PC Update Wednesday 10/10/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/10/01

By Dawn

Alison has everything ready for the engagement, but Jack afraid the water will be rough. She assures him that the yacht it big enough to handle it, then she understands that Jack is nervous. Admitting it, he says that he’s about to have the most important night of his life. Livvie enters the Recovery Room, and Alison hastily exits. Jack distracts Livvie by telling her that he has a big night planned for them. 

Chris is on the phone looking for Karen. As he’s leaving a message, she enters. He asks where she’s been, and she replies that she’s been at the DA’s office pressing charges against him. 

Ian and Eve are at the table, and he’s staring at her. He wants to know if they’re okay. She says they are, but before she can say more, the baby cries and interrupts them. Ian goes to quiet him, then returns. Eve forgot to turn on monitor, and he tells her how important it is that the monitor for the Sleep Apnea is always on. She swears she did, and Ian repeats that it wasn’t on. Angry, Eve repeats that she checks it 50 times a day. She knows it was on. 

Kevin is reading the police report on Ian. Lucy enters and rushes into his arms. Surprised, Kevin holds her. Very upset, she tells him about the day she had, including that she saw a vision of her own death. 

Chris is furious that Karen ratted him out, but Karen tells him to relax, she was joking. He doesn’t think her joke was funny, but she doesn’t think it was a great joke when he injected her, either. He asks her what she’s on and she wanders around the room, mentioning putting an end to world hunger and bad hair days. Thinking she’s going to blackmail him, he asks her what she wants. It’s sweet of him to ask what he wants, and what she wants is his research. She wants to know everything he knows about what he did to her. There is something happening to her, and Chris wants to know what. She feels incredible, every nerve ending is tingling, and she’s ready for anything. He asks her about strange cravings, and she says she’s not having any. Unzipping her shirt, she takes it off and Chris is surprised. Next she removes her camisole while a shocked Chris turns away. 

Kevin wants to know what Lucy’s talking about. She starts of by recanting that she and Rafe are joined psychicly and have sort of mind melds . Kevin tells her to fast forward, and Lucy gets to the point. Rafe showed her a vision that he had of her future. She saw her own death. Concerned, Kevin asks what Rafe said that means. She has to stop messing with evil, or she’s going to die. Lucy knows that Rafe was trying to scare her, and Kevin admits that it scared him. Thinking about it, Kevin gets what happened. Rafe caught her messing with evil. Lucy admits that he did, and she’s going to stop now. She’s very upset, and she’s very scared. Kevin promises her that he will not lose her, and he makes her promise to stop this search of evil. But she thinks Rafe is trying to tell her that she’s not the only one in danger. 

Quietly, Ian tries to remind her how important the monitor is. Eve takes it that he’s saying that she’s not being careful enough. Like locking herself outside while Daniel was inside alone. Ian tries to tell her that she hasn’t been herself lately, and Eve responds that maybe it’s because of all his little secrets that keep popping up lately. Ian tells her to ask him anything she wants. Apologizing, Eve thinks she needs some caffeine. After Ian leaves the room, Kevin’s accusations go though her mind. That she fell in love with Ian when they were kidnapped, and Ian could have set it up with Anne Marie, too. And when her husband found out, Ian could have killed him. Ian hangs up phone, and tells her that he has to go to hospital. She’s not thrilled he’s leaving, more so when he reminds her again to check monitor. As soon as he’s gone, Eve picks up phone.

Looking at Lucy, Kevin answers the phone. Eve has been thinking about Anne Marie, and now Ian is acting strange. She needs to talk to Kevin. Deliberately not telling Lucy that it was Eve, Kevin tells her he’s leaving to go to work. Shocked, Lucy tells him that she had a vision of her death, there are evil forces at work all around them, and he’s ditching her. Swearing it’s an emergency, Kevin reminds her of what Rafe said. Don’t invite evil in. Still freaking out, she promises she won’t. She’s really scared, but he leaves her alone.

After he goes, she remembers the vision again, wondering why she can’t see her murderers face. As she says it out loud, a vase falls off the mantle and breaks, scaring her. 

Chris looks away from Karen as he hands her a towel to wrap around her naked body. Sarcastically, she asks him if he’s ever seen a naked woman before, and Chris notes that he’s never seen THIS one. It amazes him how uninhibited she is now. He must have achieved the right balance of the drug. She looks great, and no cravings. Just the average all American girl. Chris knows she was freaked out before when he wanted to examine her, but now she surprises him by saying that she’s all for it now. After her shower, and if he would get her a sandwich, she’ll meet him in his office. Imagining himself winning the Nobel Prize, he leaves the office.

Ian finds Mary at the Nurses Station and asks her what she has. Mary has a list of possible nannies. One of them just quit her job, and it was a really sad case. She shows him a case of Munchausen By Proxy, a woman made her own child sick for attention. She was diagnosed as post partum depression, but she was creating life and death dramas for her and the child. Mary tells him to look over the resumes and call her. As he thanks her, a nurse tells him that wife has appointment tomorrow with her OB/GYN. Thanking her, Ian takes Eve’s file to give it to her doctor.  

Eve is in Kevin’s office pacing when he arrives. She talked to Ian about Anne Marie. She didn’t tell him that Kevin spoke to her. He doesn’t care if Ian knows he talked to her, but he tells Eve how afraid Anne Marie is of Ian. Eve tells him that Ian kidnapped Anne Marie to go on a picnic. Kevin asks her if she believes him, and she answers that of course she believes Ian, he’s her husband. Eve can’t accuse Ian of being a liar or cheat because he’s not. If that’s true, Kevin wants to know why she’s there. He knows she’s afraid of Ian. 

Jack and Livvie at Recovery Room. He tells her that he has a surprise planned for her, but won’t tell Livvie what it is. When Jack goes to check on something, Alison sits with her. Livvie knows that Alison knows something, but all Alison will tell her is that she needs to wear something nice. Smiling, Alison leaves Livvie more puzzled. A guy approaches Livvie and introduces himself as Kyle, reminding her that they were in biology together. He asks her out just as Jack returns. Livvie is flattered, but she says that she’s with someone. Jack offers to knock some sense into the guy, but Livvie laughs. Kyle’s cute, but not her type. Her type has funky hair and great lips. She kisses him, and tells him that she has to go get ready for her big date tonight. Alone at the table, Jack tells himself that this is the best day of his life. As Livvie gets outside, her face takes on that look again, and the music in her head begins. 

Chris’s office is trashed, and Karen is sitting on the desk. She’s been through his notes, and it’s very interesting. She now knows that the first injection could last from weeks to forever. But she doesn’t trust him, so she hid the serum. Looking around the office, Chris asks her if she knows what she’s done. She put him out of business. Angry, Chris asks her why didn’t she report him, instead of this. Karen didn’t want him to share the good stuff with anyone else. Chris threatens her, but Karen knows he can’t report this. Karen has him, and she knows it. Thanking him for the sandwich, and she leaves. Chris wonders to himself what he’s done. 

Ian looks in Eve’s file, remembering the argument about Caleb. Eve saying that she’s keeping Caleb alive and making him stronger.  The baby’s fine, but she’s not. All the times she’s heard strange noises, locking herself out, and then forgetting the monitor run through his mind. He reads in her file that the cause of death for her first baby boy was underdevelopment and prenatal neglect. Her doctor recommended a psych evaluation. 

Eve tells Kevin that she trusts her husband, and it’s probably hormones making her act so crazy. Kevin refuses to ignore the fact that Ian could have done something to her, and swears that Anne Marie is scared to death. It sounds like bad movies to Eve, and Kevin asks her if she knows where the ideas for bad movies come from. He tells her to step back, and think about it. Before Eve and Ian were kidnapped, Eve was married to him. At Eve’s reaction, Kevin states that he loves Lucy with all his heart, but they were in love once. If Ian caused this, they both have a right to know. In her head, Eve knows he has a right to question this.. In her heart, she loves her husband, and she wants to forget this. This should be the best time of her life. She has a wonderful baby, she’s married to a man she loves. Instead, everything is falling apart, and she doesn’t know how to keep it together. As Kevin pulls Eve into his arms and holds her, Lucy enters and stops short.

Alison sits at the table with Jack, who is nervous. He wants this to be best night of Livvie’s life. He shows Alison the ring, and she says how beautiful it is. Livvie’s going to love it. But it’s not just the ring; it’s the incredible guy who is putting it on her finger. Jack wants Caleb off their minds and out of their future. 

Livvie is in the alley when Kyle exits the Recovery Room. Smiling, Livvie asks him if he remembers her. 


Lucy tells Eve that Kevin is wrong about Ian, and she should go home to her husband and not pay any attention to Kevin. Kevin glares at her.

Caleb stares at Rafe and says that they meet again. Rafe asks him if he could forget.

Looking in a hand mirror, Livvie says that it’s the big night for Jack.