PC Update Tuesday 9/25/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/25/01

By Dawn

Jamal is too busy working on a carburetor to notice Valerie entering the bike shop. She finally speaks to him and he turns to face her. She’s there to offer him a CD for helping her escape Cedric. He doesn’t want it, but she insists. She asks him if he remembers how much fun they had listening to it, but he reminds her that they never really hung out together. Valerie agrees that they never really hung out together, she knows that they just slept together. Jamal insists that it was one time, and Alison doesn’t need to know about it. Alison interrupts and wants to know what Jamal was talking about.

 Eve is wondering to Karen if she’s crazy. She tells her about Ian going out and calling Kevin because he didn’t come back. When Eve describes the ‘second homecoming’ to Karen, she’s glad they got past that issue between them. Eve was finally starting to think things were getting back to normal, but now she’s afraid something bad is going to happen.

 Ian is putting things away in the basement. Putting papers in a box and hiding the box, he turns to Frank as he comes down. Frank offers to help him clean up the mess, but Ian abruptly declines the help. First Kevin, now Frank, Ian insists he’s fine.

 Kevin picks up the paper and a note slips out of it. Curious, Kevin opens it and reads it out loud. “Ian Thornhart is not who he says he is. I’m writing this letter because I care about Eve. I know you do, too. I’m worried about Eve. I think she’s in danger.”

 Jamal tells Alison that Valerie wanted to thank him for helping her with Cedric. Alison finds the CD and doesn’t recognize the group. Jamal tells Alison that it was from a customer. Valerie asks Jamal if that is the same one he told her was one of his favorites, and Jamal denies it. Jamal tries to get Valerie out of the shop, but Alison insists on feeding Valerie. Jamal is not happy that he lied to Alison, but they’ve been through so much, he doesn’t want to hurt her. Valerie is confused. What happened between them was way before Jamal met Alison. But Jamal thinks that Alison doesn’t need to know about it, and Valerie realizes that Alison was a virgin. Valerie also realizes that Jamal thinks she’s there to hit on him.

 Eve admits to Karen that she thought Caleb was trying to lure them outside to steal Daniel. Karen tells Eve that she just went through a horrible experience. Eve reminds her that everyone else did, too. But Karen wants Eve to realize that it was worse for her. Caleb was after her baby, and she had to get through to Michael. Eve was the only one that could. Eve wonders what would have happened if Michael hadn’t fallen in love with her, but Karen stops her from speculating. Eve asks her what’s wrong with her that she thinks Caleb is still alive. Karen tries to convince her that nothing is wrong with her. Karen doesn’t know when things will go back to normal, but maybe Eve needs to talk about it. Eve can’t talk about it. Everyone has moved on, and Ian doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Karen offers to be there if Eve needs to talk, and Eve thanks her. As they hug, the window blows open and the mobile over Danny starts to play.

 Ian apologizes to Frank for snapping, and Frank blows it off. Kevin comes down and asks if he can have a word with Ian. Ian is very quick to tell Kevin another time, locks the gate on the storage space and leaves. Frank tells Kevin how Ian reacted before, and he understands Ian being rattled. After Frank leaves, Kevin looks at the lock Ian put on the gate.

 Jamal doesn’t think Valerie is coming on to him, but he wants her to understand what’s going on with Alison. Valerie apologizes again, and tells him that their one night together never happened. As Jamal thanks her, Alison appears with hot muffins. Valerie is impressed with the shop, and Alison asks her to stick around. Smiling, Valerie says that no one is picking her up for a while, but Jamal offers to take her home.

 Sitting at the bar in the Recovery Room, Kevin tells Victor about the letter, and Victor asks him if he’s going to talk to Ian. After hearing about how Ian pushed them out of the basement, Victor knows that Kevin thinks there’s something to the letter. Victor reads the rest of it. “It was no accident Eve and Ian wound up together. Ian planned it that way. He’s a dangerous man and he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.” Victor asks Kevin if he actually believes that Ian had something to do with the kidnapping. Before, Kevin would have never considered it, but now he has to wonder if Ian had something to do with it in order to get Eve alone.

Eve thanks Karen and Frank for coming, and Ian apologizes to Frank again. As Karen and Frank leave, Karen asks him what it was all about. Frank thinks there’s something up with Ian, and Kevin agrees.

Eve asks Ian if he’s on edge, too. He promises that it had nothing to do with Caleb, but Eve promises to stop getting paranoid. Things can only get better. Ian agrees, and holds her closer. As he leans closer to kiss her, his pager goes off. Checking it, he tells her that it’s GH and he has to go. She convinces him that she’s going to be okay, and as soon as he leaves, she realizes that the window is open. Eve shuts the window, and sees Ian’s beeper on the counter. She goes into the hallway, but Ian is already gone. As she goes back to Danny, she hears a crash in the hallway.

Valerie remembers how cold she was on the back of the bike. She wants to stop to eat, but Jamal is in a hurry to get back. Valerie questions him about wanting to get her away from Alison. He treats Alison like she’s some fragile doll. She wants to know what Jamal wanting to protect Alison has to do with her. Admitting that he’s overprotective, Jamal knows that he loves her, and he doesn’t want anything to rock the boat. Valerie tells him to not worry. Alison can take care of herself.

Alison is walking across the shop close to the door when it opens. As Rafe enters, the tray of muffins fly all over the place.

Kevin finally realizes how ridiculous it sounds that Ian would plan a kidnapping so he could steal Eve. Victor knows that under normal circumstances, Kevin would have thrown the note in the trash, but after everything that’s happened, it’s hard to stop believing the worst. Kevin wants to know who wrote it and why. Victor suggests that someone who wants to create doubt about Ian with Kevin, or with Ian’s colleagues. As Kevin agrees, Frank enters and orders a couple sandwiches from Victor. After Victor leaves, Frank admits to Kevin that this thing with Ian is really bugging him. Before they left the apartment, Frank went down to check it out. Ian had it double locked with a chain. Kevin decides that they should mind their own business, and Frank says that Karen thinks he’s making too much of it. Frank begins to say that he’s never seen Ian like this, but he remembers that he’s only known Ian a short time. Ian could have had a whole other life that they know nothing about. Agreeing, Kevin begins to think about that. The words from the letter go through Kevin’s mind after Victor and Frank leave him alone. He wants to know who Ian is.

Ian goes to Colleen at the Nurses’ Station and asks what the emergency was. Colleen is confused, and tells him that no one paged him.

Eve talks herself into checking out the sound. Taking a cane to use as a weapon, Eve lets herself into the hallway to look around. As she does, the door shuts behind her. Daniel starts to cry, and Eve tries to open the door, but it’s locked. Yelling that she will be right there to Daniel, Eve begins to panic.


Jack introduces Rafe to Alison as a vampire slayer. Alison begs him to tell her that there aren’t any vampires still in Port Charles.

Ian asks Kevin what’s on his mind. Kevin says that it’s something they’ve never talked about. Ian and Eve.

Eve asks Livvie what she’s doing. Livvie balls her sweater around her arm, tells Eve that it’s something she learned in martial arts class, and breaks a window.