PC Update Tuesday 10/16/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 10/16/01

By Dawn

Livvie is in the catacombs calling for Caleb. He appears to her, and he’s happy she’s there. But she’s sad, and he wants to know why. She tells him about Jack breaking up with her. She still doesn’t remember how she ended up in bed with Kyle, and she asks Caleb if he made Jack stop loving her. He denies it, and tells her that life is like a test and the boy’s love for her was shallow. Jack promised her forever, but Livvie knows that she messed up. Caleb asks her how forever was it that one mistake can end it. Caleb tells her to look at the others. What they thought is true love is actually more conditional. Here today gone tomorrow. But theirs is different. What they have is love for all time.

Ian asks Eve if she’s leaving. Eve can’t stay with a man that doesn’t trust her, or a man who thinks she’d hurt Danny. Kevin is shocked, but Ian tells him to say out of it. Lucy also tells Kevin to stay out of it. Eve won’t talk to Ian, and Kevin tells her that if she came to him for help, she’d get it. Ian is confused about why she’d want to stay at the lighthouse, and Eve admits that she feels safe there. It was her home before the kidnapping. Ian gets it. He broke up the happy family of Kevin and Eve with the bombing and kidnapping. When Ian suggests that Kevin doesn’t care about Lucy, Kevin argues, but Ian continues. He wants to know if that’s what this is about. If Eve and Kevin wish things had turned out differently.

Rafe is alone on bridge talking to his boss. He asks for help, but receives no response. He’s an angel sent there to help Lucy and stop Caleb, but he can’t do that because of lame rules. Caleb is regaining his power, and Rafe can’t stop him. What’s the point of sending him with a blindfold and his hands tied behind his back. He still gets no response. He continues to ask if anyone is listening to him. Rafe thinks his job sucks. Lightning strikes, lighting up the park.

Rafe is in an office, facing a man behind a computer. It’s about the assignment. Rafe insists that the rules are the problem. The boss reminds Rafe that he asked for the assignment. Whatever it took whatever it needed. His boss tells him to get back to work. Rafe can’t just guide Lucy, he thinks he has to warn her. But the boss says no. That’s not the way they work. Rafe continues to argue about the pointless rules. Caleb has none. Rafe decides that he will do it on his own. Screaming, he informs his boss that he’ll do whatever he thinks is necessary, and the hell with rules. He knows he’s in trouble and adds a quiet sir behind his tirade.

Eve is furious that Ian thinks she’s plotting to go back to Kevin. As Kevin adds his opinion, Lucy tells him to get out of it and let them talk. Kevin needs to stop sticking his nose in it, and Lucy pretty much orders him to go outside with her. Kevin doesn’t want to leave Eve alone, but Eve tells him to go. Ian asks him if he really believes Eve’s in danger. Kevin’s convinced that she’s in danger from Ian now. Eve sends him outside, and he reluctantly follows Lucy out the front door.

As Kevin and Lucy exit the lighthouse, Kevin knows that Lucy is not happy, and he asks her what she’s thinking. She’s thinking that maybe Ian is right. Kevin wanted Eve to leave Ian. Shaking her head, Lucy walks away, while Kevin watches.

Livvie needed to let go of Jack because he’s better off without her. Caleb believes she’s better off, too. But she feels terrible about what she did to him. Caleb reminds her that she betrayed him, too, but he didn’t walk away. She tried to kill him and he’s still there, loving her. What he feels for her is beyond boundaries. Beyond everything. Livvie listens to him, thinking about a love that has no end. No matter what happens, it’s there forever. Touching her hair, he knows it hard for her to comprehend. People have disappointed her so much in her life, but he won’t. Caleb promises that he will be there as long as she allows him to be. The decision is hers, to be alone, or to be with him. Love everlasting. Thinking for a moment, Livvie decides that she doesn’t want to be alone, and goes to him. Holding her, Caleb promises her that she won’t be alone.

Boss sarcastically tells Rafe that he has it all figure out, but he wants to know how Rafe is going to break the rules. Rafe is going to warn Lucy and tell her that Caleb is on his way back. Then he’d find a way to trap him and end it all, protecting innocent people by killing Caleb. Boss knows it’s revenge. That’s why Rafe called him out sooner then he was supposed to. Caleb knows what Rafe is, and he blew his own cover. The rules are there for reason, but the boss knows that Rafe thinks he knows better. Not on job for two months, and Rafe is going to show how everyone how it’s done. Rafe can’t deal with the fact that people are in pain. His boss tries to explain to Rafe that they learn from it. Let them make their own decisions. Rafe is afraid that Caleb will win, and his boss admits that he might win. The battle between good and evil is as old as time. They have something on their side. Their faith is their weapon. Rafe listens to boss. He has to remind them of what’s inside that counts. Can Rafe set aside his anger and do his job is what the boss wants to know.

Kevin asks Lucy if she really thinks that’s true. She doesn’t want to believe it, but it’s getting harder not to. She’s asked him before if he has feelings for Eve, and he’s told her no. Lucy’s not sure either of them realize it. Who would have thought Eve would leave Ian, but there she is. Kevin insists that he is still Eve’s friend, but Lucy reminds him that he’s also her ex-husband. She’s having a hard time ignoring that because everything seems to keep going back to Kevin and Eve being happily married before the kidnapping. Kevin tries to tell her that they weren’t, but Lucy’s not convinced. Kevin is so obsessed with Eve’s life, her marriage, everything about Eve that Lucy’s beginning to feel like some discarded consolation prize. Stunned by her pain, Kevin tries again to convince her that it’s not true, but he knows she doesn’t believe it. For the zillionth time, he tells her that he loves her, he wants to marry her, and he wants to spend the rest if his life with her. She knows there’s a but coming, and he continues. The only but is that he still cares about Eve as a friend. If she needs to stay there, he won’t say no. Lucy just stares at him.

Ian is holding Daniel while Eve watches. Ian loves both of them. He knows Eve’s angry, and he should never have questioned her capabilities as a mother. But he doesn’t understand how she could she believe Kevin’s lies. Eve’s never known Kevin to lie before, but all Ian knows is that Kevin’s convinced her to believe the worst. He hates Ian for taking Eve, but Ian doesn’t care about that. What Ian can’t live with is Eve believing it. She doesn’t know what to believe anymore, but Ian asks her to believe in them. He’s loved her from the moment he saw her, and he knows she still cares about him. He begs her to come home with him. They belong together. Eve smiles at the sight of Ian holding his son.

Livvie still doesn’t understand, and Caleb promises that he will tell her when the time is right. She’ll understand everything. Looking at him, she wants to know how long it will be before he tells her. It will be when he can trust her. What she showed him today isn’t far off. She has to help him make sure the people that hurt him get what’s coming to them. They they’ll be together forever, and their love will be ever lasting. Livvie says that she wants it. But Caleb wants her to know that there’s still work to be done. Livvie asks if he’s going to hurt anyone, and Caleb swears he won’t.

Kevin and Lucy come back inside as Eve and Ian are leaving. They talked, and they’re going home. Eve admits that she overreacted. Kevin tries to talk her out of it, but she won’t listen to Kevin. He asks her to give it one night to think about it while Lucy stares at him. Eve thanks Kevin but she’s okay, and if she needs him, she’ll call him. They leave, and Lucy picks up her purse. Kevin asks her where she’s going, and her reply is that Eve isn’t the only one leaving. Staring in his eyes, Lucy says goodbye as she leaves.

Rafe has own reason, and the boss knows it. He might have made a mistake sending Rafe on this assignment. Rafe begins to argue, but the boss fires him. Rafe screams at him, but it’s over. Rafe asks him about all those people in Port Charles. The only answer is that until they find someone to take Rafe’s place, they’re on their own.

Ian thanks Eve for believing in him. She loves him, and that never changed, Kissing her, Ian opens door to the loft and Eve stops. She remembers the window blowing open, picture falling and breaking, and mobile playing. Ian checks it out, and the window is still open. The latch is broken, and he can’t fix it until he goes to the hardware store. She wants it locked, so he’s going to do it now. Alone, Eve locks door and turns to find Anne Marie in the living room. Eve doesn’t believe it, but she wanted to tell Eve what Ian did to her. The window blows open again as Anne Marie faces her.


Frank’s not used to this wild side of Karen. It’s like she’s on some kind of drug.

Jack and Lucy are at a table. Lucy says that if she didn’t know better, she’d think that Caleb put some sort of curse on all of them.