PC Update Monday 10/1/01



Port Charles Update Monday 10/01/01

By Dawn

Alison wants to know that she heard wrong about Jamal sleeping with Valerie. Jamal says itís ancient history. Gabby says that she didnít know Ali was there, and Alison puts up a good front for Gabby. As far as sheís concerned, it was along time ago. After Gabby leaves, Jamal tells her that he knows better. Her voice is saying one thing, but her face is saying another. He thinks heís in trouble.

Eve enters the living room, announcing that she finally got Daniel to bed. Ian is distracted, itís not every day you tell wife you killed a man. Sitting beside him, she says that she knows it was self defense. If heís so dangerous, why is it that the only time she feels safe is in his arms. Moving to him, she sits in lap and kisses him.

Kevin is on phone asking Victor about the Ian killed; He asks if Ian is a danger to Eve and Lucy overhears.

Alison isnít really upset, she just wants to know if Jamal was ever going to tell her. It only happened once a long time ago, and Jamal had now intention of ever telling her. It was way before Jamal met Alison. Alison knows he has a past with other women, but she didnít know them. But this is different; Valerie was someone they knew together. Thatís weird to her. Jamal admits that he should have told her, but he didnít think about it until Valerie brought it up. Alison isnít happy to know that Valerie brought it up. Genuinely sorry, Jamal wants her to know how crazy he is about her. Sheís better then he ever thought he deserved. Disarmed, Alison smiles at him. How is she supposed to blow up when heís so nice? Alison knows should be mature about it, but he was her first and only. His reply is that sheís the only in his life now. They hug, and Alison agrees that itís better. He wants to show her how much he loves her. As they start to leave, a wind blows the door open and the CD Valerie gave him falls the ground. A card falls out, and Alison reads it. She wants to know why he lied about it being from a customer.

Seeing Gabby alone at a table in the Recovery Room, Frank joins her and asks when she got back. Sheís only back for the day, but sheís developed talent for ruining relationships. Frank tries to tell her that sheís gone through a lot lately. Gabby admits that sometimes she feels like her old self, but sometimes she can still feel Calebís pull. She tells him about coming on to a priest. Shocked, Frank is speechless. Gabby says that Joe was lucky to get away from her, but Frank tries to make her feel better. When Gabby asks him about Joe, Frank evades and replies that heís busy, but heís mentioned her a couple times. Frank didnít tell him about Caleb. Gabby admits that every night before she sleeps, she prays Joe is happy and she wants to see him to apologize for what she did. In her dreams she imagines them back together, Frankís eyes drop from hers. Gabby asks him to tell her it isnít crazy for having these dreams. But he advises her to move on, and Gabby gets it. Joes had met someone else.

Lucy wants to know why Kevin thinks Ian is a murderer. Kevin tells her about the letter. Kevin agrees with Lucy that alone it doesnít prove anything, but Kevin had Mac do a background check. He tells her about the man that Ian was accused of murdering. Lucy clings to the word accused. Her next question is about the woman, but the report didnít go into what happened to her. Thinking about it, Lucy has to admit that they would have never known unless Kevin had requested the background check. When Kevin says they donít really know Ian, Lucy doesnít believe that. She knows him, and so does Kevin. Kevin asks her to think about it. Kevin starts to recount the similarities. Ian had an affair with a married woman. And the letter said that Eve and Ian getting together was not an accident. But itís not enough to convince her that Ian is dangerous. Ian isnít a kidnapper, heís not a murderer, and she wants Kevin to promise her that heíll stop playing spy games with Victor. But itís bothering him, and he wants to know what really happened.

Ian alone in living room when Eve enters and announces that she is officially exhausted. Ian thanks her for believing in him, and she thanks him for trusting her enough to tell her truth. Eve loves that he cares so much. And she loves his face; it shows his history. Holding him, she whispers to him and kisses him. Everything is right there for her to see. What makes him happy, or sad. One look at him and she knows exactly who he is. Ian tells her that heís her loving husband. She asks him if there are any other secrets, and he promises her no more. Sheís going to bed, and he says that heíll be right in. Alone again, Ian goes to the closet and retrieves a box. Sitting it on the table, he opens it and looks inside.

Gabby admits that she had an entire fantasy of getting Joe back. Frank wants her to keep fighting to get her life back, and heíll help. His offer of support surprises her, but he tells her that when she was seeing Joe, she became a part of family. Taking her hands, he promises to help her. Gabby thanks him for being on her side.

Jamal closes shop door, and Alison wants to know why he lied. She thinks the wrong impression he was afraid of her getting might actually be the right impression. Valerie wants to get reacquainted. She came back like a love sick homing pidgin. Jamal was a great guy Valerie was with in a long line of losers. Alison remembers the look on Valerieís face when she found out they were together. Jamal asks Alison why Valerie moving back to town makes him the smack daddy of Port Charles. Alison trusts Jamal, but not Valerie. Jamal tries to convince Alison that itís Valerieís problem and take her home, but Alison tells him that she needs air. Taking the CD, Alison leaves him alone in the shop.

Lucy canít believe that because of an anonymous letter, Kevin ready to after Ian. Disagreeing, Kevin says that all heís doing is considering that it could have happened another way. Moving closer, Lucy reminds Kevin of his words to her when sheís about to jump off the deep end. The words are Ďlet it goí. Kissing him softly, she leaves him alone. Kevin remembers the night of the explosion in December. In his mind, he has an image of Ian kidnapping Eve. As Eve tells Ian that she loves Kevin, Ian takes a cloth and puts it over her face until she stops struggling. Ian takes off Eveís ring before he removes her from the car. Kevin obviously believes it could have happened that way.

Frank tells Gabby about a bogus 911 call about a pet duck. Laughing, Gabby thanks him for helping her take her mind off the past. She didnít know he was so funny. His beeper goes off and he wants to know sheíll be okay. Sheís lost Joe, sheís not going to lose herself. He offers to come see her, and sheís happy that he offered. Smiling at her, Frank goes on his call. Alone, she mentions how much like Joe he is. As she leaves, she runs into Jamal. She tells him how terrible she feels that she caused trouble. Jamal swears that everythingís cool, but Alison needed some air. Jamal is confident that Alison knows that she has nothing to worry about.

Valerie is alone on the sofa reading, Alison takes the book from her and drops it on the coffee table. Valerie acts happy, but Alison isnít there for social visit. Dropping the CD on table, she tells Valerie to get it straight. Immediately, Valerie knows that Alison found out about her and Jamal. Valerie tries to play it off that it was a long time ago, but Alison knows what Valerie is up to. Whatever she thinks is going to happen between her and Jamal, it isnít. Alison is there, and she isnít going anywhere. Valerie swears that sheís go the wrong idea, but Alison doesnít buy it. Staring Valerie in the eyes, Alison tells her to go play her game somewhere else and leaves.

Kevin answers phone, and a woman asks if she got her letter. She tells Kevin that Ian is dangerous and will hurt his wife. During the conversation, a photo of a woman is on the table. Lucy asks whatís wrong, and Kevin says wrong number.

Ian is holding a copy of the same picture in his hand. On the back, it says ĎYou didnít have to kidnap me to make me fall in love with you. Love, Anna Marie.í Tearing up the photo, Ian whispers Ďno more secretsí and drops the photo in the trash.


Chris holds up a vial of vampire blood. Itís all eternal life in one potent dose.

Livvie ask if Jack thinks sheís still in love with Caleb. He didnít know she was ever in love with Caleb.