PC Update Monday 10/22/01



Port Charles Update Monday 10/22/01

By Dawn

Karen is at GH when Chris grabs her and tells her that he wants to run tests on her. She doesn’t want him to, but he reminds her that she gashed her hand wide open and it completely healed. Chris asks her if she knows what’s going on, she knows he shot her with vampire blood. And she loves it. Chris gives her an ultimatum. She’s going to let him run his tests, or he’s going to tell Frank what’s happened to her.

Ian enters the Recovery Room and Frank tells him about robbery. Ian asks Frank what he knows about computers. Ian is losing his wife and baby, and he needs Frank’s help.

Kevin wants to know where Rafe came from, or how he got there, but in the end, he doesn’t care. Kevin tries to leave, but Rafe stops him. When Kevin acknowledges that he’s not okay, Rafe asks where Lucy is. Kevin tells him that she was in a hotel with another man and tries to leave again. Rafe tries to remind Kevin that he knows Lucy, and if he remembers what he knows he’ll realize that things aren’t what they seem. Kevin asks him if he believes this garbage, or does he just like to hear himself talk.

Lucy smiles and goes towards Christina. Smiling at her, Christina runs away. A bellboy gets in Lucy’s way with a luggage cart, and she screams at him, pushing him out of the way and running toward Christina.

Karen dares Chris to call Frank. She wants to be there when Frank hits him. That’s what will happen when he finds out that Chris filled the syringe. Karen knows that Frank loves her. Frank loves Karen, but Chris reminds he that she’s not Karen. He asks her what’s going to happen when they get married and have babies with pointed teeth. Chris is afraid that she could grow fangs and crave blood any minute. She either goes along with tests or he chats with Frank. Karen stops him and agrees to the tests.

Frank repeats the story of Ian murdering Anne Marie and being behind the kidnapping as Ian has just told him. Ian tells him that Eve believes story. She’s afraid of Ian, and Kevin is poisoning her mind. Frank tries to defend Kevin, but Ian doesn’t care. Someone’s feeding him lies, and now there’s a wall between him and Eve. Frank agrees to help Ian find proof that Anne Marie died in Africa. Ian also needs to find out who the imposter is.

Livvie shows up at the loft. Eve lets her in, and she tells Eve that she left her sweater. Eve doesn’t remember seeing it. Livvie wants to look. Eve knows she’s lying. Livvie admits that it’s because she needed someone to talk to about the fact that she and Jack broke up. Eve’s sorry, but she’s sorry and sad and alone. Lot of that going around, Eve sighs and tells her about her and Ian breaking up. Livvie is sorry, too. She offers to leave, but Eve stops her. Eve goes over to Danny, and Livvie asks if she can help. Eve asks her to watch Danny while she takes a shower. Livvie would love it and Eve leaves room. Livvie goes to the kitchen, but the music in her head starts and she stares into space. Slowly, she crosses room to Danny and watches him for moment. Then she goes to phone. She listens to the message Ian left for Eve. Caleb’s voice tells Livvie that she can leave a better message then that.

Rafe believes everything he says, but Kevin offers to throw him off bridge. He’s sick of everything. Rafe asks him he talked to Lucy. Sarcastically, Kevin says that Lucy thinks the Devil made her do it. Dead or alive, Caleb is still Lucy’s prime suspect. Rafe asks what if she’s not wrong. Kevin remembers that Rafe is a vampire slayer. Rafe is just someone who has had some experience. Angry, Kevin states that they’ve all been through vampires, lightning bolts, and Transylvania. Kevin glares at Rafe and demands to know who he is. He showed up out of nowhere and all of a sudden their lives went to hell. Kevin thinks Lucy might be right. Smiling, Rafe thinks that Kevin is finally getting it, but Kevin is now convinced that Rafe is the evil force. Giving up for the moment, Rafe lets Kevin talk. They know nothing about Rafe. He showed them a few magic tricks, and now he’s got Lucy running around screaming that the sky is falling. Kevin thinks that maybe Rafe was just trying to distract them. Rafe tries to stop him, but Kevin gets to the point. Maybe Rafe was just trying to distract Lucy. Kevin grabs Rafe, but Lucy shows up to tell Kevin that she has to talk to him. Kevin shoves Rafe, but Lucy grabs him and tells him that it’s about Christina.

Frank can’t Find anything on Anne Marie. Ian’s not happy. They need to find something, but there’s no record that she even existed. It’s like every trace of her has been erased. Ian’s confused. As far as Ian knows, Harris is the only person that hates him enough to do this. Frank reminds him that Harris is dead. But all Ian cares about is how he can prove that he didn’t murder her when there’s no evidence. Ian finally admits to Frank that Lucy thinks that there’s a thing out there. Something that Caleb left behind. Frank knows that if the woman he loved was hurting, he’d do anything he could to make it better. He tells Ian to do whatever he can. Win or lose, he has to do whatever it takes.

Eve finds Livvie washing bottles. Livvie wants to help. She knows that doing it all alone isn’t way Eve planned it. Eve doesn’t want to talk about it, but she begins to ramble. She tells Livvie that you think you know someone and one day you don’t know them as well as you thought you did. Again, Eve says she doesn’t want to talk about it. She asks about Livvie and Jack. Livvie figures that Jack was sick of taking on all Livvie’s baggage. Eve continues that sometimes you make a commitment to accept everything good and bad. But one day you get a look at bad. Livvie thinks that’s what happened to Jack, and she can’t blame him. Jack’s better off without her. Ian’s not better off, and Eve’s lost. Livvie points to message machine. Eve doesn’t want to listen, but Livvie suggests that it’s Ian. The message that was Ian saying that he’d die before he’d let Eve believe that about him is now a threat that she’ll die before he lets her go. Livvie asks Eve if she’s okay. Eve doesn’t want to believe that was Ian, but eventually she does, and she panics. Livvie pushes Eve to do something about the threats. Eve calls Scott and asks him to help her.

Kevin tells Lucy to leave. But she won’t stop repeating that she needs to talk to him. Rafe tries to leave, but Kevin wants to have it out with him. Lucy insists that Kevin listen to her. He accuses her of wanting to explain that she was sad about Christina, and she took comfort in Ian. Shaking her head, Lucy denies that it has anything to do with Ian. She tells Kevin that she saw Christina at the hotel. But when Lucy went to get her, she was just gone. Apologizing, Kevin moves closer and takes her shoulders. He doesn’t know what she thinks she saw. Lucy knows he doesn’t believe her, and she’s angry. Backing away, she tells him to not touch her. She saw her little girl, and Kevin doesn’t believe her.

Chris gets blood results from a technician that calls them freaky. Looking at them, Chris is confused. They can’t be right, unless Karen is mutating.

Livvie gives Eve tea. She did right thing. Eve still doesn’t want to talk. Someone knocks on door, but Eve can’t deal with it. Livvie goes to the door, but Ian’s voice startles them. Eve tells her to let him in. Before he can say anything, Eve asks him what he wants. Ian knows that Eve knows how much he loves her, but Eve shocks him by saying that she can’t live with that kind of love. Eve hands him restraining order to stay 200 feet away from her and Danny, or she’ll call the cops. Ian moves towards Danny, who is crying, but Eve blocks his way. She accuses him of threatening her, and she confuses Ian. Eve tells Livvie to call 911, but Ian stops her. He’s not there to hurt anybody. Eve tells him to leave. He has no idea what this is about, but his love is stronger, and he’ll prove it. As he leaves, Eve starts to cry and Livvie goes to her.

Kevin tries to talk to Lucy, but she’s too upset that he doesn’t believe her. He can’t take that back. Rafe wants to hear about Christina. Glaring at Kevin, Lucy tells Rafe that Christina was alone. Kevin wants Lucy to realize how strange it sounds, but he sounds more sarcastic. Christina was alone in the hotel, in the middle of the night. He wants her to realize that she couldn’t have been there. Lucy argues that she would know her anywhere. Grabbing Rafe, Kevin accuses him of being behind it. First he showed Lucy a vision of her own death, then the one thing Lucy wants most in the world. Then Kevin argues again with her. Scott has had an army looking for Christian for over a year and there have been no clues. Why would Julie bring her there now. Lucy knows it was real. He sees a woman who has been dead for years and it’s real, but she sees Christina, and it’s not. She wants to know if it’s because it’s her. Screaming, she asks him when he became the Supreme Court Justice. They begin to really go off on each other, and Rafe tries to stop them. Kevin tells him to stay out of it, and Lucy tells Kevin to leave her cousin alone. Kevin decides that he’s going to leave both of them alone. He’s sick of Kovich’s and the Coe’s. As he leaves them, Lucy screams at his back that she’s sick of  the Collins’s. Rafe tells Lucy to go after him, but she says he doesn’t deserve her. Rafe knows she doesn’t believe that. Getting quiet, Lucy admits that she doesn’t know what she believes anymore. She doesn’t have the one person she could talk to when she needed to find herself. Rafe tells her to not lose faith in Kevin, but she wasn’t just talking about Kevin. She was talking about Rafe as well. But as he tries to talk to her, she realizes that the minute he got to town, everything went bad. Furious again, she tells him that she wants him to leave her alone, too. As she runs off screaming at him, Rafe tries to stop her. Alone, Rafe screams at his boss for help. He told Rafe to use his imagination. Suddenly an idea occurs to Rafe. He thinks he can help them if he can get permission. By tomorrow whole thing could be over.


Lucy looks a picture of Christina while Rafe watches her. She knows it was real, and her daughter was there.

Eve is sleeping on the chair while Rafe is watching her from a nearby roof. As he seems to sprinkle a gold glitter, he says that her heart remembers.