PC Update Monday 10/15/01



Port Charles Update Monday 10/15/01

By Dawn

Jamal and Jack are at Recover Room. Jamal bailed him out, but he wants to know what happened. Jack explained to Jamal how he walked in on Kyle and Livvie, but Jack believes that Kyle took advantage of Livvie. Jamal tells Jack that people saw Livvie approach Kyle. Not believing him, Jack argues with Jamal. But as far as Jamal can tell, Livvie made all the moves.

Alison is shocked at the fact that Livvie doesn’t remember how she got in bed with Kyle. Jack walked in and she woke up like out of a dream. Livvie doesn’t remember anything between leaving the Recovery Room and Jack entering the hotel room. Alison explains about the cell phone call concerning the hotel room. Alison also tells Livvie that Jack was going to propose to her.

Eve is packing and telling Danny that they’re leaving. They have to go because she can’t trust Ian anymore. She cries as she tries to explain it to herself.

Ian is pounding on door to lighthouse. Kevin lets him in, and Ian punches him.

Frank is paged to the On Call room and he finds Karen waiting. She’s in a two piece negligee and he’s very happy with what he sees. She stands in front of window for him to stare at her.

Livvie begins to cry. She doesn’t even remember what happened. She can’t tell Jack how she got there. Asking Ali what’s wrong with her.

Jack asks Jamal if he’s absolutely sure. There has to be a reason, maybe Caleb. It would make sense if she’s having a worse reaction than anyone else.

Livvie can’t recognize herself anymore.. She’s having blackouts and she has no idea where she’s been. She begs Ali to tell her there’s something wrong, she can’t believe she’d do that to Jack.

Livvie hasn’t changed overnight, and Jack admits to Jamal that she’s been acting weird. Jack tried to ignore it and go back to normal, but now he’s wondering if maybe he’s making it worse.

Livvie begins to believe that it’s better is she lets Jack go. Alison argues with her. There is a pattern of something being wrong, but Alison believes that Livvie needs to do something about it, not just give up. They both jump on the idea that maybe she has a virus, or there is some other physical reason for her blackouts. But they also agree that Livvie has to talk to Jack.

Eve is still packing. She writes Ian a letter to explain why she’s leaving. Crying as she writes, her reason is that Ian doesn’t trust her. That he thought she’d hurt the baby, and he called a doctor to get personal; information. Tearing up letter, she decides to just go. He’s the most manipulative man she’s ever met. But she loves him. He’s also the most loving man she’s every met. She wonders why she’s afraid of him.

Kevin knows why Ian hit him. He told Eve that Ian was responsible for the kidnapping in Dec. Ian wants to know what evidence Kevin has, and Kevin refuses to tell him. Ian thinks he gets it. Kevin is jealous, and wants to take Eve away from him. Lucy is right outside the door and hears them. Kevin accuses Ian of being crazy. As Ian continues with this theory, Kevin rushes him and grabs him by the collar to shove him against the wall.

Ian taunts Kevin, and Lucy stops it. Furious at both of them, she calls them hormonal teenagers. Kevin tells him that he’s concerned for Eve. Lucy tries to stop it, but Kevin gets angry at her and blames Ian for everything. He tells her to stop talking about an evil force, and if she wants to blame someone, blame Ian.

Eve is packing, but then changes her mind. She’s not leaving, he is. When she decides that the loft is safe, a picture of Danny falls and breaks. As she picks it up, the mobile turns on. Danny starts to cry, and Eve runs to him.

Karen and frank are kissing passionately. Frank stands to lock door, but Karen won’t let him go. The thrill of being seen appears to turn Karen on more, and they lay on sofa.

Alison and Livvie enter the Recovery Room. Jack and Jamal are still sitting at the table, and Jack glares at Livvie. Alison starts to drag Jamal out, but Jack gets up and goes to Livvie.

Alison tells Jamal that Livvie swears that she doesn’t remember, and Alison believes her. 

Jack joins Livvie outside. Neither knows what to say, but Livvie starts. She swears that she has no idea how she got there. Jack informs her that people saw her coming on to Kyle, but Livvie begins to cry. She wants to remember, and she’s afraid that Jack doesn’t believe her. Jack remembers she didn’t remember the catacombs or her disappearing clothes either. Jack believes her, but it’s scary. He knows what he saw in hotel. Livvie apologizes, but he can’t get it out of his mind. She admits that Alison told her he was going to propose. It didn’t turn out like he thought it was going to. He wanted it, and she wants it, but now Jack has doubts. Livvie begs him to ask her to marry him.

Karen and Frank have made love on the sofa, and they’re still holding each other and kissing. Frank decides that it wasn’t bad, and when Karen objects to his adjective, he decides that Karen has to refresh his memory. He has no idea what has gotten to her, but he likes it. She gets paged, and she jumps to her feet to go back to work. Frank wants to meet her later and plan, but she thinks planning takes the fun out of it. He’ll see her when he least expects it. 

Jack thinks it’s maybe too much, he can’t marry her. Not because of Kyle, but because they’ve been through so much together. He thought that he could be the person she hung on to, and help each other push away the bad stuff. He doesn’t know why she was with Kyle, why she flips out sometimes. Why she says on thing and does another. But he almost killed someone, and that scared him. He was so angry, that he couldn’t handle it. It was like the only thing that was missing was the fangs. Jack doesn’t know what’s going on, but no matter how much he loves her, he can’t be with her. Livvie knows that he’s afraid being with her will turn him back into the monster. Apologizing, Jack stands and leaves her alone.

Alison hopes that things are going to be okay between Jack and Livvie, but Jamal can’t agree with her. But Jamal convinces her that everything is cool between the two of them. She’s embarrassed about how she acted with him and Valerie, but Jamal has already forgotten who Valerie is.

Valerie is at Recovery Room, at the door, where Jamal and Alison can’t see her. She just had a job interview, and when she gets the job, she turns to Jamal and Alison’s backs and smiles. 

Kevin is angry, but Lucy wants him to let it go. He can’t and begins to taunt Kevin with his past. Kevin admits that he had a breakdown, but things seem to be turning up all the time about Ian. Both of them are ready to continue the fight, but Lucy begs them both to stop. Neither man is willing to give, and they’re about to get physical again when someone knocks at the door. Lucy shoves Kevin towards the door to answer it. It’s Eve with the baby. As she announces that she’s leaving Ian and asks if she can stay there, she realizes that he’s there.


Ian asks if Kevin and Eve wish things had turned out differently. Ian and Lucy wait for their answer.

Caleb promises Livvie love everlasting.