PC Update Tuesday 10/9/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 10/9/01

By Dawn

Ian and Eve decide that they both hate to argue. Ian stole flowers from the neighbor to prove how much he loves her. He asks her if she’s all right. She is, but she tells him that she found picture. All she wants to know is why did he tear it up, and what the inscription means.

Lucy is relieved to see Rafe, but he’s angry at her. He wants know what she was doing, and she tries to tell him nothing. But Rafe knows that she’s lying, and he tells her what she was doing. She was summoning force she doesn’t understand and doesn’t have the power to deal with. Lucy gets angry at him. At least she’s doing something. People she loves are in pain, and she has to do something to help. He tries to tell her to stop, and she rants. She’s not afraid, but he wants her to be. She gets angrier that he wants her to be so afraid, but he won’t tell her what’s going on. She wants to know what’s going to happen to her, a pox, a rash, or better yet, will it try to kill her. Rafe’s answer is quiet when he says it won’t try to kill her, it will succeed. She stops and stares at him.

Jack sees Alison in front of the lighthouse. She asks about Livvie, and Jack says that Livvie is fine. Alison wants to see her, but Jack stops tells her that Livvie is sleeping. He asks if she’s okay, and her response is that she’s fine, she just misses her friend, and wanted to talk to her. At Jack’s concern, she convinces him that it’s not a big deal, but there’s some stuff between her and Jamal that she wanted Livvie’s input on. Jamal appears, and he got Jack’s message about being worried about Livvie. Jack and Livvie have been doing a lot of talking, and Jack shares with Alison and Jamal. He and Livvie come from the same kind of background, with no real family growing up. He thinks that’s what made her vulnerable. A family she never had but always wanted is what made her easy for Caleb. Jack wants to be the person she turns to for real. He’s loves her more than anything and wants her to know it. Shocking Alison and Jamal, Jack announces that he’s going to ask Livvie to marry him.

Livvie is in shower. She still hears the music and screams for it to stop. Finally she whispers Caleb’s name and asks if he’s there. Then she orders him to stop hiding and show himself. Wiping the shower door, she sees Caleb’s outline. When she opens the door, Caleb smiles at her and thanks her for inviting him in. 

Ian tells Eve more about Anne Marie. She was a wonderful woman and a dedicated nurse. They worked day and night in Africa, so one day he kidnapped her and took her on a picnic. They started spending time together, and she was important to him. Ian held on to the picture because it didn’t seem right to throw it out. But Eve was right when she reminded him that they should leave the past where it belongs. In the past. He has a wonderful life with her and Danny, and he tore up the picture to keep from looking back. Eve agrees that it makes sense. But she sounds like she’s trying to convince herself. She realized how little she knows about him. Her next question is how it is possible for someone you know as well as you know yourself to be a complete stranger.

Jack, Alison and Jamal are at a table in the Recover Room. Jack starts by saying that he and Livvie have been on edge lately. They’re both afraid of being separated. Jack believes that they need something to hold them together, and starting a family would be good for both of them. He asks Alison and Jamal if he’s crazy. Alison thinks it’s a beautiful idea, but Jamal wonders if he’s doing this more to drive Caleb out of their heads. Alison is upset for Jamal for saying that, but Jack is glad that Jamal is being honest about it. Jack admits that maybe forgetting about Caleb is part of it, Jamal tells him to give it more time. Arguing, Jack says that it doesn’t matter what happened with Caleb, he’d still feel the same way about her, and he’s afraid of what will happen if he gives it more time.

Livvie asks Caleb how he can be there, and he says she made him stronger. She hasn’t done anything, but for him, being with him is enough until he’s whole again. Being this shadow of his former self bites, but he can’t complain with his plan going so well. She demands to know what plan. Smiling, he tells her to look around, the chaos has begun. Mistrust suspicion, doubt. They all have it. Livvie has no idea what he’s talking about . Caleb is talking about the fools that think what they have will last forever, but their love is not indestructible. With some help from his friends, he’s going to make everybody fall out of love. Livvie asks who is helping, but Caleb tells her it’s no one she knows. He’s taking from them what they took from hem Livvie can’t let him hurt them. But he couldn’t stop now if he wanted to, and he doesn’t. Livvie asks him again to stop it. She’s going to make herself remember, so she can tell them all the their feelings of doubt and mistrust aren’t real. But Caleb tells her that they are real. For all of them, especially Jack.

Jamal knows he can’t talk Jack out if it, and he’s behind Jack. Him and Alison both are going to support Jack and Livvie. Jack's relieved, and thanks them. Alison wants the details on how he’s going to pop the question. That’s what Jack needs to figure that out. He wants to do it where there are no memories of Caleb for either of them. Alison suggests the water, where they first met. She has an idea of them being alone under the stars on the Barrington yacht. She can make all the arrangements, and Jack is thrilled. Livvie is going to love it.

Livvie says she will never stop loving Jack. Caleb is sure she will. She can’t see it yet, but she will. They’ll all end u hurting each other. Livvie is adamant that she’d never hurt Jack, but Caleb tries to tell her she’ll be doing him a favor. Every time Jack looks at her, he sees Caleb’s hands all over her. Then he thinks about Livvie touching Caleb. Livvie tells him to stop. Caleb continues to tell Livvie that Jack won’t get over them being lovers. No more then she can forget how it felt. As Caleb gets stronger, so does their love, so she’ll hurt Jack in the end anyway. Make a clean break now, and leave him with a shred of dignity. Livvie looks around and the music starts again. She tells him to go, but Caleb smiles. Her voice says to leave her alone, but her eyes and her heart are saying something else. No matter how hard they try, they can’t stop thinking about each other. Livvie came to him willingly and what they shared, they will shear again. Before he leaves, he needs something from her. She orders him to tell her what he wants. He needs her to give him life.

Lucy knows what she’s doing is right, and all Rafe is doing is trying to scare her. If he doesn’t show her, she’s going to do whatever she has to do to save the people she cares about. She still believes he knows more than he’s telling her. Finally Rafe tell her to look at him, and Lucy doesn’t understand. Rafe reminds them that they’re both slayers, and she can see inside his mind. He tells her to look in his eyes and see what he sees. Lucy sees the vision of her dead on the ground. She realizes that he saw her future, and he saw her die.

Ian wants to know how Eve could think of him as a stranger after everything they’ve been through and everything they’ve been to each other, Ian wants to reassure her so that she won’t ever doubt his love for her. She takes the picture out of his hand, and balls it up to throw in the trash. She doesn’t doubt him, and she goes to him, apologizing. She says again that she doesn’t doubt him, and she begs him to forgive her.

Jack is happy, and Alison going to call him with all the details. Jamal is happy, and Jack is glad, since Jamal is going to be the best man. After Jack leaves, Jamal is still thinking about being the best man. Alison says he is Jack’s best friend. Jamal gets up to leave, and Alison wants to talk about how things have been weird between them. Listening to Jack talk about Livvie made her sad for them. Jamal knows that it’s his fault, but Alison wants to confess how crazy she got. Sitting back down, he asks her. She admits that she went after Valerie and told her to stay the hell away from him. He’s quiet for a minute, but finally smiles. Alison asks him if he’s mad, but he’s just sorry that two chicks fought over him and he wasn’t there to see it.

Lucy is almost in tears. Rafe was protecting from death. Apologizing for forcing her to see that, he quietly tells her that if she continues what she’s doing, she’ll die. Staring at him for a moment, she tries to speak, but can’t. Finally she tells him that she’s going home now. Rafe thinks that’s a good idea. After she leaves, Rafe stares around the woods. He knows that the dark is Caleb. Knowing that Caleb is trying to come back, Rafe promises to finish the job that they started.

Caleb needs one kiss from her. He says it again, and she gets closer. As they kiss, Caleb becomes real. Taking a breath, he touches her face and kisses her again. She grabs him and they kiss passionately, finally fainting in his arms. Picking her up, Caleb carries her to the bed. Lying her down, he strokes her hair. It’s almost time. Soon he can let her remember that she’s the one helping him destroy their lives. He wishes her sweet dreams.


Jack has evening planned.

Karen was at DA’s office pressing charges against Chris.

Lucy tells Kevin that Rafe is trying to tell her she’s not the only person in danger.