PC Update Monday 10/8/01



Port Charles Update Monday 10/08/01

By Dawn

Karen is running from Chris, accusing him of trying to turn her into a vampire. Chris is chasing her, trying to calm her down. She runs into Alan, who demands to know what’s going on. All Karen can do is tell Alan to keep Chris away from her before she passes out in his arms. 

At the lighthouse, Jack asks Livvie where she was, and she’s confused. Jack knows that she never saw Rachel, and Livvie doesn’t answer. He knows she wanted space to breathe, but he wanted to be sure she was okay. All he wants to know is why she wasn’t there, and where was she. He wants to help. The way she looks at him convinces him she doesn’t remember, but Livvie swears she does.

Lucy is at the Recovery Room, so upset she can’t sit still. She’s wondering where Rafe is, he always knows when she needs him. Rafe’s words about her being led into darkness if she continues to mess with them echo in her mind. She wants Rafe to come to her. Ian enters, and sits at the other end of the bar. She tells him he looks awful, and he replies that she looks great. When she asks him what’s wrong, he answers that he’s overworked. Lucy asks about Eve. Ian admits that Eve’s emotions are turning on a dime. She’s afraid that something’s going to happen to him or Danny. Lucy knows it’s hard for Ian to believe, but there is a 6th sense mothers have. Ian knows all that, but Eve needs to know it’s over. She feels like something invisible is stalking her. Lucy asks him if she’s right, what would he do. Pushing farther, Lucy tells Ian that an evil force is behind it. Ian reminds her that Caleb is dead. She agrees, but left something darker behind. Lucy doesn’t know how, but she feels that she has to find it before it finds them. At Ian’s lack of response, Lucy knows that Ian thinks she’s crazy. But Ian remembers thinking that vampires being real was crazy. Lucy takes that to mean that he doesn’t disbelieve her.

Eve wants to know what Kevin is doing in her house. He swears door was open. Eve has been so panicky and paranoid lately, she knows he lying. To her, it looks like he was going through stuff, and she tells him to try again. Kevin admits to being worried about her. When he begins to tell her about the letter, Eve says she knows all about Anne Marie. Eve repeats the story Ian told her about Anne Marie’s husband beating her, and Ian saving her. Kevin tells her that the story Anne Marie told is very different. Eve is confused because Ian said she’s dead. Anne Marie was alive when Kevin met her. He repeats the story that Ian murdered Anne Marie’s husband and tried to kill her.

Rafe enters the Recovery Room, but Lucy is already gone. He’s worried about her and he needs to know where she is. The vision of Caleb killing Lucy comes to him again, and he’s afraid she’s headed for woods.

Which is where Lucy is, dragging Ian behind her. Ian can’t believe she led him into the woods. Lucy tells Ian about the incantation she and Kevin performed at the lighthouse. Ian isn’t convinced, and Lucy tries to convince him that she got through. Frustrated, Lucy finally asks him if he wants to do this or not. Reluctantly, Ian agrees. Continuing the story, Lucy tells him that she evoked evil. She could feel it, and Kevin saw it. Ian’s shocked. Ian is finally interested, and Lucy tells him about the shadow across the mirror before it shattered. Maybe there’s evil in the house and Eve’s feeling it. Ian asks about ritual. She wants to put a circle of crystals for purity. All he needs to do is try to clear that big fat head of doubt. They hold hands and concentrate she tries to evoke evil again. Ian wants to know what then. Lucy doesn’t know, but somehow they send it back to hell. Rafe is watching them.  

Eve doesn’t believe Kevin. As far as she’s concerned, some woman told him a crazy story, and he believed it. Eve is adamant about believing Ian, not Kevin. Her answer is that maybe this woman had a crush on Ian, and she wants revenge for rejection. Kevin shows her the picture out Ian threw in the trashcan, telling her that it’s the same woman. He makes Eve read the back of the photo. When she reads the inscription about Ian not having to kidnap her to make her fall in love with him, Eve stares at Kevin.

Alan examines Karen, and Chris asks about her. Her pulse is stronger, and Alan asks what happened. Chris swears she fainted, but Alan knows that she was afraid of Chris, and Alan wants to know why. Chris sticks with his story, and says he has no idea why. The last time Alan talked to them, something strange was going on. He hadn’t heard from anyone, so he assumed the problem was solved. Before Chris can think of an answer, Karen speaks to them, saying that she can answer the question.

Jack continues to question Livvie, who swears that she wanted to see her mother. She was hoping for miracle. Seeing Rachel like she did was an illusion that Caleb put in her head, but part of her was hoping that it was true. That she’d be the way she was in her head for real. Jack understands, but Livvie isn’t sure he does. Caleb gave her a family, but it was a lie. Jack never had mom or dad, but they can have it together. He wants it more than anything, and so does Livvie. Smiling, they agree to loving each other. They kiss and something crashes, almost sounding like a scream.

Kevin has to know when Eve and Ian fell in love. He wonders if Ian could have set the whole kidnapping up and if he did the same thing to Anne Marie. Eve thinks the entire thing is just a sick joke and tells Kevin to get out of her house.

Lucy and Ian are still holding hands in the woods. Nothing is happening, and Ian is sarcastic about it not working. Frustrated, Lucy swears that it worked before, and this is where it started. Ian makes more jokes, and she tells him to go home. Ian realizes that she’s really upset, and his voice gets softer. He knows she’s trying to help. Lucy knows that means thanks but no thanks. Instead of continuing this, he’ s going home and tell Eve how much he loves her. Lucy tells him she’s going to do the same thing. As they leave, Rafe continues to hide behind trees. After Ian’s car’s headlights pull away, Lucy is back  in woods. She knows that whatever it is, it wanted her alone, so she’s there. She hears something and looks around.

Alan asks Karen how she feels. Chris goes to get a room ready, but Karen wants to talk about him. Chris is afraid, but Karen continues to tell Alan that they were arguing about research project. Chris pushed wrong buttons, and was patronizing. Karen had to get away from him. Alan has his doubts that Chris could evoke what he witnessed in the hallway. She had a double shift, and she hadn’t eaten, but she’s fine now. Alan finally believes it, and he tells her to go home. Alan threatens Chris if anything else is going on….After Alan goes, Chris thanks her. They need to run tests on her. But Chris promises her that all the good aspects of being vampire were there with none of the bad. She shouldn’t feel the need to hunt for blood. Refusing to be examined, Karen insists that she feels great. Chris asks her how great, but she leaves.

Eve tells Kevin to leave again. Kevin is convinced that he’s not the bad guy, and he hopes he’s wrong about Ian. Eve is sure that there is an explanation. Kevin asks her if she owes it to herself and Danny to find out. She doesn’t respond, but Kevin reminds her that he’ll be there if she needs him. After he’s gone, Eve swears he’s wrong, but she picks up the picture and looks at it. She remembers the conversation about the past with Ian. As his words about defending himself go through her mind, Ian enters with flowers, smiling.

Jack comes back in the lighthouse. There was nothing out there. That noise was a tree branch against the window. Livvie is relieved, but she’s also very tired. She’s going to take a shower and go to bed. She asks Jack if he minds if it’s alone, but he doesn’t. He can wait for someone else to come home, but she tells him to go. He kisses her goodbye and leaves. Closing the door, Livvie looks around the room. She hears the music again, and she insists she won’t follow it this time. She begs it to leave her alone. Staring at the stairs, she climbs them.

Lucy calls out for Ian, but he’s gone. Something is in the trees, and she tells herself that it’s just an animal. She’s scared, but she tries to convince herself that it’s nothing. Finally, she panics. Picking up a stick, she runs through the woods. As the scene begins to resemble Rafe’s vision, someone grabs her arm and she turns to them and says “It’s you.” before the screen goes black.


Jack tells Alison and Jamal that he’s going to ask Livvie to marry him.

Rafe yells at Lucy about doing what she told him she wouldn’t. Calling up forces that she doesn’t have to power to deal with.

Livvie sees Caleb in lighthouse, and he thanks her for inviting him in.