PC Update Monday 10/29/01



Port Charles Update Monday 10/29/01

By Dawn

Chris catches up with Karen in the hospital. He shows her the results of the blood tests. She’s never seen anything like it, and he informs her that it’s her blood. She’s stunned, and he admits that if he didn’t know better, he’d swear that it wasn’t human.

Lucy jumps to her feet and chases Christina through the park, running into Kevin. Dropping her drink, he follows her.

Eve believes that Ian was kidnapping Daniel. He swears that someone was setting him up, but she says that he’s setting her up, and she won’t let it happen. She has proof that he tried to kidnap her son. He distracted her once, and it won’t happen again.

Chris asks Karen if she’s had cravings. She denies any craving for blood. He asks about her libido, and she smiles as she tells him that it has been unusually strong. When he tries to ask her in what way, she smiles and asks him how graphic does he want her to be. She can’t keep her hands off Frank, and she wants it all the time. She kisses Chris’s neck as she admits that she even likes it better with an audience. Chris is very affected by her, and he can’t finish his sentence. That perfume she’s wearing distracts him, and Karen thinks he’s teasing her. But he just stares intently at her.

Lucy finds Kevin and asks him if he saw Christina. He didn’t see anything, and he wants her to stop and think about it for a moment. She can’t. She really thinks Christina is there. Lucy swears that she looked in Christina’s eyes and the child knew who she was. The look on his face makes her stop and realize that he doesn’t believe her. He believes that Lucy saw her, but that doesn’t mean she’s there. Lucy doesn’t want to hear this, but Kevin thinks it might be connected. He suggests that it’s connected to Eve, and she thinks he means she’s jealous of Eve and Daniel. Lucy swears that she saw her daughter and heard her. Kevin tries to remind her that she’s the only one that has seen or heard her, and he tells her he’s sorry. But Lucy wants him to leave her alone. He has a daughter, and he needs to go find her and help her, because Lucy doesn’t need his help. Angry, Kevin says she doesn’t have to tell him twice, and he leaves her alone. She’ll find Christina herself.

Ian wants the bellboy to prove he didn’t do it. Eve doesn’t need anyone to prove anything. She walked in and saw him holding Daniel. Again, Ian swears they are setting him up, and finally Eve asks him who this mysterious they are. They are the same they that sent the note to Kevin, the same they who is pretending to bee Anna Marie. The bellboy arrives, and Ian asks him who ordered the tickets. He swears Ian called down and did it himself, and Ian is furious. Eve makes Ian let the guy go, and he runs out of the room. Eve can’t believe everything Ian has done. He tricked her so she would tear up the restraining order and so she would trust him. She would have never taken her eyes of Daniel in public place after Caleb. He wanted her to go for a walk by herself, Eve remembers and she decides that everything Kevin said is true. Ian can’t be trusted. Sarcastically, Ian mutters that Kevin knows the truth about everything, no matter how Kevin feels about Eve. He asks her to have a little faith in present husband. Eve is leaving and tells him to not try and stop her. Ian asks her what she’s going to do. She intends to press charges, and tells him to get out of her way. Finally he moves and she walked past him out the door.

After she’s gone, Ian picks up the bottle, then he puts it down. He’s not giving up.

Karen tries to get Chris’s to stop staring at her and talk to her, and he suddenly grabs her arm and kisses her wrist sensually. When she jerks away, he smiles, and she admits that he got her. But he’s really worried about her. She thinks it because he’s trying to figure out what happened to her so he can create more and take it himself. He denies it, but she is adamant about not being a guinea pig. Chris believes that there will come a time she will need his help. She’s a doctor, she can treat herself, but he reminds her that a doctor that treats himself has a fool for a patient. She agrees that she should take it easy, and it gives her a great idea. She’s going on a vacation with Frank

Responding to knocking on the lighthouse door, Kevin thinks Lucy’s at the door to apologize, but it’s Eve. She’s back. Ian went too far this time. She had to get away and she hade to take Danny. Kevin watches her as she paces around the room. Ian got her to trust him again, so she would tear up the restraining order. Eve’s upset, but so is Kevin, and he admits that it’s over something Lucy did. He’s beginning to believe that there’s more to this. Kevin tells Eve that there might be a dark force, but Eve doesn’t think so. Caleb is gone. This has nothing to do with the supernatural thing Lucy is talking about. Ian is lying, and manipulative. Kevin stops her and tells her to calm down. She finishes telling him about Ian trying to kidnap Danny. Ian pretended to be just as upset. Eve got phone call telling her where baby was. Kevin asks her who made the call. It sounded like Anne Marie to Eve. Everything she warned them about is coming true. Eve isn’t sure Anne Marie made the call, but she’s sure about Ian. That’s the sad part. She tells Kevin about finding Ian with Danny and two plane tickets. He was running away with their son. If she hadn’t gotten there in time, Ian would have taken him. Kevin pulls Eve into his arms, and he knows exactly what to do about it. They know who is causing all the trouble, and Kevin won’t let Ian have baby.

Ian finds Lucy in the park, and she’s still hysterical. The police are looking for Christina, Scott is looking, too, but they haven’t found anything. Ian tells her about Danny being kidnapped in park, and him being the main suspect. Lucy’s confused, but Ian tells her someone is trying to set him up. When Lucy asks him what Eve says, he answers that Eve says whatever Kevin tells her to say. Lucy apologizes again about that. Ian doesn’t understand who is pretending to be Anne Marie, or who is setting him up. He didn’t kidnap Eve, or Danny, but Eve doesn’t believe him. Lucy believes him, and she knows what it’s like when someone who is supposed to love you and trust you doesn’t believe you. Ian gets it. Kevin doesn’t believe her. So much for soul mates. He asks her how Kevin can look in her eyes and say that what she saw wasn’t real. She realizes that Ian believes her and it feels good. They believe each other, but the two people that are supposed to matter the most to them don’t have any faith in them. Lucy wonder if the universe is telling them to ignore what Kevin and Eve think and help each other for a while.

Karen is going through files, and another 30 hour shift is over. As she gets up, Chris approaches her. Grabbing her roughly, he kisses her. Something is different about her. She responds to his kiss and they both smile. He’s never thought of her this way before. She clears off the counter and pushes Chris down, telling him to make love to her. He’s worried about security cameras, but she doesn’t care. Offering to make copies of the tape, Karen climbs on top of him.

The image fades to Chris watching Karen check out and get in the elevator. Smiling, he asks Colleen if Karen said where she was going. At Colleen’s negative answer, he decides that he needs to find out where she’s going.

Lucy wants everyone to go over park with magnifying glass. Ian offers to help her. Appreciating it, Lucy asks what he’s going to do, because Eve isn’t going to let him anywhere near Danny. Ian never thought he’d say it, but he doesn’t care what Eve thinks. If she thinks he’s a kidnapper, Lucy knows what he’s going to say. Danny’s not safe with Eve. Lucy agrees. He didn’t do it before, but now Ian needs to take Danny away from Eve to keep him safe.

Kevin hangs up the phone and turns to Eve. Mac is sending people over to talk to Ian. Eve can’t believe that she called the cops on her husband. She also heard Kevin mention Christina and she asks about it. Kevin tells her about Lucy seeing her everywhere. Eve tells him to go talk to Lucy if he wants to, but he believes that he’s the last person that Lucy wants to see right now, and he’s better off giving her space. Eve has realized that the time has come to stop wavering. There is no doubt in her mind that Ian is dangerous and she needs to protect Danny. She’s going to file for divorce.


Karen asks Frank if he’s ready for the vacation of his life. 

Alison wants a sample of Hope’s DNA from the family that adopted her.

Rafe is telling his boss how bad things are and Livvie asks him who he’s talking to.