PC Update Friday 9/28/01



Port Charles Update Friday 9/28/01

By Dawn

Gabby is at the monastery when the priest enters and asks her to help with the laundry. Gabby gets sarcastic and about starching collars. When the priest asks her if she’s okay, she actually leans against him and begins to whisper in his ear. At the priests shocked response, Gabby apologizes and runs from the room.

Rafe and Jack pull Alison to her feet. Jack is afraid of the fact that he could throw the tree. Rafe suggests the normal adrenaline rush that comes from stress, but Jack doesn’t buy it. All the symptoms of being a vampire are coming back and if he’s having them, he’s positive that Livvie is, too. Afraid for her, he leaves Rafe and Alison to go find Livvie.

Livvie is still in her underwear and Caleb is still taunting her. She wraps the curtain around herself and admits that she can see Caleb. Caleb isn’t surprised and he explains to her that she can see him because of his love for her. Desire is like a magnet, and she’s the reason he’s becoming real. She’s making him stronger, and when he’s strong enough, he’ll have everything he wants.

Jamal is wiping his hands as Gabby enters the shop. She needs to talk to him, but she wants him to promise to not tell anyone. She’s not feeling like herself anymore. The symptoms are coming back, and she wants to know if any of the others are feeling it, too.

Chris is literally bouncing around the On Call room to the theme of Rocky. Karen wants to know what he’s up to, and she wants him to turn the music off. Chris calls her the pretty lady in the beautiful bathroom, and Karen is more suspicious. He’s obnoxious and annoying on the graveyard shift. She tells him she won’t keep his secret, but that doesn’t stop him. He’s working on a project that will revolutionize medicine. Karen doesn’t believe him, but he admits that he’s in possession of something. She asks him what, but he gets distracted. Reaching out to her face, he tells her that he’s never noticed how beautiful she is.

Rafe questions Alison about how she feels. She hopes that Jack finds Livvie, and Rafe believes he will. Alison is worried about Livvie and she has no idea what has Jack so upset. She asks Rafe if it’s possible that the vampire symptoms are coming back, and Rafe can only tell her that there are no vampires there. Clinging to that, Alison is ready to leave. Rafe wants her to rest for a moment first. Amazed, Alison feels great, and she asks if they really thought that she was hurt. Rafe is glad they were wrong. Alison doesn’t remember getting hurt, and she thinks that’s strange. Rafe tells her that’s a good thing. She wishes that she felt like this every time she woke up. Rafe is interested in how she feels and she tries to describe it. She feels happy, peacefulness, and like being drunk, but without the wooziness, like the world is beautiful and perfect. Rafe advises her to hold on to that feeling, because miracles don’t come along every day. As Alison heads to the car, Rafe stands behind her for a moment and watches her.

Livvie is still trying to convince herself that it’s a dream. Caleb tells her it’s real, and Livvie reaches out to him. When her hand passes through him, she’s adamant. If she can’t touch him, he doesn’t exist. But Caleb knows that she can feel him. His breath is on her, and he’s inside her mind. He’s in the depths of her heart, and Livvie has to agree. She wants to know how they’re going to be together. As Caleb makes the relationships of his enemies fall apart, and their love fades, his power will grow. Livvie’s belief that true love lives forever is the lie that she tells herself. Human love is a fragile thing that’s easy to break. Caleb uses her thing with Jack as an example of what he thinks is nothing. Human love has boundaries. Caleb’s love is endless and will go on and on. He’s going to prove it to her. When he returns, she will come to him. When she reaches for him, he’ll be there. Livvie asks him if he will make love to her, and he promises the next time they meet, he will. But until then…. Livvie closes her eyes as if she’s in a dream. Caleb tells her to sleep. Obeying him, Livvie lays down on the bed, and Caleb commands her to have no memory of these events.

Jack runs around the corner in the catacombs and stops in horror at what he sees.

Karen if furious, and she threatens him with a harassment charge. Chris is so consumed by his research that all he can think about is accepting awards and doing interviews. It’s only a matter of time before he gets the recognition he deserves. Jumping on the end of the cots and leaning away, Chris screams that he’s the king of the world. Angry, Karen tells him that he’s still the same old Chris, just more of a jerk. As she walks away, he tells her that she’s wrong. Something has changed, he doesn’t know what it is, but he’s not going back.

In the car, Rafe asks her again if she wants to see a doctor. Alison insists that she’s fine, and she wants to talk about him. He tries to tell her that there’s nothing to tell. Being a vampire slayer is just the family business, and it’s not as exotic as it seems. Alison informs him that she can tell when someone is holding back. Rafe asks her if she means someone like her boyfriend, and Alison laughs. Jamal would never hold anything back from her. She can’t wait for Rafe to meet him. Jamal is the best and she’s totally in love with him.

Jamal gives Gabby a drink and tries to question her. She admits that she came on to the priest and Jamal is shocked. Fortunately for her the priest embarrassed her before she could really do anything. But she couldn’t stop herself, and she wants to know what it means. Jamal admits to her that she’s not the only one, and Kevin’s theory is that they all have these feelings as a residual effect of Caleb. Gabby is slightly relieved, but she’s adamant about Jamal not telling Alison about it. Alison already doesn’t like her or trust her. Jamal thinks Alison is overprotective, and is offended when Gabby thinks she’s too overprotective. He loves Alison, and Gabby needs to get along with her.

Livvie is lying down, on the bed that is now a bare rock. She wakes and looks around, confused. As Jack wraps his jacket around her, she clings to him and begs him to promise her that he’ll always love her. She has no idea where her clothes are, and Jack picks her up in his arms. She doesn’t remember anything about it. How she got there or what happened. All that matters to her is that Jack will always love her. She’s afraid she’s going to lose him, and Jack promises her that she never will. As he carries her out, the wind blows the dirt on the ground.

Chris is alone in the On Call room. He’s still feeling very upbeat and powerful. He’s waited for this feeling his whole life. Taking a vial of blood out of the small cooler on the desk, he says that it’s ready for the taking and anything is possible. Nothing can stand in his way.

Jamal is angry that Gabby is dissing Alison. Gabby has been a woman of color her entire life, and she thinks Jamal needs to wake up and see the spoiled little white girl that Alison is. Jamal swears that Alison knows him, and Gabby asks if she knows that Jamal slept with Valerie. Before Jamal can answer, Alison’s voice reaches him, asking him if he slept with Valerie.

Jack and Livvie are at the destroyed barricade. Livvie still remembers nothing, and she doesn’t have the strength it would take to break the barricade down. Jack asks her if she’s sure, and she’s adamant about it. The last thing she remembers is leaving Eve. Everything else is a blank, like a dream. She thinks it doesn’t make sense, but Jack doesn’t like the sense it makes to him. On the other side of the wall, Caleb is listening and smiling.


Gabby asks Frank if Joe has met someone else, and Frank nods.

Alison holds the CD from Valerie. Jamal told her it was a gift from a customer, and she wants to know why he didn’t tell her it was from Valerie.

Kevin is on the phone asking if Ian is a threat to Eve as Lucy walks up behind him.