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Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/24/01

By Dawn

Rafe is alone, thanking his boss for letting him have that night. He thinks it worked.

Jack finds picture of him and Livvie. Livvie is watching through window, and as she turns to leave, Jack sees her and goes after her. She needed to see him, but she knows that they’re not together, and she’ll leave him alone. He stops her and admits that he was dreaming about her.

Kevin and Lucy enter the lighthouse, and she gives him back his jacket. They both start to talk, and she goes first. When they were on the bridge, something was different. The way he looked at her, like she stepped out of a dream. That’s exactly what she did, as far as he’s concerned. She has hope that they can get through it, so does he. He misses her. There is a wall between them, and he hates it. So does she, and she wants to take a look at it. They both know how it all started. When Kevin started believing lies about Ian.

Eve is calling Ian, and when he answers, she’s not sure what to say,. He was about to call her, and he asks about Daniel. He’s fine. She was calling to tell him about the dream and as she begins to tell him, he shocks her with the news that he had the same dream. She's not convinced until he quotes the dream. Thornhart men could handle anything as long as they have her kiss to protect them.

Caleb is sarcastic about how touching Rafe’s influence is.

Eve wants to know how they had the same dream. Lucy might say that it’s a cosmic convergence, Ian comments before he asks her what if it’s not a dream. Eve asks him how she can believe it after the threat. He’s confused, but she reminds him what he said about her dying before he'll give her up. Ian never said that, and he wants to know who altered the message. Eve wants to know why, and Ian thinks it’s to break them up and make him look like monster. When Eve insists it was his voice, Ian begs her to let him see her. She’s not ready. He’s says he's coming over, but she says no and hangs up on him.

Jack tells Livvie about his dream. They were living this happy life and they were in love. Livvie wishes she could dream like that. She thinks he hates her, but he admits that all he wants to do is hold her and never let her go. Knowing how much she hurt him, she’s shocked to hear this. She loves him and wants to fix it. She begs him to tell her that he’ll give her another chance.

Caleb thinks Angels are hollow, and Rafe should consider the greeting card business. He wants to congratulate Rafe. The dreamweaver did his job. Caleb admits that Rafe still has a few tricks up his wings. Rafe disagrees. No trick, just the power of love. Human love is an oxymoron as far as Caleb is concerned. He says he couldn’t care less, but Rafe knows he’s feeding off pain. He’s getting stronger as they’re getting weaker, but they won’t give up that easily. Caleb should see this, but Caleb asks if this is all because of a stupid dream.  Rafe knows Caleb is nervous.

Kevin tries to talk to Lucy. He wasn’t looking for proof that Ian is a bad guy. Lucy knows he was more then ready to believe it. And he tried to push Eve away from Ian. This obsession of Eve and Ian has taken over his life, more to the point, their lives. He’s not ready to let go, but he does admit that he’s been acting obsessed. She tries to tell him that he’s been out of control but she doesn't believe it's totally his fault. He’d love to believe in evil force behind all of this. Sitting with him, she asks him if he can consider maybe it’s happening. Kevin would love to believe that someone or something else is responsible for all that hell he went through when Eve was gone. Lucy reminds him that it brought them together. Staring in her eyes, he is adamant about the fact that he has no regrets where she’s concerned. She wants to believe that. But she’s just as sure there is something sinister going on. All of them having these problems can’t possibly be a coincidence. Kevin thinks about it and every time they get back together, something always interferes. Lucy’s convinced something is messing with their heads.

Livvie knows he won’t take her back, but Jack swears that it’s more because it’s not what she needs. Getting away from it, or even getting married won’t make it better. Neither will getting back together. He wants her happy with no more bad dreams. No more ending up in strange places with strange people. He can’t make her well. Livvie begins to wonder if nothing can make her well, she sold her soul to the devil and maybe she can’t get it back.

Caleb isn’t afraid of anything. In spite of Rafe’s tricks, Caleb will be at full strength very soon. If the people had fallen that far, Caleb would have his fangs back, and Rafe knows that Caleb is defenseless. They both know that vampire gets strength from feeding, and Rafe also knows that it’s been a long time since Caleb fed. The point is that he can’t go on much longer without feeding, and he’s not strong enough to feed yet. Rafe isn’t about to let him get strong enough. He’ll keep reminding his friends how much they love each other. Caleb reminds him that he killed Rafe last time. All killing him did was make him indestructible while Caleb isn’t much of a vampire at the moment. But it won’t be long. Rafe’s friends are basically mistrusting. All Caleb did was plant the seeds, and they did the rest. Rafe wants to make a deal. The deal is if Caleb backs off, he will. Sit back and see which way they go on their own. Is Caleb ready to put fangs online.

Jack is convinced that Caleb can’t take anything that they can’t get back. All Livvie wants is to get her life back. Telling her to focus on herself, not their relationship, Jack wants her to get help. Livvie knows he’s right. Promising to help her, Jack holds her and tells her to talk to Kevin. He offers to take her to the lighthouse, but Livvie has to do this on her own. She’s tired, and she wants to stay with him. Just to sleep. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but she begs him. She says that she feels safe with him, and he can’t say no to her. Pulling back the covers for her, he actually tucks her into bed. They stare at each other as he sits beside her.

Lucy is relieved that Kevin is talking to her, but she’s confused that he thinks she hasn’t been herself lately, either. She thinks about it for a moment before she realizes that he’s talking about her seeing Christina. She knows that he doesn’t believe she saw her. Kevin wants her to consider that what is affecting the rest of them is affecting her. Knowing that she wanted it to be true, he goes to her and holds her. He doesn’t believe Christina was there, and she doesn’t believe Anne Marie’s lies about Ian. He promises to keep an open mind if she will. Now that they’re on the same side again she’s sure they’ll get to bottom of it. He says that they will if she can forgive him. She tried to not forgive him, but she remembered how much she loves him and couldn’t help herself. And she’ll continue to remember if he does. Smiling, he tells her that he could never forget and they kiss passionately.

Ian is alone in hotel, and calls Eve again. When Eve answers, Ian begs her to not hang up. He’s sorry he pushed her, but being without them is killing him. Eve admits that it’s killing her, too. He asks her to put herself in his place. What he feels like to have the one person that knows him better then anyone believe that he would be capable of hurting people. This isn’t easy for Eve, it’s tearing her apart. She tells him that she can’t even sleep in the bed. She can’t stand to be in it alone. The dream was so perfect, and she wants her family to be like that. That’s how the family will be if she has faith in him. He wants to see her. Not in the apartment or even tonight. He asks her to meet him tomorrow in park, just for a few minutes. Eve agrees to that and she’ll bring Danny. He misses his daddy. Smiling, Ian tells Eve to tell Danny to bring his mother. They both hang up, but neither looks happy.

Caleb is interested, but he decides on no deal. Rafe knows he’s scared. Caleb plays the game until the end, and there’s no quitting in middle. Rafe tries to leave, but Caleb knows he can’t warn people.  Rafe smiles as he informs Caleb that he can remind them how much they love. After Rafe leaves, Caleb finds pictures that Rafe dropped. One picture is of Eve and Ian, and another of Kevin and Lucy. They’re cute pictures, but he’ll have to do better then that. Caleb is going to hurt them in ways that Rafe couldn’t believe. He’s going after their children.


Ian tells Eve that he loves her. She’s scared, but he tells her to listen to her heart

Livvie tells Caleb that she wants Jack. Caleb tells her to have him, but not to count on him being there forever