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Port Charles Update Friday 9/21/01

By Dawn

Ian watches the baby while Eve watches him. They both agree how hard it is to leave him for a even a minute. Eve apologizes again, but Ian doesn’t want her to apologize anymore. She leaves him to watch Daniel while she takes shower. Before she leaves the room, she admits that he was right, because of her he missed a moment in their son’s life. Alone, Ian stares at his son for a moment, muttering maybe, maybe not.

Kevin rips the door open and Rafe is outside. Hugging him, Lucy drags him inside. They’re both very happy to see him. Rafe knew she needed some help, she’s worried about something.

Jack rolls over and his dream continues. Livvie is still trying to return to Caleb, and she finally breaks away from him. Jack screams her name and for a moment it seems he wakes up.

Caleb approaches Livvie, but he’s transparent. Livvie swears that she saw him die, and Caleb agrees that that her friends did a number on him. He’s not exactly alive, but he’s not dead either. He describes it as a holding pattern. Livvie still doesn’t believe him, but Caleb tells her that when she opened the music box she brought him back.

Ian is holding Daniel and smiling. He leads Eve out to the hallway and makes her ‘bring him home again.’ Laughing, Eve goes along with him. Ian makes her close her eyes while he puts up a welcome home sign that he made. Eve opens the door, and Ian walks him around the house, showing him everything. Places to watch rugby games, places to mark his height, and places for his trophies. Sitting Eve on the sofa, Ian brings her a large pail of flowers. His initial thought was roses, but all he could manage on short notice was the neighbor’s flower garden. He tells her that when she agreed to marry him, he thought that he’d never want anything else. Now that he has his baby, he knows he has everything. Eve is surprised, and she realizes that their house is finally a home. Smiling, they hold each other and kiss.

Kevin asks Rafe if he senses evil. When Rafe answers that he does, Lucy tells him it’s not Caleb, and begins to tell him about the end of Caleb. Rafe is wandering around the room while they’re telling him about Livvie and Eve. This doesn’t surprise Rafe, he knows that most vampire victims experience dreams. Kevin wants to believe that the dreams will eventually go away, but Rafe says that it all depends on how badly the victims want them to. Rafe asks about the broken mirror, and they tell him what happened. When Lucy admits that she was conjuring up and evil spirit, Rafe tells her that she’s foolish. Continuing, Rafe tells her that she has no idea what she’s doing, and she’s making things worse.

Livvie didn’t bring him back. She admits that if she did, it was an accident. Caleb tells her that it’s love. She says she loves Jack, but Caleb doesn’t want to hear that again. She heard his music, she felt him, and he insists that she knows that they’re still connected. He’s offended when she calls him  the poison in her system. Caleb reminds her how she felt when they made love. She hates that she remembers those things, and wants to know what he wants. Caleb admits he wants revenge.

Lucy wants to know what he means. She’s messing with things that she doesn’t understand. Kevin is confused, but Rafe asks him if he understands that a bit of knowledge can be a bad thing. Spirits are cunning. Lucy’s adamant about the fact that she’s not afraid, but Rafe almost yells at her that she should be. Rafe lectures her on not knowing enough to be doing this. Lucy uses rock paper scissors to as an analogy. Rafe is more confused, but Kevin advises him to go with it. She explains to him that the scissors are stronger then the paper, etc, and she believes that good is stronger than evil. He asks Lucy where the evil spirit is, and she can’t tell him exactly where. As she walks around the room, trying to feel it, Rafe follows her. He finally corners her and forces her to admit that she doesn’t know. Glaring at her, he begins the sentence “Once you invite evil in,” and he forces Lucy to finish that “it can kill you.”

Jack is running in blackness that is still his dream. Livvie is laughing, and he’s trying to find her. But her voice tells him that you can’t find something that doesn’t want to be found. He’s in a panic trying to find her, and her laughter continues to echo around him.

Smiling, Caleb quotes the bible. “Vengeance is mine.” If it’s good enough for God, it’s good enough for him. Livvie knew that he had a compassionate side that understood forgiveness, but Caleb is happy to inform her that Michael is gone forever. She asks him what he’s going to do, but he’s not going to lift a finger. Instead, he’s going to cause her friends to hurt themselves. They’re going to hang themselves with their own human emotions. His intentions are to plant the seeds of temptation in their minds and force them to doubt themselves and each other. Livvie begs him to not do this. But he’ll grow stronger as they all grow weaker. He’ll be back in the flesh and hungry as hell. He tells her that he’s not going to let her ruin this, and she screams at him to stay away.

Ian is holding Eve on the sofa during a storm. Looking outside, Eve admits that it’s scary. Ian likes storms, the more afraid she is, the tighter she holds on to him. She will never forget the second homecoming. A loud burst of thunder makes her jump, and she makes him promise to always hold her. As he does, an even louder thunderclap echoes, which wakes the baby. Eve says it sounded like an explosion.

Lucy is torn between tears and terror before Kevin tells Rafe that his bedside manner needs adjustment. Apologizing, Rafe says that he didn’t mean to scare her. Rafe agrees to help them, and he starts to give instructions. Be very still and listen with your body. Let the vibration ride over you. Lucy senses it before Kevin, but he’s trying to understand. The evil is there, Kevin wants to know what they do now. Lucy’s not completely kidding when she offers that her first suggestion is to run. Rafe stops her, telling her to stand her ground. Slowly, he moves to the mirror and places his hand over it. Forming a fist, you tells the evil that love and goodness is stronger. The mirror moves back up to the wall and fixes itself. Lucy goes to it and touches it, amazed.

Jack is still tossing and turning in Livvie’s bed alone. In the dream, he is screaming for her. Bending down, he finds white rose petals filled with blood. The trail leads him to Livvie’s nightgown, which is covered in blood. Crying, he holds it to him and finally believes that he’s lost her.

Livvie threatens to tell everyone about Caleb. He’s not going to allow her to have any memory of their conversation. But when he’s stronger, she’ll come back to him. She denies this, but Caleb won’t let death come between him and his bride. They will have their child, and it will be as it’s supposed to be. It’s only a matter of time before they’re together again for eternity.

Livvie begins to scream, and Jack wakes up next to her. She tells him about her dream, and he asks her about it. Somehow she knows how important that she remembers, but she can’t. Crying, she leans against him and begs her to hold him.


Lucy asks Rafe how he fixed the mirror. He explains it to be like riding a bike. Once you learn it’s hard to remember a time you couldn’t.

Rafe walks in on Livvie and Jack kissing on her bed. They jump and glare at Rafe, who looks very embarrassed.