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Port Charles Update Tuesday 10/23/01

By Dawn

Rafe is on the bridge alone, talking to himself. Caleb is too far ahead in the game, and he feels like he’s trying to coach a team that doesn’t remember how to score. Caleb has made them afraid, and his powers are growing. He’s drained all their faith in each other.

Eve is at the window of the loft with Danny looking out.

Ian is at the window of the hotel with a bottle.

Rafe is describing the pain Ian is feeling. Caleb is ripping them apart. They want the ache to stop.

Jack is in the shop working.

Rafe describes how Jack’s soul cries out for Livvie. Livvie is on the bed in the catacombs. Caleb has turned their love into a scalpel. Soul mates have forgotten what it’s like to believe.

Kevin is in the lighthouse alone at fireplace.

Lucy is looking around hotel for Christina.

Rafe is describing how they’ve lost each other. The spark that could have brought them back together is gone. Almost. Whether they know it or not, they’re hearts dream. Rafe wants to give them all one night where they get to look into their hearts and see their dreams. He wants the boss to let him make it happen. Glitter appears in his hand, and he sees it as being given permission.

Ian is in hotel with a bottle, wondering what happened and how they got there. After drinking some more, he throws the bottle against wall, wondering how could he play with their lives.

Eve is holding Danny, promising to protect him. Rafe is watching her. As she looks out the window, she shows Danny the stars for him to wish upon. If you wish enough and dream enough, they can all come true.

Rafe says that it’s true.

Eve wakes up with a book called Tainted Love on her chest. Ian is holding her and they kiss. She tells him that she had a dream about Caleb, but Ian thinks it’s the book she was reading. He tells her that her imagination is working overtime, and she teases him that he has no imagination. They smile and kiss some more. Danny, who appears to be about 3, runs out screaming that there is a monster. Ian promises to keep him safe, and the Thornhart men go do battle with the monster. First they need a kiss from Danny’s mother, one for Danny, one for Ian. To protect them and keep them safe. Ian tells Danny that they will win with the power of love and the power of light. Ian carries their son into his bedroom. 

Eve stirs in her sleep, telling Ian she loves him, and Ian does the same in his sleep at the hotel.

Lucy is looking for Christina at the hotel. As she stares at pictures of Christina alone and with Kevin, Rafe appears to the side of her. The bellboy is getting aggravated with her, and tells her to go home. He offers to call someone. But Lucy thinks there’s no one to call. She remembers fighting with Kevin on the bridge about seeing Christina and she sits down.

Kevin is standing at the lighthouse. Remembering seeing Lucy in Ian’s arms, and her telling him that it wasn’t what it looked like. He wants to believe her. Rafe tells Kevin to believe in her. Let the truth come through, and remember what you know, what it’s like to believe.

Kevin sits up on the sofa, and Lucy is holding bags and talking to Sigmund. They’re getting ready for the wedding. Sigmund has a bunch of ducklings, and she’s talking to him about being flower ducks at the wedding. Kevin asks if Sigmund has a problem, but Lucy replies that he’s squawking to hear himself squawk, like men do. Kevin asks her if that includes her husband to be. She tells him that she loves him. Gently, she pushes all the ducks out the door to go swimming. Kevin smiles as she stands and runs into his arms. It’s the day before their wedding, and she can’t believe how happy she is as she pulls him to the sofa to kiss him. He’s happy for her attention, but he wants to know if he did something to deserve it. She got that job writing the psychic advice column that he told her to go for. She got it because he talked her into it. He made her channel her gifts. He has a gift for her, and she can’t wait to see it. It’s something he wanted her to have before the wedding. They’re going to commit to each other, and he wanted to say something to her. When he met her, he was cut off from everything, especially anything mysterious. But he’s realized that loving her, being loved by her, is a mystery. More like an impossible dream. Loving her is all about loving surprises. She brought him his father and his daughter. She taught him to treat everyday as a gift, and he’ll spend the rest of his life making her dreams come true. Inside the box he hands her is a picture of Christina. They’ll find her. He promises that they’ll find her. Crying, she tells him how much she loves him and kisses him. She’ll say I do tomorrow, and she says it several times as they kiss. He says I do in his sleep.

Jack is next. His dream is about Livvie’s graduation from Medical School. Livvie tells him that you have to believe enough to see it all though. Now it is, because of Jack. He made her dreams come true. Jack smiles and tells her that feeling of being alive and being loved is her. And she’s his entire world. He dreamed of her, and it’s perfect, at least it will be when she says yes she will marry him. He gives her a ring, and she’s speechless for a moment. She’s ready to spend the rest of her life with him. 

Ian gets out of bed and goes to the window. The moon is bright, and Ian talks to the stars.

Eve stirs in her chair and calls Ian’s name in her sleep.

Livvie goes to the bike shop and sees Jack asleep on the workbench. She wishes she could wish together with him.

Back on the bridge, Rafe says that it’s all up to them now. The power of love, faith, and the stars to guide them. He vanishes as Lucy approaches the bridge. Alone, she stares at the stars, but Kevin approaches her. He asks her if she has trouble sleeping. She asks him what sleep is. Kevin considers sleep a blessing. Her reply is that they could use more of those. Kevin asks her if she’s tired of counting the blessings she has, but she’s just tired. He looks okay for someone who loves his sleep. He had a good dream, and something called him out. She felt it, too, and she needed to come out and look at stars. Her reply to his question of why is that she doesn’t know why. Because the stars are special, maybe. She shivers and he takes off his jacket to place around her shoulders.  Kevin repeats a story a patient told him about the stars being the eyes of angels. Charlene told Lucy that they were like fireflies in a jar, but they were people’s wishes. It makes sense to Kevin, a lot of people wish on them. Lucy wants to know why he came there, right then, to look at the stars. He woke up and had to see stars. The bridge is the best place to do that. The water, the light, and the miracle of the stars to remind you that anything is possible. Lucy turns to him and repeats his words like a question. He repeats anything to her, and they both turn to look out at the stars


Eve tells Ian that she had a dream. Ian is shocked to realize that he had the same dream.

Livvie asks Jack to give her another chance.