PC Update Wednesday 10/17/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/17/01

By Dawn

Alison and Jamal enter the Recovery Room and sit down. Alison thinks it’s strange that Livvie isn’t answering her cell phone. Jamal thinks they need time alone, and they’ll call when they’re ready. As she begins to wonder about it, Jamal reminds her that they agreed to take one night to themselves. As Jamal kisses her neck, she is happy to say nobody else is around. No Jack, Livvie, Gabby, or especially Valerie to take away from their time. Alison wants to order, and Jamal can’t stop kissing her long until they hear Valerie’s voice.

Jack is drinking in the Grill. Lucy enters, no happier then Jack is, and she sits down to order a martini. When Jack sees her, she comes over and hugs him. The bartender remembers them from ‘that night’ that they were steaming up mirrors pretty good. When he asks them if they’re still together, they answer him at the same time, and the bartender thinks he gets it. When he walks away, Jack and Lucy stare at each other, embarrassed. Lucy asks him what he’s doing there. Same thing as last time, he says he’s there to forget Livvie. Shocked, Lucy admits that she left Kevin. They agree that it’s really déjà vu. She asks him what happened, but all Jack says is that he doesn’t know Livvie anymore.

Eve gets between Anne Marie and Danny. She picks him up as Anne Marie says she wants to warn Eve to protect her child. Eve doesn’t believe the story Anne Marie told Kevin. Anne Marie tells Eve that if she doesn’t believe, she’ll end up dead.

Jamal and Alison are shocked to see Valerie working there. Frank hired her. Alison tells Frank that if he’s desperate, she can pick up more shifts. Valerie knows it’s awkward, but she needs the job. She asks Jamal and Alison to be friendly. Jamal tells Valerie to keep her job, and Valerie is grateful. Jamal goes to the kitchen with Frank. As soon as the guys are gone, Valerie advises Alison that threatening her only made her want to fight for Jamal.

Jamal apologizes to Frank, who wants to know what the problem is. Jamal admits to spending a night with Valerie, and Alison found out. Jamal swears that it’s cool, and they’ll deal with it. As Jamal walks away, Karen enters and sneaks up on Frank. He’s glad to see her, and remembers how crazy they were in On Call room. She’s ready for more, and he wants to know where the energy came from. He’s not used to the wild side of her, and it’s like she’s on a drug

Moving to a table, Lucy asks Jack what he means. He doesn’t want to answer, but she drags it out of him. She knows Jack loves Livvie, and Livvie loves him, but Jack’s face tell her different. Caleb is the problem. She hasn’t been the same since the night on the roof. Lucy realizes that none of them are. Jack and Livvie broke up, she and Kevin broke up, Eve and Ian broke up, and they’re all tearing into each other. They stood together to fight Caleb, and now they’re destroying themselves. Lucy wonders if it’s a curse that Caleb put on them from wherever he is.

Eve calls Anne Marie a coward and liar. Anne Marie admits that she is afraid of Ian, and she swears that everything she told Kevin is true. Eve still believes Ian. Anne Marie understands, she thought Ian was a good man, too. He’s charming, ready to tell you everything you want to hear. Eve doesn’t want to hear this, but Anne Marie continues. Anne Marie was married, and trying to work things out with her husband. But Ian manipulated everything. He worked his powers on her. He told her he wanted her, not just for one night, but for always. Eve remembers that’s exactly what Ian said to her in cabin. She’s shocked, but Anne Marie knows he said that to her as well. Ian loves her, and he believes everything he says at that moment. Anne Marie knows Ian, she’s kept tabs on him, and she knows his pattern. She tries to convince Eve that he’s dangerous. He seems fine now, he says and does all right things. But when Eve questions him or doesn’t live up to what he expects, he’ll be lethal. Eve still doesn’t believe her. Anne Marie wishes someone had been there to tell her while she still had a chance. Hearing the elevator, Anne Marie freaks and Eve leads her out the back door. Ian returns, and asks Eve what’s wrong.

Ian is fixing latch on window, but Eve hasn’t said a word. She thanks him and goes to fix bottle for Danny. Ian asks her if something happened while he was gone. More specifically if she heard from Kevin. She says no, she’s just tired. Going to her, Ian puts his arms around her and says how much he loves her. Eve asks him about the first night in the cabin. When he told her that he didn’t want her for just one night but for always. That was the moment she realized how much she loved him. He replies that the line works every time. As he smiles, she walks away. He was kidding, but she’s serious. They both said some horrible things to each other, and she thinks they need to take some time away to think about it. She wants him to stay somewhere else tonight. She wants to be alone with baby. He thinks Kevin called. But she continues to deny it, and says that if he doesn’t go, she will with Danny. He’s instantly angry and he yells “Like hell you will.”

Frank is sorry about the way his words came out, but Karen is laughing. He’s not complaining. She’s glad, because what she’s what she’s on is better then drugs. She’s madly in love with him. As Karen and Frank hug, Jamal interrupts to point to Alison and Valerie, who seem to be getting along. Frank and Jamal agree that Valerie and Alison won’t have a problem.

Valerie and Alison are smiling, but Alison can’t believe Valerie just threatened to go after Jamal. Alison threatens to tell Jamal, but Valerie threatens to deny it and make Alison out to be the jealous girlfriend. Alison promises to make it harder on Valerie if she stays. She and Jamal are happy, so if Valerie wants to stick around and see it, Alison will rub her face in it. Jamal returns, and they drop the conversation.

Jack wishes Lucy was right about Caleb’s curse. Lucy insists that there might be a force that is pulling Livvie. Jack thinks they’ve changed. The force of what they’ve been through. Jack was a vampire, and Livvie married one. It’s a horror story that they lived through, and they remind each other of it. But Lucy can’t shake the feeling that something is working against all of them. Jack can’t sit around and drink. He offers to call her a cab, but Lucy’s going to stay there, she doesn’t want to go home alone, and she’s not ready to talk to Kevin. She needs a night off from Kevin, and the only way to avoid the messages or him possibly coming by is to stay at the hotel. She’s worried about Jack, but he tries to convince her that he’s fine. She tells him to hang in there and he leaves her alone to continue drinking. Sitting at the bar, she contemplates room service, then proceeds to order a few more martinis.

Ian tries to tell Eve that he won’t leave until she tells him what’s wrong. When he reaches for her, she pulls away and he realizes that she’s afraid of him. Sad, he decides to get a hotel room. Staring in her eyes, he says that he doesn’t want to scare her for one more minute. After he leaves, Eve sits on the sofa and stares at the door.

Jamal thinks Alison and Valerie talked, but all they’ll say is that they understand each other.

Karen is going to blow Frank’s mind. She has a trip planned for them, and Frank wants a preview. It doesn’t matter where they go, as long as she can make love to him all day. Frank is smiling as she continues. She wants to try anything that comes to mind and not waste a moment. Karen announces to the bar that she loves Frank. As everyone applauds, a man with a gun enters and holds up the Recovery Room.

Lucy is very drunk and she sees Ian in the hallway. When she asks him what he’s doing there, Ian admits that Eve didn’t want him home. Lucy didn’t want to be with Kevin. This is sad, both of them are staying in a hotel instead of being with the people that love them. Ian thinks they’re lonely and pathetic. Lucy doesn’t want to hear those words, and asks him if he wants some company. Ian doesn’t think a man should drink alone, but Lucy thinks that’s a woman that shouldn’t drink alone. He opens the door as she waits to follow him inside.

Anne Marie walks down the alley and passes Jack. As she does, her scarf catches on the bricks and comes off. Leaning down to pick it up for her, Jack looks up to find Livvie staring at him.


Eve tells Kevin that Anne Marie came to see her and told her about Ian. Kevin realizes that something isn’t right.

Lucy is telling someone that something evil is out to destroy all of them.