PC Update Wednesday 10/3/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/3/01

By Dawn

Rafe is back in the catacombs, smelling the dirt. He senses something, and he’s trying to find it.

Livvie and Jack are getting dressed. Livvie has things to do, but Jack wanted to spend the day with her in the city. She can’t spend the day with him because she has other plans. It’s okay, Jack suggests that they’ll hang out together in Port Charles. Before they even got out of bed, he had the entire weekend planned, and Livvie doesn’t like it. But Jack wants to hang with her because he likes being with her. She likes it, too, but she’s already made plans for today. She wants to see Rachel, and she wants to be alone.

Eve is on the grass in front of a park bench with Ian and Daniel. Ian’s talking to her about how relaxed they are, and how nice it is. Eve's so relaxed that she fell asleep. Smiling, Ian realizes that Eve must be more relaxed then he thought. Waking her, he helps her sit up and holds her. She admits that she had a nightmare last night. Sighing, she tells him that it was about the kidnapping, but it doesn't make sense to her. After Caleb, the kidnapping seems like a walk in the park. Ian immediately thinks Kevin talked to her, and she wants to know why.

Lucy is watching Kevin sleep, and she finally clears her throat to wake him, but he doesn't stir. Slamming the phone doesn’t work, either. Slamming the bathroom door finally scares him awake, and she’s glaring at him. He asks her what’s wrong. She asks him what made him think that something is wrong, but he knows better. Getting up, he heads for the bathroom. Still avoiding the details, she asks him if he had any interesting dreams last night, and he wants to know why. Staring at the almost closed bathroom door, she tells him that after making the most incredible love she's ever made in her life, he called out his ex-wife's name in his sleep. Kevin opens the door and stares at her, shocked.

Jack wants to know what’s wrong. Something has to have changed since last night, because Jack felt so close to her, and now she wants to be alone. Livvie is talking about the way he slept with one eye open watching her. The plan for togetherness is not just about being together. She thought they were going to get on with their lives, but him wanting to stick to her around the clock is not normal. Agreeing, Jack admits that he’s overprotective. What seeing Rachel does to her worries him. Caleb put those thoughts in her head about Rachel. Understanding it wasn’t real, she still wants to see her mother. Jack keeps saying that he wants to put their lives back on track, but he won’t let her out of his sight for five minutes. Taking her hand and sitting with her, Jack begs her to admit that things are crazy. At his mention of the catacombs again, Livvie gets upset. Kevin says that when people are traumatized, they act out in strange ways. If Jack gives her space, she’ll deal with it in her own way. He wants to go with her, but she says no. This time she screams at him.

Rafe is watching Eve and Ian from a distance. Eve is puzzled about why Kevin would talk to her about the kidnapping. Ian admits that Kevin mentioned it before. The only thing that matters to Eve is being there on a beautiful day with their beautiful baby. It's simple, and things weren’t always simple. Eve remembers what they had to go through to get where they are now. Ian doesn’t want to talk about it, but Eve knows that if it all hadn't happened the way it did, they wouldn't be together, and they wouldn't have Daniel.

Kevin is shocked, but Lucy tells him again that he said it. His only response is that Eve’s been on his mind. Lucy knows why. Kevin believes that Ian staged the whole kidnapping to take Eve from him. Kevin reminds her that she didn’t want to talk about it, but she knows that it’s on his mind. He also knows that she believes that dreams have meanings. Knowing he’s going to be sorry, he has to ask what his dream means. If Eve and Ian hadn’t been kidnapped, Kevin would still be with Eve. Lucy’s point is that she thinks that is the meaning of the dream. Lucy believes he’s sorry it happened. While he stares at her in shock, she asks him if he’s sorry he lost Eve.

Kevin sits with Lucy and looks at her. He has no idea why she thinks that, and he tells her that he’s not pining for Eve. She's not convinced, and she asks him if he's sure. Trying to understand where she's coming from, he repeats that he’s sure, and he wants to know why she thought it. They way he acted when they found out Eve was pregnant, how worried about her reaction was going to be to what was going on. How afraid he was that she would go off the deep end. Her point finally comes out. It wasn't easy for Lucy, but she finally came to terms with not being able to have a baby on her own. Her fear is that he hasn't. Maybe he sees that perfect picture of him, Eve, and a baby, and he realizes that it could have been his. Understanding how painful this is for Lucy, he keeps his voice quiet. How can he make her see that he and Eve are over, that he's never been happier, and how much he loves her. As far as Kevin is concerned, he’s right where he’s supposed to be. Almost crying, Lucy tells him that she loves him very much. They kiss, and he holds her in his arms. As Lucy returns his embrace, something hits her and she pulls away. Kevin wants to know what’s wrong. Pacing around the room, Lucy admits that she doesn’t know. The phone call, she knows that it was not a wrong number. Not really surprised that she knows, he tells her that it was the woman who sent the letter, but as soon as she heard Lucy she hung up. Lucy hates that he's suspicious, but he can’t let it go. Lucy surprises Kevin by saying that she can’t let it go either. But it's not just Ian, there's a lot more to this. Lucy mentions Livvie and the snake, Eve freaking out, everything that's happening. Lucy is convinced that they’re all connected, and if they are, it's something more powerful at work. Suddenly she turns and goes to the door. Kevin yells behind her if it would do any good to ask her where she’s going, but the door shuts in silence.

Jack’s feelings are hurt, and Livvie apologizes for yelling. The last thing Jack wants to do is crowd her. Whatever’s going on, Livvie will work it through, but not if Jack is waiting for her to go crazy. All she wants is for him to let her try to live her life. She knows that what they want together will never happen if they don’t trust each other. Fear will destroy them. Her suggestion is to live their lives starting today. Jack goes to work, Livvie sees Rachel, and after that they go to dinner and a movie. Hugging her, he knows she’s right. They love each other, and she’ll be okay. Jack says that they have nothing to worry about, and Livvie agrees. As she leaves, he has to kiss her again. After she’s gone, the look on Jack’s face says that he knows it won’t be that simple.

 When Livvie is in alley, something spooks her and she looks around as if she’s feeling something. The feeling in her head starts again, and all she can do is whisper ‘please’.

Lucy is alone in the park. She’s talking out loud, about knowing something is going on and wanting to know what it is. Her expression changes, and she knows before she turns around that Rafe is behind her. He was just the person she was looking for and she’s glad to see him. He’s there to help. Lucy asks how he knows when she needs help. He says it’s magic.

Jack gets off bed, and the ceiling fan falls, bouncing off the bed and tearing a piece of the ceiling down with it.

In the catacombs, Caleb falls to the ground as if something exhausted him, but he’s laughing.

Livvie is begging Caleb to not do this. She wants her mother and Jack. She wants her life back.

Caleb says they both know who she really needs to see, and it ain’t Rachel or Jack. He commands her to follow the sound of his voice. As if she can’t say no, she starts to move.

Eve tells Ian that night changed everything. Eve was married to Kevin, and Ian was on his way out of town. One moment changed their lives for the better. Eve wants to know what are they going to tell Danny about how mom dad got together. Ian votes for the truth. Tell him his mother and father were kidnapped by evil man and held in dark dungeon. Where they fell in love. But his father already loved his mother. They fell in love, and their love was so strong that the escaped the kidnapper and got away. Then his mother forgot who she was in love with. Eve interrupts him to say that she had a very serious contusion from a car accident. Ian continues the story. His father married someone else, briefly. Eve takes over. His father had to protect his wife from some very evil people. But the most evil person was yet to come, Eve knows he means the vampire, and they agree to not tell him about that. The point is, Ian finishes, that they got through it, and they love each other. Eve thinks it’s a miracle that someone stepped in and changed the course of Fate forever.

Kevin is getting in his car. Before he can start it, a woman’s voice startles him. She tells him not to turn around, but he wants to know who she is and what she’s doing in his car. She admits to writing the letter, and he figures out that she called him last night. A phone call wasn’t enough, she had to see him in person, and she wants to talk to him about Eve. Kevin has to stop Ian before it’s too late.


Rafe wants to know what is bothering Lucy about Kevin. She doesn’t know, he’s acting crazy, like he’s obsessed, or possessed or… something.  

Ian tells Eve to rest, but she angrily tells him to stop telling her what to do, she can think for herself.