PC Update Thursday 10/11/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 10/11/01

by Dawn

Still standing at the office door, Lucy asks if that was the emergency. He wanted to sneakand see Eve alone. Eve and Kevin try to explain that itís not what Lucy thinks it is, but Lucy doesnít even think that. She knows that Kevin wanted to tell Eve all about his suspicions about Ian. Eve is shocked that Lucy knows about it, but Lucy insists that Kevin tells her everything. Then she rethinks that statement and realizes that he doesnít. But her advice to Eve is to ignore Kevin and go home to her husband. Kevin is not happy with Lucyís advice. 

Alison sits next to Jack and gives him a tie. He canít wear one. He canít even breathe, and heís beginning to think itís a dumb idea. Livvieís going to think heís crazy. Slapping him with the tie, Alison swears to him that Livvie is going to be happy, and this is going to be the best day of her life.

Livvie enters the lighthouse. She went shopping for red sexy dress and a black negligee. Her eyes have that faraway look again. 

Rafe is alone in the woods, calling evil. Demanding that the Last of unholy line show itself. Caleb demands to know who called him, and Rafe faces him. Shocked, Caleb swears that it canít be him. Caleb got rid of him. Smiling, Rafe says that it must be tough being wrong so often.

Livvie is in her robe, sitting at dining room table. As she looks in the mirror, she says that tonightís the big night for Jack.

Jack is now convinced that Jamal is right. They need to get back their sanity before they get engaged. Alison tries to convince him that confronting evil made them stronger. Jack thinks she sounds like a cheesy love song. Maybe, but Alison happens to know that girls love that kind of thing. Alison asks about Livvieís state of mind, and Jack said sheís cool. Jamal had reservations of marriage, and now Alison doesnít want to push Jack into something heís not ready for. He knows that he canít live without her, and how much they love each other. And he knows that he wants to marry her more than anything. Convincing himself, he decides that he doesnít care if itís a dumb song. Standing on barstool, he announces to everyone that heís getting engaged to Livvie. Alison tells him to go get ready, and he hugs her before he runs out. 

Kevin tries to tell Lucy to leave it alone. Lucy loves him, but she knows heís wrong about Ian. Kevin thinks thereís more a more human culprit then Lucy does. Lucy finally says itís Caleb. She insists that either heís not dead, or he has friends. They have to agree with her that if they were Caleb, theyíd be furious, too. As Kevin begins to argue with her, she reminds him that they both saw the mirror shatter. No evil presence is making Kevin suspicious. Cold hard facts are. Lucy reminds him that these supposed cold hard facts just happened to fall into his lap. Sheís adamant about the fact that this is not a witch hunt. Kevin gets angrier with Lucy. Ian has them believing that heís a saint, and in Kevinís opinion, Ian could be a killer. Thatís enough for Eve, and she tells Kevin to stop. Lucy is making sense to Eve. Everything Ian has done had been honorable, and Eve is saying that because she knows Ian. She doesnít want to hear any more gossip, and she doesnít want Kevin to break into the loft again. Lucy is shocked to hear that. Eve tells him to stay out of their lives, and to stay away from Anne Marie. Taking Danny, Eve leaves Lucy and Kevin. Lucy asks him about all the secrets heís been keeping from her. 

Ian is in On Call room. He calls Eveís old doctor to ask about the psych recommendation. Feeling guilty, he tries to convince himself that heís doing this for Eve, and for all of them.

Caleb thought he crushed Rafe. Rafe knows what Caleb has been doing to everybody and the party stops tonight. Caleb threatens to teach him another lesson. When Rafe says that Caleb isnít up to full strength or he wouldnít have been able to summon him, Caleb reminds him that he still doesnít want to see Calebís bad side. Rafe promises that the next fight will have a different outcome. Not fully alive, Caleb knows that a slayer canít kill him. Rafe knows heís more vulnerable because heís not whole yet. Caleb tries to fade, but is shocked when Rafe stops him. Having the upper hand, Rafe taunts Caleb about wanting to run, but knowing you canít. He informs Caleb that heís about to stare his own death right in the face.

Lucy asks Kevin about breaking into the loft and meeting Anne Marie. Kevin is still angry, but he tells her about the meeting with Anne Marie. Lucy wants to know where Anne Marie is, and Kevin admitting that she ran off makes Lucy suspicious about her. Maybe Kevin has blinders over his eyes, and he better take them off before theyíre all in trouble. Lucy canít understand why Kevin is acting crazy. Kevin takes that to mean that Lucy thinks heís losing him mind again. 

Jack is back in a suit and tie. Alison approves, and teases about giving Livvie a run for him. Embarrassed, he tells her to stop. Heís nervous about asking Livvie, the words keep getting jumbled in his head. Alison offers to let him practice on her, but he thinks it should be private. Like he should have already known, Alison informs him that Livvie will tell her everything anyway. Agreeing, Jack sits with her at the table. Taking out the ring, he tries to get the words out. But he canít, and Alison tries to help. Finally, he says that heís not very good with words, but he wants her to know that he thought he was going to live his life all alone until he met her. He whispers more words of love, and Alison looks like sheís about to cry. Finally he whispers that he wants to spend the rest of his life with, the person that she smiles at forever. He says marry me, then thinks heís stupid. Alison is crying, and she tells him that itís beautiful. Livvieís phone rings, and Jack answers it. Itís the hotel, confirming her hotel reservations. Jack is confused, but Alison thinks itís a surprise for them. Thatís why Livvie left her cell phone for Jack to answer. Agreeing that heís going to get over there, and take flowers, Jack hugs Alison again and runs out.

Livvie is in hotel room, alone. Sheís lit candles all over the room, and she turns the lights out.

Rafe wonít let Caleb go, and he taunts him again. Asking him if it hurts to see the life flashing before his eyes, Rafe is holding Caleb with his power. Heís enjoying himself to much to look back. Caleb asks Rafe if heís seen how screwed up the people in the town are. Itís true that love hurts. Rafe is going to end this tonight. Caleb would kill him if he had his powers. Rafe thinks he sounds pathetic. Caleb brings the wind, but Rafe stops it with a wave of his hand and tells Caleb to behave. Caleb is not happy. He never saw a slayer with this power, and heís confused. Caleb isnít in control. Something is different. Caleb canít figure out what it is.

Kevin accuses Lucy of thinking heís cracking up again. Ordering him to stop putting words in her mouth, sheís not saying heís having a breakdown, or that heís possessed. Lucy thinks theyíre all wacked out, and they better wake up. As far as Kevinís concerned, Lucy just sent Eve into the arms of a killer. Angrier, Lucy asks him what he would do if someone showed up with dirt on her. Someone is doing a hell of a job turning Ianís life and past around, and if Kevin doesnít stop, heís going to ruin Eve and Ianís lives.

Ian is in the On Call room, remembering the day Danny was born. Knowing that he doesnít doubt Eve, he calls about the fax and tells the office to throw it out. He doesnít need to see it. Eve enters with the baby. Hugging him, she admits that sheís been an idiot, and they have to stop fighting. Heís missed her, and he pulls her to him. They agree to no more doubts or second guessing each other.

Jack goes to the hotel room and knocks with the ring in his hand. Opening the door, he looks in. At first when he sees candles, heís excited, but he opens the door farther and sees Livvie in bed with Kyle.

Rafe tells Caleb that there is no room for evil there. Caleb would rather cease to exist than hear another one of Rafeís sermons. Saving the world has never been the job of a slayer, and Caleb wants to know whatís changed. Rafe insists that nothingís changed. He knows that Caleb thinks humans are incapable of lasting love, and that theyíre weak. Knowing something is very different, Caleb taunts Rafe, telling him to go ahead and kill him. As Caleb starts to ask Rafe why he isnít destroying him, he gets it. Rafe is dead, and Caleb destroyed him. Rafe is going to send him back to hell. Smiling, Caleb repeats that Rafe is dead, and heís is talking to a dead man.


Eve canít believe that Ian would think sheíd hurt Danny to get attention.

Jack asks Livvie what is going on.

Caleb says that Rafe is a dead man standing in front of him, and he asks Rafe if heís one of them