PC Update Thursday 9/27/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 9/27/01

by Dawn

Kevin and Victor are at the lighthouse discussing the conversation Kevin had with Ian. Victor is shocked that Kevin confronted Ian about him and Eve. Kevin is upset he didn't get answers, Victor surprised that Ian didn't flatten him. All Kevin has to go on is an anonymous letter, and Victor knows enough about Ian to not believe it. Kevin's not sure, and he tells Victor that Frank pointed out to Kevin that all they know about Ian is what Ian wants them to know. When Victor asks Kevin what this is really about, Kevin admits that it's about how Ian changed all their lives. If he and Eve hadn't been kidnapped, Kevin would probably still be married to her, and there wouldn't be a Kevin and Lucy. As Kevin says this, Lucy enters the room and asks if she heard her name.

Ian is obviously aggravated, and Eve asks him what's wrong. Admitting he got into it with Kevin, he refuses to discuss the topic. He's just happy to be home. Reluctantly, Eve admits she has a scare with the baby and it's her fault.

Rafe and Jack climb out from under debris and look for Alison, who is lying motionless beneath a tree.

Livvie is crossing over the destroyed barricade into Caleb's catacombs. There are white sheer sheets hanging, and Livvie tries to convince herself that it's a dream. It has to be because she would never come back there on her own. The music is playing in her head, and she wants to know why she can't make it stop. Caleb's voice answers that he needs her, and she needs him.

Kevin and Victor look guilty, and Lucy wants to know why. Kevin starts to tell her the truth, but he falters and Lucy assumes Kevin told Victor about the wedding. By accusing Kevin, Lucy manages to tell Victor they're engaged herself. As she's rambling at Kevin about his big fat mouth, Victor's shocked expression shows Lucy that she's the one that just spilled it. Stopping, Lucy realizes that she blew it, and Kevin decides that now they have to kill Victor because he knows. Victor is beyond thrilled, and lets out three big 'whoops'. He wants to celebrate and tell everyone, but Kevin and Lucy both yell 'No!'. They're not going to risk messing this up, and they make him promise not to tell anyone. Assuring them that he's going to keep their secret, he reminds them that he's the only one in the room that always believed this was going to happen. Lucy runs to him and they hug. Kevin joins and suggests they make a Victor sandwich. Reminding Victor about the jinx, she makes him promise again to not talk about the wedding. If it wasn't the wedding, Lucy wants to know what they were talking about. Kevin and Victor both hesitate, and Victor says the first thing that comes to mind. He and Mary have taken clogging lessons, and they were discussing the possibility of Kevin and Lucy joining them. Catching on, Kevin agrees. Lucy isn't buying this at first, but Victor gives her a whole hearted demonstration. Kevin's enthusiasm wanes when Lucy agrees to sign them both up for lessons. Before Kevin can get out of it, the phone rings. Lucy goes to get it, and Victor continues to discuss clogging until Kevin stops him. They have other things to worry about. Lucy returns with the phone in her hand. It's the police and they want to talk to Kevin.

Eve is explaining being locked out of the apartment to Ian. Ian calms her and notes that she obviously got back inside. Still upset, Eve gives all the credit for a level head to Livvie. Ian's convinced that Eve would have thought about breaking the window on her own, but all Eve can think about is what if something had happened to Daniel because of her. Telling her that Daniel's fine, and it was an accident, Ian moves to hold her. He knows she thought of Caleb when it happened. Eve knows that the fear of him coming back is stupid because he's gone. He's not coming back for her or Livvie, or Daniel.

Caleb is telling Livvie that he's getting more real every day courtesy of those that tried to destroy him. He's watching them all self-destruct. Livvie denies it, but Caleb knows that Eve is beginning to doubt she's a good mother, and Ian is doubting Eve's sanity. They're only loving each other as best they can. Human love is pathetic and fragile. Livvie is arguing with him, but Caleb reminds her how his touch felt. Livvie is adamant about her love for Jack being real. Caleb is convinced that his love is what's real. The destruction of the love of the couples that destroyed him is already being destroyed. And this time there's no one to stop him.

Rafe tells Jack that Alison is barely alive, and Jack knows they have to get the tree off her and get her to a hospital.

Kevin tells the police that it's great they can get it to him so soon. After he hangs up, he tells Lucy that it's over a patient. Obviously trying to distract her, Kevin tells her that Don called about the invitations. It works, and Lucy's mind is off and running. She goes upstairs to check the list for the invitations and Kevin is relieved. The doorbell rings, and it's the report on Ian that Kevin requested.

Eve sits on the sofa next to Ian, marveling at how soundly Daniel is sleeping. She can stop worrying about Caleb, but she's worrying about being a mother. She was irresponsible before, and she's afraid that will happen again. Ian reassures her that Daniel couldn't be in better hands. Eve asks him if he can really believe that knowing what he knows about her. Ian's answer is that everyone has things in their past that they wish they had done differently. Even him.

Livvie continues to yell at Caleb. She tells him that he doesn't know anything about love. She's not going to invite him in, and she's not coming back to the catacombs. Caleb doesn't believe her, and he accuses her of still feeling the connection. She says goodbye, but Caleb knows she can't leave. He knows that she still remembers how it felt to make love to him all night, how his touch felt, his breath. She's there, and they're bodies are connected. He has to see her before she leaves. He wants her to make love to him.

Rafe tells Jack to go get help, but Jack grabs the tree and lifts it. Rafe is thoughtful as he watches Jack, but Jack is amazed and terrified that he did it. After Jack is gone, Rafe makes a decision. Placing his hand on Alison's head, he asks for forgiveness for what he's about to do. Taking a deep breath, he closes his eyes and a white light envelopes him and Alison. It appears that he's taking her pain for a moment.

Lucy is adding to the wedding list and the French door blow open. Grabbing everything as it blows across the bed, Lucy tells herself that it's not a bad omen, it's just the wind. She refuses to believe it's anything bad.

Kevin is reading the report. Ian was arrested for murder.

Ian thinks it's time Eve knew some things about him. He was accused of killing a man.

Kevin tells Victor that he was released for lack of evidence.

Ian tells Eve that he was working in Africa and had an affair with a nurse. He didn't know the nurse was married. Her husband showed up and beat her. When Ian walked in, she ran out. Eve asks about the husband.

Kevin reads that the man Ian was accused of killing was the husband of a woman he was having an affair with.

Eve tells Ian that it wasn't his fault. He was trying to save the woman's life. Ian tells her that when the woman ran out, she was hit by a car and died. He found the clippings from her death in the storage closet. Eve questions why he didn't tell her, but he didn't want her to think she'd married a murderer. Taking his face in her hands, Eve tells Ian that he's a good man, and he has to let go of the past for all of them. Grateful, Ian holds her against him before taking her to the bedroom.

Victor has to agree that it doesn't look good, but all he has is an ugly incident from Ian's past. Kevin reminds him of the note, stating that he's not as worried about Ian's past as he is Eve's future.

The white light around Rafe and Alison begins to subside. Alison's eyes open and she looks at Rafe, asking what happened. Rafe tells her that she had an accident, but she'll be okay. Jack returns without help, but he's shocked to see Alison awake and sitting up. Before Jack can ask too many questions, Rafe asks him if he's all right. Jack admits to feeling a rush of strength. When Rafe stares at him, Jack realizes that it's all coming back.

Caleb wants Livvie, but she can't do this. Even if she could, she can't see him. Caleb's voice instructs her to open her mind and make him stronger. It's not wrong, Caleb reminds her that she's his wife. She looks down and realizes that she's in her underwear and Caleb is staring at her.

Chris tells Karen that he'd never noticed how beautiful she is. Jack mentions that Rafe said that things are coming back. If they are for him, they have to be for Livvie. Caleb tells Livvie that he's coming back and he's getting stronger. When he's strong enough, he'll have everything he wants.