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By Dawn

Jack is holding Livvie in her bed. He tries to calm her and make her realize that it was just a dream. He admits that he had a strange dream of his own and he tells her about not being able to find her. Jack doesnít know if Caleb was in his dream, but all that really matters to him is that theyíre together. Admitting that the dreams werenít real, she agrees that what they have is real and all that matters. They kiss and hold each other.

Kevin stares at the mirror and touches it himself. Lucy wants to know how Rafe put it back together. Rafe smiles and says that itís like riding a bike, once you learn, you canít remember a time when you couldnít.Kevin asks him if the evil is gone, and Rafe answers that for now it is. Fascinated by Rafeís powers, Lucy wants to know if hers are as strong. Rafe answers that all she has to do is believe that love is a stronger force. Surprised, Lucy canít believe that he believes the same things sheís always believed.Goodness and light always defeats evil. Rafe tells her to always focus on light. Never evil, and sheíll be safe.

Ian wants to go check out the noise they heard, but Eve is afraid that itís Caleb trying to lure them outside. Sheís convinced that the last time they saw lightening like that Caleb was killed, and he could be back. Ianís going to check, and Eve makes him promise that no matter how bad it is, heíll tell her what it is. Promising her that sheíll never know he was gone, he kisses her and goes to look.

Ian is in the basement of building. Things are torn apart as if someone had been looking for something. Reaching up, he climbs on a shelf to get to a box. The shelves collapse on him.

Eve is rubbing Daniel telling him that everythingís okay, but she doesnít believe it. In her mind, she remembers Caleb asking her if she really thought trapping him would work. She asks him if heís going to hurt her, and he answers that heís not going to do anything to the mother of his child. Tearing herself free of the images, she promises Daniel that Caleb will never get him.

Lucy wants to use her power the way Rafe does. Kevin says they would all be in trouble, and it reminds him too much like Star Wars. Use the Force is just a little surrealistic for him. Lucy loves the whole idea about the power of love. Kevin believes in love, but he has a very hard time believing that it can reverse physical laws of universe. The universe as Kevin knows it, Rafe reminds them, and thereís a lot they donít understand. Before either of them can answer, the phone rings. Kevin answers and Eve is hysterical on the other end. Ian went out to check out a noise and never came back. Eve is close to convincing herself that Caleb has Ian. Kevin tries to calm her and promises to come over. Heís going, and Lucy wants to go with him. Rafe asks to go, but Kevin wants him to stay there. Theyíll be back as soon as they can, but they tell him to make himself comfortable.

Livvie and Jack are kissing more passionately. They want to lose themselves in each other. It kills Jack to think he almost lost Livvie. She removes his shirt, and they lie together on the bed. He slides her nightgown straps off, and she begs him to not stop. It reminds him of the dream. He wanted her so badly he couldnít think of anything else. Livvie stops his memories by kissing him. Jack hoped the Caleb thing would go away once Caleb was gone, and heís very upset that it looks like theyíre both still suffering. Livvie begs him to not push her away. They kiss again, and Jack leans over her on the bed. Rafe opens the bedroom door, causing Jack and Livvie to jump up and stare at him.

Ian tries to shove bookshelf off of him, but itís too heavy. Trying to use a shovel for leverage, he almost does it, but it falls on him again.

Eve is frantically pacing around until Kevin and Lucy knock on the door. She tells them what happened. Neither of them saw anything strange on their way in, and Eve thinks itís Calebís tricks. Kevin goes to look for Ian while Lucy stays with Eve. Eve is just as worried about Daniel as she is Ian, and Lucy tries to convince her that itís okay. Lucy knows deep down that if they have faith, things are gong to work out. She believes that there is a lot more good than bad in the world, and Eve has to agree with her. But Eve has a fear that everything good is going to be taken away from her. Lucy tells her to focus on the good and shut out the bad. Lucy admits to her that Rafe flew in, and at Eveís expression, she explains that he flew in on a plane. Eve wants to know if Caleb is the reason heís there, but Lucy just says that she thinks itís a good thing.

Jack is furious at first, and Rafe apologizes profusely. Rafe introduces himself, and Jack immediately shakes his hand and is happy to meet him. Jack heard how Rafe helped Kevin and Lucy in Transylvania. Rafe jokes about how great their visit was. Seeing the sights and almost being killed by Calebís familyís caretaker. It was a real walk in the park.Livvie isnít fazed by who he is, and wants to know what heís doing there. Lucy and Kevin told him to make himself comfortable, and he wanted to lay down. Still angry, Livvie asks Rafe if heís ever heard of knocking. Rafe apologizes, and realizes that he knows who they are from Kevin and Lucy. Heís glad they survived their brush with immortality, fighting Caleb is no picnic, and Livvie throws him out. Jack asks Livvie whatís wrong, and she answers that she wanted to be alone with him. She wants to leave the lighthouse. Kissing her, he tells her heíll wait downstairs for her. As soon as heís gone, Livvie sits on the bed and sighs.

Ian finally breaks free of the bookshelf. He grabs the box, digging out some papers and begins to read through them as Kevin finds him. He hides the papers and stands to face Kevin.

Kevin wants to know what happened. It looks like someone broke in, but Ian repeats to Kevin that heís fine. Kevin helps him up the stairs.

Jack approaches Rafe in the living room. Rafe asks if Livvieís okay. Jack wants to know why he asks, and Rafe just says that he saw how upset she was. Rafe promises Jack that eventually Livvie will find peace, and he wants to help. Jack asks Rafe a few vague questions about his powers, and Rafe finally tells him to stop beating around the bush. Jackís real question is what Rafe sees when he looks at Jack. Rafe stares for a while, but he doesnít see anything worth slaying. Just a really great guy with a lot of courage. Jack wants to talk to him, but not there at the lighthouse. Rafe promises to find him later, but only if Jack gives him a headís up on what he wants to talk about. Jack thinks theyíre all still fighting something. They have lingering effects, and Jack wants to know what it is and if this will continue to hurt them. Thatís what Rafe came to find out.

Livvie is dressing, and she stares into the mirror. In her reflection, she holds her ears like sheís hearing something she doesnít want to hear.

Lucy is tending to Daniel while Eve paces. She offers to teach Daniel poker, but Eve sarcastically suggests when Kevinís missing, theyíll play old maid. As Lucy admits that was a bad suggestion, Kevin and Ian return. Eve wants to know what happened. Ian reiterates that it wasnít Caleb. Kevin agrees that Caleb had nothing to do with someone breaking in, and he suggests that they call police. Ian shakes his head. It was nothing, itís been a long night, and Ian asks them to leave.

Out in the hallway, Lucy and Kevin wonder what Ianís problem was. Lucy got whiplash from being thrown out so fast. Kevin is suspicious, but Lucy thinks he just wanted to calm Eve.

Eve offers to get something for Ianís leg, but all he needs is her. A life without him flashed before her eyes and she didnít like it. Holding her, Ian swears that it will never happen. He worked too hard for his family, no one is going to ruin it.

The camera cuts to a pair of black gloves writing a letter to Kevin. Ian Thornhart is not who he says he is.


Valerie reminds Jamal that they slept together. Jamal says that it was one night that Alison doesnít need to know about.

Kevin gets letter the letter which ends with Iím worried about Eve.