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Port Charles Update Wednesday 9/26/01

By Dawn

Rafe is apologizing for making Alison drop the muffins. He thinks they must be good, they didnít dent the floor. He introduces himself as Lucyís cousin from way out of town, and Alison assumes California. Jack enters and is glad to see Rafe, and Alison realizes that they know each other. Jack tells Alison that Rafe is a vampire slayer from Transylvania, and Alison is instantly alarmed. Why is Rafe there, and she doesnít want him to tell her that there are still vampires running around.

Eve is banging on the door calling Daniel. As Eve is banging on the neighbors door, Livvie arrives. Eve is freaking and she demands that Livvie gives her a phone. They have to protect him from Caleb. Eve knows heís dead, but heís alive. Livvie hands her the phone and tells her that sheís not crazy. Then she tells Eve to follow her, and Eve does as she dials the phone.

Ian is furious that Colleen didnít page him. Her suggestion that itís a mix up only makes him angrier. Then she asks him if heís sure it was the hospital, and Ian goes to show her his pager and realizes that he left his pager at home. Which is where heís going. Before he can get to the elevator, Kevin calls him. Ian asks if Kevin paged him, but he didnít. Kevin still wants to talk to him about something theyíve never talked about. Ian and Eve.

Jack wants Alison to calm down. Rafe is off duty. Rafe agrees that heís only there to visit Lucy. Alison doesnít buy that, and Rafe admits that he heard there are things happening out of the ordinary. Jack is convinced that if there is anything going on, Rafe can explain it. Not offering any guarantees, Rafe promises that he will try to help. The only way Jack can help is to not help. Looking for trouble is the way to find it. Jack isnít looking for trouble. He even boarded up the catacombs where Caleb was. Then he realized that the trouble came from the monastery. Rafe wants to know about the monastery. Evil behind church walls, and a vampire living in the house of god upsets Rafe, and Jack offers to take him there. Alison agrees that itís a good idea. If there is anything there, Rafe will know. Rafe refuses to go. Evil likes confrontation, and his suggestion is to forget about the monastery. He wants Jack to focus on his love for Livvie, but Jack canít turn it off in his head. All Alison and Jack are asking is for him to check it out. They beg him to let them drive him out there. When Rafe finally agrees, Jack and Alison are relieved. Rafe is adamant about only being there for a few minutes, which makes Alison happy. What harm can a few minutes do?

Eve and Livvie are outside the window watching Daniel as Eve is on the phone. Eve is terrified that he will stop breathing. When Daniel stops crying, Eveís not sure the monitor is working. Livvie tells Eve to calm down and finally takes her sweater and wraps it around her hand. Using a trick she learned in martial arts class, Livvie breaks the window and lets Eve inside. Crawling through the window, Eve runs to Daniel. She realizes that the baby is fine and Caleb isnít there. Livvie begins to clean up the glass, but Eve tells her that sheís done enough for them. Eve apologizes to Livvie for freaking out, but Livvie knows exactly how Eve feels where Caleb is concerned.

Ian wants to know why Kevin wants to know about Eve and him. Kevin wants to know more about the event that turned everyoneís life around. When Kevin asks why Ian and Eve were targeted, Ian doesnít want to get into it again. Harris wanted Ian, and Eve was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ian was leaving town, and heíd come to say goodbye. Kevin says that Ian and Eve were thrown together, and heís still trying to understand. Impatient, Ian wants to know what Kevin is trying to understand. It wasnít a holiday, it was a kidnapping. They were afraid for their lives every moment of every day. Kevin continues with end the end they got out and Eve left him. Ian asks him what heís getting at.

Alison, Jack, and Rafe arrive at what was left of the monastery after the explosion. Rafe is sad that a sacred place was destroyed, even if there was a vampire living in the basement. Alison hears something, but neither man hears it. Jack tells her to relax and let Rafe check the place out. Inspecting a piece of burnt wood, Rafe closes his eyes and breathes deeply. Jack and Alison are watching him as he tries to feel anything. But all Rafe feels is a terrible sadness and ache. Something terrible happened there. Jack remembers fighting with Caleb, being held by the throat and being told that he was going to be destroyed. Rafe feels nothing, but Jack can still feel it.†

Ian is angrier, and he wants to know what Kevin wants to know. Kevinís accusation that heís hiding something doesnít help. Ian is worried and he wants to know why Kevin is asking questions and opening old wounds. Kevinís suggestion that he put Eve in a dangerous situation just to get her away from Kevin is the last straw for Ian. Undaunted, Kevin asks Ian why he padlocked the gate in the garage. As far as Ian is concerned, the inquisition is over. Itís none of Kevinís business, and Kevin has not business digging into other peopleís lives. As far as Kevin is concerned, Kevin had a life with Eve, and that disappeared in what Ian calls a lifetime ago. That would only bother Ian if he had something to hide in that garage.

Eve asks Livvie if Caleb is haunting her, and Livvie tells her about the nightmares. As she tells Eve that Jack is too busy having his own to listen to her, the firefighters knock on the door. Eve runs over and opens it. As she explains to them what happened, Livvie goes to Daniel. She stares at the baby, and suddenly she hears Calebís voice in her head again, telling her that the baby should have been theirs. Calebís and hers. Livvie whispers to herself that itís just the dreams. After the firefighters leave, Eve goes to Livvie. She tells Livvie that itís too bad Danielís mother is crazy. Livvie understands, and if Eve is crazy, they both are. Eve hands him to Livvie, and she never thought sheíd be able to hold him and heíd be safe. Livvie swears to Eve that she will not let anything happen to Daniel, and if Caleb is still alive, she will protect Daniel with her life.

Ian thinks itís a shame. He was beginning to like Kevin. Like Kevin or not, heís not the type of person that will butt into other peopleís lives. Ian knows that for him, Kevin will make an exception. Suggesting that Kevin might want to seek professional help, Ian insists that thereís no mystery and leaves. Alone, Kevin remembers his conversation with Victor about Ian kidnapping Eve. Making a decision, Kevin calls Mac and asks for a copy of the police report on Eve and Ianís kidnapping.

Eve thanks Livvie again for helping her. Livvie says that holding him was the best part. When Eve asks her if sheíd babysit, Livvie is thrilled. Theyíre both surprised at how far theyíve come, and Eve actually suggests that Lucy is right about the universe. If fate stepped in, they might all still be with the wrong people. Sometimes you can look back and see exactly when everything changed, and Livvie knows that Eve is talking about the kidnapping. Eve refuses to go beyond the threshold when Livvie leaves. Alone in the hallway, Livvie senses something in her head again.

Rafe knows that Jack is feeling a resonation of Caleb. Evil like Calebís brand of evil is insidious and powerful. The word Ďisí sets Jack and Alison off. It sounds like Rafe thinks he might still be alive. Jack asks Rafe if he knew Caleb, and Rafe admits that he did. Alison doesnít want to hear any stories about Caleb, she just wants to leave the monastery.The guys agree, and as they start to leave, Alison hears something again. This time Rafe hears it as well. As they look around, a large tree begins to fall towards Alison and she screams.


Kevin tells Victor that if Eve and Ian hadnít been kidnapped, Victor realizes that Kevin and Eve would still be together. Kevin says that there would be no him and Lucy as Lucy enters and asks if she heard her name.

Livvie is in the white curtains and Calebís voice is saying that she needs him, and he needs her.