followed all their rules.

Eve takes Daniel, and won’t let him go. Livvie asks what happened. Ian begs the judge to let them try to work it out. First they sling accusations, murders, vampires, and the judge is convinced this is the only way. Ian defends the fact that Eve is a wonderful mother. But the judge sees anger and confusion, and he questions the fit of both parents. He orders psychiatric evaluations for both of them. Lucy wants to help, but Eve tells her that she's done enough. Lucy tries to explain, but Eve accuses her of wanting Eve to lose Daniel because she lost her own baby. Lucy is too shocked to reply and Eve continues to accuse Lucy of hating the fact that Eve had her baby and she didn’t. That making her lose Daniel was to get back at her. As Lucy turns away in tears, Kevin finally steps in and tells both of them that this isn’t the time for this. Ian thinks it’s Eve’s fault, but Kevin says that it’s not the time to take the moral high ground. As Ian starts to respond, Livvie stops them. No wonder the judge has taken Danny away from them. All the judge can see is this hatred. And now Daniel has lost parents. Lucy sarcastically tells Kevin that she’ll take care of Livvie because he has to stay with Eve. Kevin is aggravated, but he doesn't contradict her. Lucy and Livvie leave the room. The judge gives them a few minutes before Social Services take Daniel. After the judge leaves the room, Ian and Eve stare at each other.

Lucy asks Livvie if she’s okay. They sit together, and Lucy asks why she brought Danny down to the courthouse. Livvie got a scared feeling that he needed to be somewhere safe, but she feels guilty. Lucy tries to assure her that it isn’t her fault. They vanquished Caleb and should be celebrating the fact that they killed the monster, but they’re turning into monsters themselves and tearing each other apart. Livvie doesn’t want to think about him, but Lucy can’t stop thinking about him. She admits to Livvie that she’s been running around town telling everyone that Caleb is back and evil is running amok around town. Livvie said that they saw Caleb die, but Lucy reminds Livvie that Livvie didn’t think he was dead, but Livvie thinks he is now. Lucy thinks everyone including her, is going crazy. She tells Livvie that she saw Christina, and before Livvie can say how happy she is for her, Lucy admits that Kevin pointed out that it was a delusion. Lucy doesn’t believe that. She knows Christina. She saw her, and then she disappeared again. And all of a sudden the entire kidnapping came back to her. Then Christian called her, and Lucy swears to Livvie that she knew her voice. Livvie asks her if she wants some company, and Lucy reminds her that she’s supposed to be the one consoling. Livvie decides that they’ll take care of each other. Lucy offers to buy lots of chocolate ice cream and Livvie accepts. Livvie remembers seeing Lucy and Christina in park and falters. Lucy’s voice distracts her, and she says she’s going pack a bag. Quickly, she actually escapes before Lucy can realize something’s wrong.

Alison and Jack are back at the adoptive parents home. Alison apologizes to the adoptive parents for causing trouble. Jack tries to reason with them, and Alison begs them to not take out what she did on Valerie. All she wanted to know was if Jamal was the father. But if Hope was premature, he isn't, and that's all she wanted. The adoptive parents assure Alison and Jack that they'd been thinking of this for a while. Hope enters the room as they talk. They thought the idea of Valerie being a part of it was bad from the beginning and was going to confuse Hope. Alison doesn't understand how that can confuse Hope. The parents ask them to leave. Jack asks them to work something out, but the father refuses and threatens them with the police if they come back. Hope calls her adoptive mother mommy as they leave.

Outside, Alison and Jack stare at each other while the adoptive father watches them through the window. 

The judge comes back and tells them that time is up. Eve begins to cry and gets hysterical. The judge tells her to get help. Ian is angry, and he asks the judge what he expects them to do. The judge expects them to act like responsible adults. Eve tries to tell Social Services about Danny being fussy. Tearfully, she explains that they have to hold his bottle at certain angle. And if his monitor goes off, he has to be comforted. Social Services promises to remember all that. Eve pulls out his favorite toy and says he can’t sleep without it. Responding to Eve's hysteria, Ian moves to her and touches her arms. He promises her that they’ll bring him home soon. Social Services takes the baby from them. Kevin watches while Eve cries as they take Danny from room. Turning from Ian, she runs to Kevin and they hug.

Alison puts on her coat and tells Jack that she didn’t take Jack’s advice. When Jack tries to tell her that she had to know if Jamal was the father, Alison know, but she took it way too far. Jack thinks they hustled them out of there, like they were maybe hiding something. Alison begins to think about it, but Jack decides that they need to quit while they’re behind. They hug, and Jack spots the father watching them.

Hope's adoptive mother asks her husband what they're going to do now. His answer is to go on with life and go on with raising their daughter. They hold Hope and vow to not lose her. Hope has a birthmark behind her ear.

Jamal has the same birthmark behind his ear. He goes back to Valerie explains that Dara said there's nothing she can do. He’s sorry. But it was Valerie’s choice to give her up. There’s nothing legal between her and the parents, but Valerie wanted to watch her grow up. It sinks in to Valerie that she’ll never see her baby again, and Jamal hugs her.

Kevin is holding Eve in hallway. Eve is afraid that she’ll never get Daniel back. Kevin tells her to not say that, and promises to help her. Everyday Daniel changes, and she’s going to miss it. She sobs and Kevin holds her. Standing, she wonders what’s going to happen when Danny cries and she’s not there. Her fear is that he won’t know that she didn’t give him away. Kevin is gong to talk to court psychiatrist and try to help. Eve sobs that it hurts so much she can’t breathe. She begs Kevin to help her get Danny back. He promises to help and they hold each other again.

Lucy is looking at picture of Christian as she sits alone in her living room. The doorbell rings, and Lucy answers door to find Ian. He doesn’t want to go to hotel. She says he can stay with her.

Livvie is packing a bag at the lighthouse. Seeing a red sweater in the dresser, she remembers being in the park. She remembers seeing Lucy chase Christina. She doesn’t want to believe it, but she realizes that she’s been helping Caleb.


Eve screams at Kevin that everything is his fault.

Rafe asks his boss to show him what’s holding him back and a white light appears