PC Update Friday 10/26/01



Port Charles Update Friday 10/26/01

By Kathy

Lucy is on the phone and hears Christina’s voice.  The phone goes dead and Lucy goes crazy pressing the phone.  She tells Kevin it was Christina, she knows it was her voice.  Kevin tells her it can’t be to remember what they were talking about.  He tells her to look at the board.  Lucy runs out to look for Christina.  Kevin follows.

Jack asks Alison if a bat just flew out of his room.  Pictures of he and Livvie are ripped up all over the room.  Alison reminds Jack that Caleb is dead.  Alison tells Jack that Livvie walked away, that Caleb had nothing to do with it.  Livvie left a note.  Jack agrees and they leave his room.

Ian goes to call the police and is searching for Daniel.  Livvie is hiding in the bushes with Daniel and creeps away.

Jamal finds Valerie at the Recovery room.  Valerie is looking at pictures of her daughter who she put up for adoption.  Valerie gives Jamal a photo of Hope.  Jamal tells Valerie he believes she did the right thing putting the baby up for adoption.  Alison and Jack enter the recovery room and Alison sees Jamal and Valerie and is jealous.  Jack tells her to drop this Jamal-is-the-father-of-Valerie’s-baby thing.  She imagines Jamal, Valerie and Hope coming into the Recovery as a happy family.  Jamal snaps her out of her reverie.

Lucy and Kevin go to the playground where Christina was taken.  Lucy tells Kevin how much she loved Christina and regrets that she gave Christina to Frank.  Kevin tells Lucy the voice on the phone was not Christina.  That she’s been targeted as well.  That this person is using Christina because he knows it is her weak spot.  Kevin asks Lucy to come home.  Lucy thinks she’s seen Christina and runs off.

Ian comes back to the bench and Eve asks if he found Danny.  He hasn’t, but he tells her he thinks the same woman that him up took Danny.  The police arrive.  The female police officer take Eve home in case the kidnapper calls.  Ian goes off with other detective to continue the search.

Livvie is in the hallway of the hotel holding Danny, “Don’t worry Daniel you’ll be happy here with your Daddy,” she says.

Alison tells Jamal that Jack and Livvie broke up.  She suggests they invite him for dinner.  Jamal aggress and gives her his wallet to buy food and leaves to go to the bike shop.  Alison invites Jack for dinner.  Jack says okay, but requests that there be no talking about Livvie.  Alison kisses Jack to thank him for being there for her.  Alison opens Jamal’s wallet and finds the picture of Valerie’s daughter.

Lucy runs after a little girl thinking she was Christina, but she’s not and the little girl’s mother gets freaked out.  Kevin catches up and reminds Lucy that Julie told her in a letter that she would never find Christina.  Kevin again tells Lucy that someone is playing her.  He tells her that she has good hunches and she should listen to them.  He tells her this whole thing is an illusion.  Kevin leaves Lucy for a moment and Lucy talks to God asking for a sign about Christina.  She hears a child’s laughter.

Eve goes home and holds Danny’s doggie and blames herself for turning her back and losing her child.  The phone rings.  Anne Marie’s voice tells Eve that she has the baby that she won’t let “him” do it again.  She tells Eve to meet her.  Eve asks where she needs to go.

Jack tries to talk some sense into Alison but she convinces him to help her investigate the baby issue.  Alison hugs Jack that tells him she can’t believe Livvie let him go.

Lucy hears a baby laughing.  Doesn’t know if it’s a trick or not.  Sees Christina. 

Ian finds Danny in his room.  Eve comes into the room.  The bellboy comes into the room and says “Here are your tickets Mr. Thornhart.  One for you and one for your baby.  Cab’s waiting.”  Ian looks confused and asks what’s going on.  Eve looks at Ian and says “It was you all along.  You had the baby taken from the park.  You were going to run away with our baby.”

Previews:  Chris to Karen:  “It’s blood work, yours.  If I didn’t know any better I’d swear these didn’t come from a human being.”

Lucy to Kevin:  “I’ve seen Christina twice, I talked to her.  I heard her voice on the phone.”  Kevin to Lucy:  “You’re the only one Lucy.”

Eve to Ian: “I caught you red-handed trying to kidnap my son.”