PC Update Tuesday 10/30/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 10/30/01

By Dawn

Jack and Alison arrive at the house that the court papers list as the adoptive parents of Hope.

They knock and discuss how they’re going to find out if Jamal is the father of the baby. When the man answers, Alison and Jack claim to be college students and make up a story about doing a paper about adoption. He’s suspicious, and he asks them about a particular class and instructor. When they pretend that it’s their class, the man knows they’re lying. They falter when he spots the con. He wants to know what they really want.

Jamal tells Frank he’s going to make the bank deposit on Friday for him, and Frank tells him and Valerie that he really doesn’t know where Karen is planning on taking him. Karen enters and they kiss passionately. He’s ready for the vacation of his life, and Chris watches them from the window.

Talking to his boss, Rafe thought he made a few points with the dreams, but now they’re all further apart then before. He wants to know what’s going on. Caleb couldn’t have caused this much damage alone. Someone had to be helping. Livvie approaches him and asks him who he’s talking to.

Still kissing, Frank and Karen are ready to leave. He’s looking forward to helping himself to her, since she can’t help herself from pulling him back for another kiss. Chris enters as Frank goes to get his stuff. Karen admits to Chris that they’re going to stay at a cabin in Green Lake, but she wants to know why he wants to know. She saw him drive by her apartment last night, and she knows what he wants. And the answer is yes. He’s surprised, but not unhappy.

Valerie mentions to Jamal how nice it is to talk about old times and how good friends they were. But a lot has happened. The whole friend thing needs to go slow according to Jamal. Val asks him if he still has the picture of Hope. She mentions how simple things were back then. Jamal knows it was back when she had Hope, and she still had a lot of dreams. Valerie tells him how hard it was to give her away, but it was to a family that would give her what she needed.

Alison admits that they’re not students. They know Hope, and Alison found out that her boyfriend could be the biological father. Jack and Alison swear that they‘re not there to cause trouble, but they need to know if Jamal is the father. Jack begs him to not close the door. If Jamal is the father, it could change Hopes medical history. The parents ask what they want, and Alison wants a sample of her DNA to compare it with Jamal’s.

Livvie just got there. She heard him talking, and he says he was talking to himself. He asks her what brings her out there, and she was just taking a walk. Rafe knows something’s wrong, but she denies it. She begins to tell him something, but she stops. Rafe offers that it’s easier to talk to someone you don’t know well. Livvie admits to him that she’s been having blackouts. She’s getting places that she has no idea how she got there. Interested, Rafe asks her what the last thing she remembers is. He asks her if she’s thought about asking for help, but Livvie’s afraid that they’ll thinks she’s crazy like Rachel and they'll lock her up. Staring intently at her, Rafe tries to make her understand that the answers she’s looking for are inside her, and Rafe can help her find them. He knows she’s afraid, but he’s there and she’ll be all right. It’s better to know what’s happening. It must be dark and strange inside her, but Livvie doesn’t think she can do it. Caleb appears and tells Rafe that she’ll remember when he lets her, and not one beat sooner.

Alison and Jack are in the living room with the adopted parents. Alison tells them about finding out about Valerie and Jamal spending the night together nine months before Hope was born. The father tells them that Hope was premature. Alison didn’t know that, and the adopted parents tell her and Jack about how Valerie was hiding from a dangerous boyfriend. Jack realizes that Jamal couldn’t be the father. Relived, Alison gets to her feet and the couple is glad to see them go. Outside, Jack is happy, and Alison hugs him. The nightmare is over, and they know that Jamal has no connection to Hope. Alison points out that also means he has no connection to Valerie.

Valerie misses Hope all the time. Jamal can tell from picture how special she is. That’s what he said when he helped deliver her. Hope is part of the reason he and Alison are together. It must be nice, Valerie mentions that she knows Alison has money. Jamal admits that Alison’s parents are so busy they don’t check in with her. Valerie mentions Amanda, but Jamal insists that Alison won’t take a dime from her.

Chris is shocked, but Karen says that she feels the same way. He thinks she’s talking about romance, but she’s talking about blood tests. She wants to find out how her body is reacting. When he falters at her answer, she asks him what he was talking about. Deflecting the conversation, he can’t wait to begin the tests, and it means they’ll have to spend a lot of time together. It’s okay with her, and he asks her about Frank. He doesn’t know about the injection, and Karen instructs Chris to keep it their secret. Frank hears her and wants to know what secret.

Caleb is saving souls from Rafe and eternal boredom. Livvie’s is already spoken for. Rafe challenges bat boy to let Livvie speak for herself. Livvie tells Rafe that Caleb loves her and they’ll live happily ever after. At Caleb’s prompt, Livvie tells Rafe that Caleb will give her never-ending love, the only kind that lasts. Jack and the others will all leave her, but Caleb will be there forever. Caleb’s proud of her. Rafe asks Caleb to stop pulling her strings and let him talk to her. When Rafe tells her to look at him, Caleb reminds him that he can’t tell her what to do. Rafe knows how fragile human life is, but there is only one thing that can transcend time and death. Caleb sarcastically offers taxes as the answer. Rafe’s answer is love. It never dies. Caleb informs Rafe that she has been let down her whole life until she met Caleb. Rafe tells her to think about Jack. He tells her to think about how they met and fell in love. Jack saved her soul, risking his own in the process. Livvie falters, and Rafe jumps on it. Livvie wants to remember everything. Caleb tells Rafe that the minute she leaves, she won’t remember any of what’s happening. Rafe knows she’ll remember everything Caleb made her do. Livvie responds to that, and Rafe smiles at her. He knows that she’ll remember her love for Jack, and then what will Caleb do?

The adoptive couple is talking. The mother is afraid that they’ll find out Hope wasn’t early. Whatever it takes, the father promises that they’ll never lose the baby.

Alison is hugging Jamal, and he’s wondering where this jumping into his arms came from. She loves him. He loves her too, and Alison tells him to show her. As they kiss, Valerie watches, and finally turns away in disgust.

Karen covers by telling Frank that she was telling Chris that where they’re going is a secret. She doesn’t want the Chief Resident to call her back to work. Chris gives them his word that he’ll leave her alone and he leaves. Frank wants to know what’s up with him, and Karen answers that Chris is jealous. He hangs around her because she’s nice to him when no one else is. Now Frank wants to know why she’s being nice to him, and she answers that she feels sorry for him. Frank still doesn’t trust Chris.

Chris is calling Green Lake and inquiring about cabins.

Telling Caleb that he’s not as strong as he thought he was, Rafe tells Livvie that she can help herself. Caleb reminds her that she gave him life. Rafe counters with Livvie knows he’s evil. She turns to Caleb. Rafe grabs her and offers to help her. She helped bring Caleb down once, and they can bring him down again together. Livvie continues to falter, and Rafe grabs her. As he begins to tell her what’s really going on, he screams and disappears. Livvie wants to know what happened, and Caleb tells her that Rafe broke the rules. She won’t remember any of this until it’s too late. He kisses Livvie and disappears.


Eve, Kevin, Livvie and Danny are at the lighthouse. Eve doesn’t want to take Danny with them, and Livvie offers to keep him at lighthouse.

Rafe’s boss tells him that he needs to keep his eye on the ball. His friends lives depend on it.

At the courthouse, Kevin stands with Eve and Lucy stands with Ian as Eve informs Ian that she won’t let him get anywhere near Danny. Ian answers that Danny is his son, and Eve won’t take him. Not now, not ever.