PC Update Friday 10/19/01



Port Charles Update Friday 10/19/01

By Kathy

Rafe is still pleading his case in heaven.  He asks to get back on the case.  He apologizes for his mistakes and promises to play by the rules.  The boss angel tells him they have put in for a substitute, but Rafe tells him it would be to late.  He doesn’t want the people of Port Charles to suffer for his mistakes.  “Caleb can’t win,” he says passionately.

Caleb and Livvie are in the cave.  Caleb asks Livvie why she’s upset.  She asks that he leave everyone alone and she will go off with him.  He tells her he’s not strong enough yet to leave and he won’t go until everyone who raised a hand against him is ruined.

At the Recovery Room, Alison wonders to Jack if Livvie is right and Jamal is the father of Valerie’s baby.  Jack tells her that is ridiculous, that Jamal would tell her if that was true.  What if he doesn’t know, argues Alison, and Valerie is planning to use it to get him back?  Jack again tries to reassure her.  He tells her to let it go.  Alison goes over to Jamal, who has been talking to a detective about the hold up at the Recovery room.  Alison goes over to him and tells him she has a question to ask him.

Kevin catches Lucy in a “shorty” robe on Ian’s lap in Ian’s room.  She tells him the situation is not what it appears.  “So you’re not half naked in Ian’s room?” Kevin asks.   Both Ian and Lucy try to explain.  Kevin tells Ian to shut his mouth.  That he was coming over to apologize for his accusations, but instead he found Ian shacked up with the woman he loves.  Lucy continues to try to explain.  Ian tells Lucy not to bother, that they’ll never fool the “good doctor.”  He puts his arms around Lucy and says “We couldn’t wait to be together Kevin, could we darlin’?” he asks Lucy.

Jamal tells Alison he only had a one night with Valerie a long time before he met Alison.  He tells her she has to get over it.  Alison asks Jamal when exactly he and Valerie had their one night together.  She wants to assure herself the baby can’t be his..

Caleb and Livvie are reclining on pillows in the cave.  Caleb tells Livvie he doesn’t want her to be sad or lonely ever again.  He asks her to try to remember how it was when they were together.  Livvie says when he is with her she can remember, but the rest of the time she feels like she’s sleepwalking and she has dreams that she can’t remember and it confuses her.  “No matter where you go, I am with you, guiding you,” he tells her.  “You’re always there for me,” she replies,  “but why do you have to hurt the others?”  “Because they are against us, all of them,” responds Caleb.  “Besides,” he says, “its destiny, our destiny, but we shouldn’t worry about that right now.  I think I know what you need.  And even though I’m not at full strength I still think I can work a little magic.” Caleb snaps his fingers and a bubble bath appears.  “Lets see if we can’t wash away some of those fears,” he smiles.

Kevin asks Ian,  “Do you think this is funny?”  Ian, massaging Lucy’s shoulders (Lucy is none too pleased) responds, “No, you have everything figured out.  I can’t slip anything past you.  I’ve been planning this for weeks, for months.  And you’re right I planned the kidnapping as well, I wanted to steal Eve away from you.  Worked well didn’t it?”

Lucy pulls away “Would you stop it please,” pleads Lucy.  Ian continues to confess to all the crimes Kevin has accused him of, including bedding Lucy.  Kevin responds by telling him it was a wonderful performance but that he believes every thing Ian has said.  Lucy protests, reminding Kevin that she’s in the room as well.  Kevin says he wouldn’t put it past Ian to kill him.  And tells him, Anne Marie has paid him a visit.  Ian looks confused.

Rafe is still trying to convince the big guy to let him back on the case.  Rafe tells him he made a mistake by improvising, to please give him another chance.  He tells him that the people have become his friends.  The big guy agrees to let him go back but warns him to remember, “the people you’re guiding have to find the power within themselves to win the battle.  Your power is strong, their power is stronger.  The power of good.”

Jamal and Alison are talking about Cedric and Valerie.  Jamal tells her about the day Cedric took out his frustration on Valerie.  Jamal took her home, he “comforted” her.  The next day she was tight with Cedric again.  Jack sits down with Valerie to make feel better about the hold-up.  She asks if he’s warning her off Jamal.  He tells her no, he’s the last person to advise about relationships. 

Caleb is scrubbing Livvie’s back.  He kisses her neck.  “I want you so bad I can taste it. It hurts my heart, he says.  “You sound so sad,” says Livvie.  “Just impatient to be with you,” replies Caleb, “Your love is a miracle. You know that, Olivia. You brought me back from death and there’s just one more thing we need to do before we can be one again,” he says.  “Tell me,” she asks.  “Well,” he answers,  “there’s [sic] forces out there starting to figure out I’m on my way back, but we can’t have that can we?  Because if they know I’m here before I have my strength back we can’t be together.  He tells her he’s got to stop them from finding out his secret.  He says he’s going to have to hit them where it hurts the most.

Ian tells Kevin Anne Marie is dead.  A car hit her as she was running from the man who was practically beat her to death.  Kevin says she’s not dead.  Ian assures him she is and that this must be an imposter.  Kevin tells Ian that Eve has spoken to Anne Marie as well and had an earful.  Ian tells him none of the stories this imposter told were true.  Kevin said he came to see Ian wanting to believe that, but after seeing the situation with Lucy, that he is more likely to believe Anne Marie.  Lucy steps in and tells Kevin nothing happened.  She turns to Ian and tells him she’s right, Caleb is trying to destroy everything.  “Are you blaming this on a dead vampire again?” asks Kevin.  Ian reiterates that Anne Marie has been dead for years.  Kevin pulls out the note she wrote to him.  “Now if she’s a phony and you want you’re wife back,” says Kevin,  “I suggest you find a way to prove it.”  Lucy tells Kevin he’s the one who needs to prove it.  That he’s the one who has been causing all the trouble.  Kevin turns on her. “Don’t talk to me about causing trouble Lucy.  I come in here and find you half naked with another man in a hotel room.  How many times have we replayed that scene?  What? Did Caleb make you do that too?”  Lucy responds, “At least it’s a lot better explanation than you peddling this flimsy evidence all over the place.” “ Well at least I have my clothes on,” Kevin snaps back.  Lucy tells him she’s sorry he doesn’t trust her.  “Why don’t you take your sick mind and lousy behind and go home alone without me,” she says.  “That’s fine with me,” Kevin responds, “be together don’t let me stop you.  Except ‘not just for this one night but for always.”  Ian snaps to attention, “Where did you hear that?”  Kevin snidely replies, “ Oh Anne Marie said that was your best line.  I guess Eve believed it too.”   Ian turns to Lucy and wonders what the “hell” is going on?  He tells her he said those words to one person to one person only and that was Eve.  How would this woman know? Lucy tells him she doesn’t know, but he knows who she thinks is causing this.

Lucy leaves the room and hears a child laughing.  She follows the laughter down the hall.

Caleb and Livvie on the pillows.  Livvie is asleep.  AGAIN Caleb vows to destroy everyone.

Alison is in the bike shop at night looking at the calendar.  She’s checking whether Jamal could be the father. Yes, he could be.

Valerie tells Jack she wishes the thing with Jamal could have worked out.  She shows the letter from Jamal telling her about the retreat in Port Charles.  She says she thought he was inviting her back.

Ian leaves a voicemail message for Eve telling her he loves her and that he’ll do anything to get his family back even die (though then he wouldn’t be with his family would he?).  He asks Eve to call him when she gets the message.

Kevin is telling himself to be rational and calm down.  He turns around and sees Rafe

Lucy is in the hallway following the child’s voice.  She calls “Christina” a little girl runs by giggling.  “Christina!” the little girl smiles at her.

Preview:  Lucy tries to go after the little girl.  A porter blocks her way.  “Christina!  Excuse me get out of my way that’s my little girl.  That’s my daughter.”

Chris to Karen:  “Either you come with me right now and we run the tests that I want to run.  Or I’m going to find Frank and I’m going to tell him what’s happening to the woman he shares his bed with.”