PC Update Tuesday 10/2/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 10/2/01

By Dawn

Chris is holding the vial of blood, calling it vitamin V for vampire blood. All he needs is a sample of Gabi’s blood now and compare to her blood when she was Caleb’s party girl. The next step is to find a person to test on, and he wonders who will it be.

Karen and Frank are kissing in the On Call room. Something slams in Chris’s office and it reminds Karen to tell Frank how strange Chris was yesterday. Karen tells Frank about Chris’s plan to change humanity. Karen is worried about Chris, he was bitten by Caleb as well. Frank says Gabi is still haunted by Caleb and Karen wonders if that has anything to do with it.

Sitting on the bed, Kevin is on phone asking someone trace the call that just came in. Lucy enters wearing just his shirt. She kisses him, but he’s not entirely interested in her at moment. She knows still worried about Ian being some kind of kidnapper. Sitting in his lap, she takes everything away from him and tells him to prove he’s interested. As she lays down on top of him, he holds her and kisses her.

Livvie brings cinnamon buns into Jack’s room and asks him if he wants a bite. He grimaces and she apologizes for a bad choice of words. Jack wants to talk about how he found her yesterday, but Livvie doesn’t want to. As far as Jack’s concerned, they have to talk about it. All Livvie want to do is feel normal. But normal people don’t end up in bat caves with no memory of how they got there. Livvie asks him if he thinks they’re turning back into vampires.

Gabi is in the alley, and a wind is blowing her hair gently. As she looks around, the streetlight behind her explodes.

Karen asks Frank how Gabi’s is doing. Frank tells Karen that Gabi asked about Joe and Frank had to tell her that Joe met somebody. Frank felt bad, so he offered to show up at retreat. Karen and Frank agree that Gabi was happy until Caleb showed up in town. Frank asks if everyone is having Caleb flashbacks. Karen admits to him how Chris acted. She tells him about her encounter with him, and Frank doesn’t like the thought that Chris was coming on to her. But Karen insists it wasn’t like that. Chris was really to upbeat, almost like he was high on something. She would swear he was high, but it wasn’t completely like that. She’d know it if Chris was doing drugs. It was something else. Karen gets paged by ER. After calling in, she tells Frank that Gabi is hurt.

Chris has heard Karen and Frank, and he’s happy to hear the Gabi is there.

Kevin and Lucy are sitting up snuggling on the bed. She tells him to leave Eve and Ian alone. She’s also convinced that it’s some evil force doing this. As far as she’s concerned, an evil force is much better then thinking Ian is a murderer. Kissing his face, lips and neck, she pouts because she’s having a hard time getting him in the mood. Kevin guesses it’s the evil force. Lucy’s had it and she tries to pull away. He tells her to stop, but now she’s not in the mood. Jumping off the bed, she continues to talk. If he wants to make Ian some troll, and discount her very good instincts that something’s going on, fine. But she knows there’s something going on, and he should know there’s something going on. Watching her, Kevin begins to smile. He asks her how she expect him to seduce her if she won’t stop talking. As he pulls her into his lap, he interrupts her. Unbuttoning the shirt, he says that his shirt looks good on her, but would look better on floor. He puts it there, and they lie down together, kissing.

Livvie swears that Caleb is dead. She wants to know how Jack could believe they could both turn back into vampires. Jack asks her again about her memories, mentioning how solid the barricade was that she apparently went through. She doesn’t have any. Jack wonders what would have happened if he hadn’t found her. Intently, Jack questions her further, but Livvie wants to know why he keeps dragging it up. Jack remembers her talking about a box when the snake bit her. When Livvie says she was delirious, he asks her why she would go to the catacombs when she said she was coming to see him. Livvie accuses him of not believing her story. She accuses him of thinking that she was looking or Caleb or she was trying to seek him out. Livvie then asks him if he think she’s still in love with him. Jack is stunned. He didn’t know she was ever in love with Caleb.

Lucy and Kevin have just made love. She can’t wait for Christmas, but as far as Kevin is concerned, everyday is Christmas with her. They’re getting married, and he’ll be hers forever. Holding her closer, Kevin reminds her that he’s hers forever already. Staring at Kevin, Lucy can’t remember a time they weren’t together. Moving closer, Kevin tells her to not think about anyone but them. Lucy rolls over with her back to him and he kisses her shoulder. As he asks her if he’s told her how much he loves her shoulders, he moves farther down her back while she smiles.  Laughing, she squirms, and finally rolls over. They tell each other that they love each other and begin to make love again.

Livvie was tricked into loving Caleb. But Caleb might have forced him to marry him, but her heart was always with Jack. That’s what saved her. His love. Jack never let go of her, even when she fought him. Jack says that he would die for her, and Livvie wants them to agree to stop looking over their shoulders and enjoy the time they have. Apologizing, Jack pulls her into his arms. He freaked out about losing her again. Livvie can’t stop thinking that something out of their control might separate them again. Kneeling in front of her, he says it wont. She knows there are dreams or words that she can’t completely remember. She knows she has to, but it’s gone. All she wants is for it to be over. Jack says they need to keep talking like this. Again, she begs him to promise he’ll never let her go. Promising, Jack stands and kisses her. As Livvie lies down on the bed, Jack moves over her.

Karen and Frank enter ER and go to Gabi, who is freaking out. It was terrible, and she can’t be there. Chris shows, but Karen insists she’s got it. Gabi finally tells them that a streetlight exploded. They try to hold her, but she wants to go back to the monastery. As Gabi’s struggling, Chris draws some of her blood. Frank wants to know why she’s so afraid. Something was following her, but she couldn’t move. As she stood there, the streetlight exploded on her. Leaving the room, Chris tells Karen to call if she needs him. Keeping his voice low, Frank tries to convince Gabi that it was just a faulty streetlamp. Still hysterical, Gabi insists that she’s been bad, she’s done bad, and she needs to keep praying.

Out in the hallway, Chris hands Colleen the blood and asks for full series. Karen didn’t ask for it, but Chris stops her by reminding her that he’s the superior.

Chris is examining the blood in the microscope. As he does, he records his thoughts. He’s comparing Gabi’s blood from then to now. The answer just fell in his lap, and someone up there really likes him.

Gabi is apologizing as Karen patches her head. She was in shock. Karen wants to release her unless she’s feeling fragile. But Gabi s sure she’s fine. As she gets up, Frank offers to drive her, but she wants to be alone. Thanking him for offering to come see her, Gabi says to not come for a while. Convincing them she’s okay, she has to get back. Alone, Gabi leans against the wall and asks God for help, to make her strong and forget the feelings inside her.

Kevin is holding Lucy and they’re both asleep. Something wakes Lucy, and she opens her eyes. As she gets out of bed and moves towards the door, which is open, she stares outside. A soft wind blows her hair and she gets chilled. Still looking nervous, she crawls back in bed. As she snuggles up to Kevin, he calls out Eve’s name. Lucy’s face shows disbelief, then pain.

Lying in Jack’s arms, Livvie doesn’t hear Caleb talking to her. She was right, this is the beginning of the end for her and Jack. He’s done it for all the lovers of Port Charles. as she sleeps he’s stirred up some lives and cast a shadow of doubt. Nothing to show that he’s caused any harm. They’re going to harm themselves.


Livvie tells Jack that to stop smothering her, she wants to be alone.

Lucy tells Kevin that after they just made the most incredible love she’s ever made in her life, he called out his ex-wife’s name in his sleep. Kevin looks surprised to hear this.