PC Update Thursday 10/18/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 10/18/01

by Dawn

Jack backs out of the bike shop and bumps into Anne Marie. As he apologizes, she walks away. Her scarf catches on a brick, and Jack leans down to pick it up. As he looks up with the scarf, Livvie is standing there. Jack asks Livvie where the woman went that he saw. She denies seeing anyone. He insists that the woman was right where she is, and Livvie replies that she must have run by her. He asks her how she is, and she’s fine. She was going to see Alison. He was headed home, so she tells him that they better get going.

Eve lets Kevin in and tells him that she made Ian leave. He’s surprised, and she continues with telling him about Anne Marie’s visit. She told Eve everything she told Kevin, plus the fact that there was a whole line of women in Ian’s past. Something doesn’t seem right to Kevin, and he wants to hear everything Anne Marie told Eve.

Ian lets Lucy into his room, and she apologizes for Kevin convincing Eve that Ian’s a kidnapper. But she’s also convinced that something is out there trying to destroy them.

The gunman in the Recovery Room tells the bartender to get the cash out of the safe. Jack and Livvie enter, distracting him, and Jamal makes a move on him. After hitting Jamal in the head, he screams at all of them.

Gabby enters Chris’s office and begins to scream at him for lying. Chris went to the retreat and lied about being her doctor to get information about her. Chris tries to tell her that he did it because he was worried, but she knows he just wanted to use her for more research. Not giving up, Chris tells her that he’s dreaming about her. He comes up with a supposedly hypothetical story about someone else being injected with vampire blood and he wanted to check up on her to compare the two. Gabby would have never believed that. He asks her to understand, and she tells him to stop checking up on her. She suggests that he seek professional help before leaving.

Eve was going to throw Anne Marie out, but she used the exact words that Ian used on her. Eve is beginning to believe that she was stupid to fall for Ian’s lines, but now Kevin is beginning to suspect that Anne Marie isn’t the victim she pretends to be. Anne Marie pops up just when Eve and Ian are working things out, and she never mentioned other women to Kevin. He notes that she seems to change her story to suit her purpose. Eve wonders what it means, but all Kevin knows is that he’s beginning to doubt Ian’s guilt.

Ian sits on the bed next to Lucy and asks her if this is something in the stars, and she tries to explain what she means. Hellfire and damnation doesn’t go over well with Ian, but Lucy continues. As soon as she says the name Caleb, Ian gets up, disgusted. But he collides with her and spills his drink all over her. She’s soaking wet and cold. Ian suggests that there might be a robe in the closet. As she unties her dress, she looks over her shoulder at him and asks him what else can go wrong.

Everyone in the Recovery Room is standing around as Frank hands the gunman the money out of the safe. It’s not enough and he goes crazy. Frank tells him to calm down, but Karen approaches him. She’s a doctor and she can give him all the drugs he wants. Moving closer, she asks him what his drug of choice is. Her hand slides along the bar and catches a piece of broken glass, cutting her.

Eve wants to know how Anne Marie knows so much about Ian’s past. Kevin doesn’t know. Eve has discovered that once you doubt someone, you can’t get the trust back. Every time she turns around, something happens to make her suspicious. She’s afraid of Ian. Kevin wants to stick to what he knows. He loves Lucy and she loves Ian. But she has a child to protect. Deciding that it’s time they all start talking to each other, Kevin wants to get Ian’s side and compare notes. Eve wants the truth. Asking her if she’ll be all right alone, he hugs her before leaving to go talk to Ian. He hopes he’s wrong about Ian.

Ian calls room service to order more whiskey. Lucy exits the bathroom in a short robe and begins to pace the room. She is more and more convinced that Caleb is behind this. They don’t know that vampires really die, there is no handbook on them. Ian reminds her that she’s a vampire slayer, and she’s exasperated. She’s new at this whole thing, but she knows that Rafe is an expert. She wants to call him and ask him. Sarcastically, Ian tells her to invite him to the party, there’s more booze coming. Lucy changes her mind and tells him that Rafe was the one that stopped the evil the night they were in the woods. Rafe is very protective of her, and Lucy tells Ian about the vision of her death. Ian’s going to keep drinking. Bringing him the bottle, Lucy tells him that Rafe is amazing. As she gets distracted thinking about the death vision, Ian asks her who killed her. Lucy wonders if it was Caleb. Ian wants to drop Caleb, but Lucy can’t. The evil is going to swoop down on all of them. Softly, Ian advises her to stop carrying the world on her shoulders. She can’t. She’s the only one that believes Caleb is behind this, and if she doesn’t stop him, they’re all doomed.

The gunman threatens to shoot Karen, but she tells him that he can’t hurt her. As he moves closer, Frank grabs him and Jack helps take him down. Frank is furious at Karen, but she’s glad she stopped him. Noticing the blood on her hand, Frank shows her the cut. She didn’t feel anything. Garcia enters and takes the gunman out as Frank treats Karen. Alison is helping Jamal, but Valerie brings ice to him. Alison thinks the back door was open, and Valerie asks if Alison is accusing her. Jamal thinks he was a drug addict, and he would have found a way inside. Chris enters and checks on Jamal, who just needs ice. Frank calls him over to look at Karen. Chris thinks she’s going to need stitches. Alison sits with Jack and Livvie, who are watching Valerie cozying up with Jamal. Alison is angry, but Livvie adds to it. She would be very upset if her boyfriend’s ex showed up and then to find out there’s a baby involved. Alison denies that the baby is Jamal’s, and wants to know why Livvie would think that. Livvie thinks Valerie’s lying about the letter bringing her to the retreat, and she asks Alison if she’d want to know the truth. Alison is beginning to believe Livvie, and Jack tries to stop Livvie from upsetting her. Livvie doesn’t know why she’s saying those things, but if their love is everlasting, it can get through anything. Alison and Jamal can get through anything, even if Jack can’t forgive her. Even if Jack can’t love Livvie enough. Staring at Livvie, Jack tells her to stop.

Eve is getting dressed and Danny is crying. She’s talks to him, telling him that they’re going to see Daddy, who is alone in the hotel.

Lucy is telling Ian how much she and Kevin have been through. Ian’s suggestion that they’ve hit a bump in the road sends her on a tirade. It’s not a bump, it’s a crater, and all because Kevin has a soft spot for protecting Eve. Stopping, Lucy realizes what she said. Moving to sit beside him on the bed, she asks him if it’s possible to divorce your soul mate, or can you just bop them on the head. Ian laughs as she tells him that she’s so mad at Kevin she’d like to hit him over the head because she can’t get through to him. Ian can’t get through to Eve, either. As Lucy gets up, Ian pulls her into his lap. He’s glad they’re friends, and he’s glad she’s there. Hugging him, Lucy agrees that she’s glad, too. They are holding each other as someone knocks on the door. Thinking it’s room service, Ian yells at them to come in. The door is already partially open, and Kevin pushes it the rest of the way. He stops and stares at Lucy, who is still sitting in Ian’s lap wearing only a robe.

Frank has to go make a statement at PCPD, and Chris promises to take good care of her. Chris can’t wait to stitch her up. He wants his serum back. They look at her hand and they’re both shocked at what they see. Her hand healed itself, and it looks like it was never cut. Wrapping it, Chris advises her to keep it between them.

Jack asks Livvie why she’s trying to stir up trouble between Alison and Jamal. Looking at Alison, Livvie has no idea. It just came out, and she doesn’t know. Angry, Jack reminds her that she never knows what she’s doing anymore. Standing, Livvie leaves. Jack tries to apologize, but Alison is beginning to wonder if Livvie’s right. What if Valerie came to town because Jamal is the father of the baby.

Outside, Livvie is asking herself what she’s done. The music is in her head again, and Caleb’s voice says that he’s created chaos.


Lucy is approaching Kevin telling him that it’s not what it looks like. Kevin thinks it looks like she’s half naked in Ian’s hotel room.

Alison wants to ask Jamal a question about him and Valerie.

Livvie asks Caleb to leave them alone, but Caleb tells her not until everyone that raised a hand against him is ruined.