PC Update Wednesday 10/31/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/31/01

By Dawn

Eve is ready to go to court, and Kevin left a note for Livvie. She can’t believe the Ian is forcing her to go to court to allow him to spend time with Danny. Kevin swears that Ian won’t get visitation. Eve never dreamed she’d expect this to happen. Half of the time she can’t believe it, and the other half she’s scared. Livvie enters the living room. She’s sorry that Eve is going through this. Kevin is sorry they woke her, but she’s been sleeping all the time. He asks her if she’s okay, and she swears she’s fine. She and Jack broke up, but Eve’s situation is worse. Danny starts to cry, and Eve really doesn’t want to take Danny with her. Livvie offers to stay with Danny. She’d be happy to watch him.

Rafe is angry at his boss. He was getting through to Livvie. Caleb is using her to destroy everyone, and Rafe was close to telling her. The boss knows that. Rafe tries to say that he was trying to help her remember, but his boss repeats Rafe’s words about telling her what’s going on. Caleb needs to know he can’t get way with this. Now Caleb is thinking nobody can stop him. The boss doesn’t care what Caleb thinks, this is about helping these people fight for themselves and each other, not doing it for them. Rafe is angry that they let Caleb do what he pleases while they’re helping the people. The boss tells him to concentrate on what he can do, and he can’t give Caleb a conscience.

Caleb holds a candle in catacombs. Soon he’ll have everything he deserves. He imagines Livvie telling him that she belongs to him and always will. Eve enters with Danny and she brought Caleb what is rightfully his. Her son.

Eve and Kevin enter the judge’s chambers. Kevin repeats to her that this is an informal hearing. Eve wants Kevin to tell her what to expect. Just tell him why you don’t want Ian near son. He tells her that Ian forced the issue, and she’s glad Kevin’s there. Lucy and Ian enter, and Kevin is shocked to see Lucy with him. Not knowing what he’s trying to do, Eve won’t let him nears Daniel. Daniel is Ian’s son, and Eve won’t keep him away. Not now, not ever. 

Rae tries to talk to his boss. Every time Lucy and her friends come close, Caleb blows them apart again. Now they’re further apart then before. The boss asks if he’s losing faith in them, but he’s not. He’s just stuck. One night of dreaming doesn’t solve anything. Rafe asks him what to do. The answer is to give them as much as you can to fight with. Hope. Like with the dreams and Livvie. Remind her that she still has love of family and friends. Watch the impatience is the boss’s final warning. But Rafe knows that Caleb’s on his way back, and people’s lives are at stake. It’s time for Rafe to put away old human emotions because they’re distracting him. Rafe needs to keep his eye on ball.

Lucy wants to let Ian and Eve talk. Kevin is against it, but Eve promises Kevin that she’ll be fine. Kevin follows Lucy out. Kevin is angry at Lucy, and immediately demands to know what she’s doing there. She wants to know what he’s doing there, too. They’re both testifying. Kevin wants her to see that she’s only making this worse. She sees him stuck to ex wife like glue and turning Eve and Ian against each other. As far as Lucy’s concerned, Kevin is the one making this worse. Ian was set up, and she believes that. She knows that he thinks it’s connected to Christina, but it’s not. She wouldn’t sympathize with a kidnapper. Ian isn’t. Ian knows that she saw Christina, and he believes her. Kevin thinks she believes Ian because Ian believes her. Lucy swears that it’s because Ian is a good friend, and a good man, and not capable of what Kevin and Eve are accusing him of doing. She admits that it’s nice to have someone support her on something that is so important to her. Kevin wants Christian back, too, but everyone has looked all over for her. Lucy tells Kevin that this isn’t about them. It’s about Ian, Eve, the baby, and Kevin’s meddling. If Kevin and Eve keep working on this, he’s taking the chance of tearing a family apart forever.

Eve can’t take the chance of Ian taking Danny. Ian is adamant about the fact that he didn’t do it, and he doesn’t know who made it look like he was leaving the country with Danny. But if she doesn’t work with him, they’ll never know who did it. She can’t let guard down, but he wants her to believe in him. He wants to forget this and go home with them to figure this out.

The judge enters and asks if there’s a chance they’ve settled their differences. Eve says no.

Caleb is still watching candle burn in his hand, continuing his vision. Eve asks forgiveness for taking so long and denying him the child for so long. She hands Daniel to Caleb as Livvie watches. Standing, Eve should have knows the he was the one, and he was better then Michael. Caleb has no further use for her and she disappears. Turning to Livvie, Caleb hands her their child. Calling herself his mommy, Livvie holds Daniel. The vision fades again as Caleb smiles.

Livvie holds Daniel at lighthouse and talks to him. She suddenly remembers holding him in the park, but she doesn’t know why she remembers that. She’s never been there with him. She remembers Eve telling her that Caleb intended to steal their son. Scared, she wants to know why she’s remembering this and what is happening to her.

The judge informs them that his decision is binding. He asks Ian and Eve how they got there. Eve tells him that she came to find out some things about Ian’s past. Ian says that a woman is telling lies about him and Eve believes them. Eve tells the judge about Anne Marie, then Ian tells the judge that Anne Marie is imposter. When the judge asks to see Anne Marie, Kevin tells the judge that Anne Marie can’t be found to testify because she’s afraid of Ian. Ian responds that Anne Marie died accidentally, but he can’t prove that, either. Eve tells the judge about the kidnapping and the airplane tickets. She’s convinced that if the judge allows Ian to see Daniel, she’ll never see either of them again. Ian responds that anyone could have purchased the tickets, and he knows he has rights as a father. The judge has no proof of which story is true. He asks Lucy for her opinion. It’s a mess. There’s a baby involved. Ian loves Daniel, and Eve loves him, too. Eve is a good mother, but the way she’s acting towards Ian is irrational. At the judge’s prompting, Lucy tells the judge about her running to Michael for help, then about leaving the baby in the apartment alone. Lucy continues to say that Daniel was early because Eve was so stressed out. Then Lucy starts talking about Eve’s dreams. Having heard enough, Eve yells at Lucy that she knew that was because a vampire was after her son. Everyone stops and stares at her.

Rafe asks the boss what would be so terrible about bending the rules. He has to understand what would happen. He shows Rafe what would have happened. A vision appears where Rafe tells Livvie that Caleb used her to hurt everyone. She is the reason that Lucy is chasing Christina, that Kevin is after Ian, that Jack is hurting. Unable to stand it, Livvie jumps in the river off the bridge. It works, and Rafe knows he would have killed Livvie. They guide and they hope. They have faith that people will ultimately do the right thing. The boss is glad that Rafe finally gets it, and it’s time for him to go back.

Caleb is still watching the candle. The vision of carrying Livvie in his arms appears. They kiss, and Livvie thinks it’s incredible. Caleb is convinced that it is their destiny to have everything they always wanted. As he lays her down on the bed, the vision fades to Caleb and the candle again.

Livvie is dressing Daniel and leaving the lighthouse with him.

The judge thinks Eve is crazy, but Ian backs her up. This makes the judge even unhappier with both of them. All of this is a ridiculous excuse for neglect. Daniel has had medical problems, and all they can think about is using him to get to the other. His ruling is to place Daniel in protective custody.


Hope’s adopted mother’s attorney hands Valerie an order to stay away from Hope. Alison knows that it’s all her fault.

Eve threatens to run for the rest of her life so they won’t find Daniel. Livvie enters the chambers with Daniel and wonders if she did something wrong.