PC Update Thursday 10/4/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 10/4/01

by Dawn

Lucy wants to know how Rafe manages to show up when she needs him. Smiling, Rafe tells her that she knows the answer. She knows they're related, and they're both vampire slayers, but what she wants to know is why he came to Port Charles. He thought she might need him. He found out she evoked evil, and thanks getting rid of it, but that's only half the story. When Rafe asks her what she sees, she sees normal people not acting normal. She can feel the reason. She mentions Kevin again. He's always strong and calm, but now he's acting crazy, or possessed, or obsessed. Something's behind it. People are acting crazy like something is stalking them, and Lucy knows that Rafe knows something about it.

Eve put Daniel down for his nap while Ian put everything away. Eve wants to write thank you notes, but Ian wants her to rest. When baby's resting, mother should be. Ian has couple hours, and he tells her to rest. Getting furious, Eve orders him to stop telling her what to do.

After driving to a secluded place, Kevin wants to know why the strange woman wanted to see him. Her name is Anne Marie. She knows Ian Thornhart very well. They were involved in Africa. It was her husband that Ian was accused of killing, Anne states that he got away with murder. It was not self defense, it was murder in cold blood, and Ian thought he had killed her as well.

Chris hands Karen the schedule, and tells her that her complaints can go in the round can under his desk. Karen is not happy to see that she has another all nighter tomorrow, but Chris scheduled her that way. She notices that Chris's schedule is light, and he admits that it's a perk of being Chief Resident. As they are bickering, Jeff brings him the lab report that he's been waiting for. Taking it, Chris disappears quickly. Jeff asks Karen if everybody hates Chris, and is glad to find that he isn't the only one. Karen asks him what the lab reports were that Chris was waiting for, and she's confused that Chris would want a complete work up on Gabby's blood.

Chris is in his office examining the blood and recording his notes. Final results show no trace of the elements now. Chris did it, he isolated all the correct factors. Now he knows what makes a vampire a vampire. Laughing, he pulls out vial of blood and the answer is in his hand. Fame, fortune, eternal life is all his. All he needs now is guinea pig. A human one. He catches himself in mirror and thinks about it.

Kevin is shocked to hear that Ian thought he killed Anna Marie, too. He wants to know how they met. They worked together. She was a nurse. She and her husband were having difficulties, but Ian has this way charming of making you believe anything. Fighting attraction with him, she was going to break things off and these men appeared from nowhere. She and Ian were held captive, or so she thought. Later she discovered that Ian set it up. He wanted her, and when he realized she was pulling away, he had them kidnapped. Her husband found her and helped them escape. Ian killed him. Then pushed her in front of car and left her there to die. The minute Eve disobeys him, he'll try to get rid of her, too.

Eve's furious because Ian ordered her in THAT tone. That tone he uses when he thinks she can't take care of Danny. Ian is getting upset now because he thinks she's overreacting. What Eve needs is for him to believe in her and trust her to take care of Danny. She knows what he's thinking. Ian feels like he's walking on eggshells. Taking that as an insult, she decides that she's a lunatic, because he said so. She starts to grab things off the table and the desk and throws them down. Daddy says Mommy's crazy, so it must be so.

Rafe has told Lucy everything she needs to know. Staring at her, he asks her to tell him that she still think he's lying. Lucy backs down and says that she doesn't think he's lying. But he has to feel that something's not right. He's suspicious, but he doesn't know PC as well as she does. When he asks her to explain, she starts with Kevin. He received an anonymous letter about Ian being a kidnapper and murderer, and now he's running around trying to prove it's true. Rafe asks Lucy if it could be true, and Lucy knows that Ian would never turn his back on friend. Rafe asks her if it's something more, and if it could come between her and Kevin. She says yes and continues with Livvie's hallucinations. Everything is happening at same time, it can't be a coincidence. Rafe admits she's onto something, and Lucy is relieved that someone finally believes her. Lucy already has a plan. She was out of league, but he's there now, and they can conjure it up and find out what it wants. Rafe says she has a death wish.

Rafe can't believe that Lucy is ready to jump back in and open door to darkness after last time. He practically orders her to leave it alone. If she chases out the darkness, it will lead her into the dark. Lucy gets upset at his orders. People she loves are in trouble, and she has to help. Rafe promises that he will. The right way, and when the time comes, he'll let her know. Lucy is adamant about having to do it now, before all their lives fall apart again. He wants her to swear she won't try to summon forces she doesn't understand. She argues, but he grabs her and pulls her to him roughly. She's either going to promise him, or he's going to leave.

Anne Marie's declaration that Ian is monster shocks Kevin. But he needs to know why she came forward after all this time. She's been watching him from a distance, and when Ian had a child, she had to come forward. Kevin can't believe that Ian would hurt the baby. Anna Marie is sure he would. Ian doesn't care. He pretends to be noble, but as soon as he starts to feel that his partner isn't completely under control he acts. Kevin has heard enough. He has to go find Ian. She panics- Ian killed her, her husband and her unborn child. Ian pushed her in front of car and killed her baby. Before Kevin can recover from his shock at her words, she jumps out and runs as Kevin screams after her.

Eve is still throwing things around the apartment, and Ian asks her if she's done with her tantrum. She demands that he stop treating her like an infant, but she's acting like one. She thinks he's acting like an overbearing general barking out orders. He's the only one that's right, and the rest of them must be wrong. Ian says she's not hearing what he's saying. She's just not using the right judgment. He reminds her about taking Daniel out of the hospital, then locking herself out of the apartment. Now the tantrum she's throwing. This has nothing to do with being good mother, or a bad mother. It's about her needing to get a grip.

Chris holds the syringe. He talks to himself about possible side effects versus the eternal life, and eternal strength. There is no or. He's done all the work. He holds the powers of vampire. Making a decision, he prepares to inject himself. No guts, no glory. As he gets ready, he thinks about what he's doing. Everlasting life and more power then mere mortal has ever known. Karen walks in on him before he can do it and demands to know what he's doing.

Eve is shocked at Ian's statement to get a grip. As far as she's concerned, he's an insensitive pig. Any mother would be overprotective. And she can't believe that he just used what happened to them against her. He can't understand why she's taking it out on him. This stops her and she stares at him. She doesn't know why, but she's doing it. He's right, they had a beautiful day in park, then the minute they got back, everything changed. It's like the day never happened. She begins to cry. She doesn't know why she is out of control, and she just feels the way she feels. She doesn't know why. Ian tells her it's all right, but Eve knows it isn't. She doesn't have to come up with all the answers alone, he's there, and he'll help. Crying, Eve kisses him and he holds her.

Chris tries to explain, but Karen doesn't want an explanation for what he's doing. She wants to know what drug he's taking, and she grabs his notes to read them. Research on vampires, Karen realizes the reason he wanted Gabby's blood. After all misery, how can he continue this. Chris can't let it walk away. The fountain of youth is in the syringe. He's isolated all the right factors, and he's sure of what he's doing. Karen tries to reason with him, and when that doesn't work, she grabs syringe and they fight. The fight stops quickly when the syringe goes into Karen. They both stop and stare.

Rafe is leaving, and Lucy stops him. She won't use spells. She'll find another way. Rafe accuses her of saying it to get him off her case. Promising him, she admits that she sees the look on his face, and she senses that his intuition is better then hers. Rafe confirms her suspicions that there is real evil there, but that still leaves her questions. He knows something she doesn't. She wants to know what he's afraid of, and he says that if he could tell her, he would. After a moment, she realizes that she has to go. Rafe thanks her for trusting him. She does, but she's sorry that he doesn't trust her. Her feelings are hurt, and Rafe knows it. After she's gone, Rafe sees her jacket and picks it up. He's truly sorry he can't tell her. Suddenly he gets a vision. Someone is running through the trees, with someone else chasing them. The person turns, and it's Lucy with a stake raised in her hand, looking around the woods. Caleb grabs her from behind and snaps her neck before lying her lifeless body on the ground. Rave closes his eyes and repeats how sorry he is that he can't tell her.

Caleb appears to Anna Marie catacombs. She says that she did everything he asked. He congratulates her on an excellent performance. She removes her scarf to reveal scars on her face. He advises her to enjoy herself more next time. The illusion fades and it's Livvie.

Jack tells Alison that Livvie lied to him. She never saw her mother, and he has no idea where she is.
On the bed in the catacombs, Caleb tells Livvie that she has eternity with him and child they deserve