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Port Charles Update Thursday 9/20/01

by Dawn

Eve and Ian are in the loft. Trying, but not succeeding, to be calm, Eve says that it’s her fault, and she knows that it’s her fear keeping Caleb alive. Ian is worried about Eve, but Eve is tired of Ian acting like it never happened. She doesn’t know why, but she knew Daniel was safer at home. Ian is still angry, and he asks her if it’s because you have to invite vampires in the house. She begs him to stop, but he’s not finished. Telling her that if they stay prisoners of the ghost forever Caleb wins, Ian leaves her.

Lucy sits beside Kevin at the lighthouse, knowing that he’s angry about her helping Eve with Daniel. He denies it, and tells her that all he wants to do is hold her. She asks him if he’s okay. Livvie is upstairs, and Jack told him about them sealing the catacombs. He asks her if it made her feel better, but she has to admit that it didn’t. Her desire is to believe that it’s a run of bad luck but she doesn’t think it’s just a coincidence. She knows he doesn’t want to know, but she tells him that you can’t go back once the evil is out.

Livvie in her bed, and Jack is sitting beside her. She’s not sure what’s real or not anymore and she feels like she’s going crazy. Jack tries to calm her, but she really thought she saw that box and the ring. The fact that she’s the only one that saw it scares her. Jack tells her it’s gong to take time and work. He loves her and he’s going to be there. As he pulls her into his arms and holds her, several candles blow out around the room.

Lucy tries to explain to Kevin that it’s like she hears this voice screaming at her that things are still out of balance. Kevin wants to believe she’s wrong, and Caleb is gone. It’s not Caleb, Lucy insists. It’s something evil and angry, and vengeful, but it isn’t Caleb. All the signs are there, and Lucy is convinced that it’s real. She lists the signs to Kevin as Livvie, Eve, the baby, and the snake. Something is happening. Kevin suggests hopefully that it could be mass hysteria. But Lucy knows it’s wishful thinking on his part. Forced to admit that he thinks she’s right, he decides that if something is out there, they need to do something. Lucy suggests something, knowing what she’s about to suggest is crazy. She asks Kevin to bear with her. She doesn’t have to ask him, he’s ready for whatever she says, no matter how far it it may be. If her gut says it’s the right thing to do, he’s all for it.

Jack looks around the room, still telling her that it’s okay. He tries to get her to lie back down, and she does. Afraid to close her eyes, all she wants is all the bad stuff to go away. Jack lies beside her and pulls her to him, telling her to close her eyes and let it all go. As Jack whispers to her, he falls asleep. Livvie opens her eyes and watches the candles relight. Caleb’s voice calls her name. Getting up, Livvie moves to the window. The curtains are blowing as she walks out of the doors.

Ian thinks Eve is asleep on the sofa and he begins to talk to Daniel. Eve wakes and watches him tell Daniel that she is stubborn. If she wants something she’ll have it, and they both have to get used to it. They have to understand that Eve does silly things because she loves Daniel and wants to protect him. Eve finally speaks, knowing that Ian knows she’s awake. If this is his apology, it’s working. He tells her it’s his turn to hear an apology. She’s not sorry she took the baby home, but she’s sorry she about the way she did it. If it had been her, she would have been furious. She asks him to forgive her, but he will only forgive her if she promises to never do anything like that again. He asks her to trust him for a partnership. She agrees and wants them to be partners in every way. They both want the same thing. Telling her that she and Daniel are his life, he holds her to him and kisses her.

Kevin is reading in Lucy’s spell book. He begins to feel strange about this, and Lucy knows he doesn’t completely believe, but she wants him to really try to help her find answers. Sitting on the floor facing each other, she takes his hands. She begins to chant and he closes his eyes. The chant is in Latin, but Kevin realizes what she’s saying and his eyes open as he demands to know if she knows what she’s saying. She’s saying evil show yourself, she knows it, and Kevin begins to doubt that she knows what she’s doing. Explaining that she’s trying to force the evil to manifest itself in a way it can’t hurt them, she begins to hope that’s what she’s trying to do. As he continues to voice doubts that they can handle this, she interrupts him to tell him that she feels something there. She begins to sound afraid, and Kevin wants to stop. He tries to pull away from her, but she won’t let him break the circle as tells it to show itself. Kevin sees a shadow, and Lucy knows that it’s trying to find a shape. Telling it that she knows it can’t hurt them, she demands again that it show itself. The mirror over the fireplace shatters, and Kevin pulls Lucy into his arms.

Jack wakes and hears Livvie’s voice calling him. He’s in what resembles a white cage with criss crossed bars. He’s dressed in white, and Livvie appears over him on the bed in a red dress. She smiles seductively at him, and he’s more than happy to see her. He moves off the bed towards her and she disappears. Her voice echoes around him, teasing him. He moves around, searching for her, but she touches his arm from behind and turns him to her. As she kisses his neck, he holds her hand. But she’s gone again. She asks him if he likes her like that, and he begins to doubt it’s real. She’s in his arms again and she kisses him.

Jack rolls over in bed, asleep and alone.

Livvie is back in the catacombs, and she knows that the box is what started all this. It’s not in her head, and all she has to do is find the music box. She searches around for it, and finally she pulls it out of the rocks it fell behind. Holding it in her hands, she tries to talk herself into opening it. When she finally does, she stares away from what she sees.

Snuggling on the sofa, Ian and Eve are kissing. She’s sorry she doubted him, but he doesn’t want her to apologize anymore. He wants to move on. Laying down on him, she tells him that she loves him more than she ever thought possible, they’re safe, and she wants to concentrate on them.

Kevin and Lucy are cleaning up the broken mirror. Lucy doesn’t believe it what she just saw. Kevin believes there’s a force and it isn’t happy. To Kevin, it felt like it wanted to harm them but couldn’t. Lucy agrees, but she knew her spell would keep it from hurting them. Everything that’s happening is connected, but she doesn’t know how. Kevin decides that they better find out how or something they don’t want is going to sneak up behind them. He’s going to check on Livvie and then they’re going to come up with a plan. Something knocks at the door, and neither of them really wants to answer it. Lucy finally says that it wants her, and she’ll get it, but Kevin won’t let her. Together, they hold hands, count to 3 and open the door together. They stare in shock at whatever is outside.

Back in Jack’s dream, Livvie is on top of Jack, and as they kiss, she pulls away. She tells him to not miss her too much and goes. He asks her where she’s going, and she tells him she’s gong back to her husband.

The box is empty and Livvie freaks. Still talking to herself, she remembers the ring in the box the last time she saw it. As she wonders if she’s losing her mind, Caleb’s voice echoes that she’s not losing her mind. He’s there.