PC Update Wednesday 9/19/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 9/19/01

By Dawn

Jamal is holding Valerie and Alison enters the room. At first, she’s concerned to see Jamal holding a woman, but she sees that it’s Valerie and she’s happy to see her. Running to her, Alison hugs Valerie and Jamal teases her for what she was thinking when she saw them. Alison lets it slip that she and Jamal are a couple.  

Kevin is on his way to see Livvie but Colleen stops him. She informs him that Livvie headed for the nursery and hands him a letter. Kevin reads the letter, and he’s not happy with what it says.

Ian grabs Livvie and demands to know where Daniel is. As Livvie tries to get away from him, Jack enters. Livvie recognizes the music from the music box and she swears that Caleb has Daniel.

 Ian is convinced that Livvie has something to do with Daniel’s disappearance and demands to know where Daniel is. She continues to swear that the music was the same and Caleb has Daniel. Ian tells her to stop acting crazy as Kevin enters and stops him by showing Ian the note and telling Ian that Daniel is fine. Ian apologizes to them and leaves, furious. Kevin is still worried about Livvie, and he tells her to go back to bed. Staring at the mobile, she is convinced that the music was the same. Jack suggests that Kevin get a wheelchair and he leaves Jack with Livvie in the nursery. Livvie swears that she’s not crazy, and Jack agrees that she’s not crazy, but she does have a lot of healing to do. It’s not going to be easy for her, and Jack knows it. Holding her, he promises her that she’ll be all right.

Lucy and Eve are at the loft with Daniel, and Lucy is talking to him. Lucy talks about Daniel calling her aunt Lucy, but she’s not sure Eve will go for that. Eve is amused, but says nothing. She continues to tell Daniel that he’s safe and sound, and they did it. Eve thanks Lucy for helping her bring Daniel home. Eve admits that she got help from the last place she expected, meaning Lucy, and Lucy smiles. Her opinion is that the universe has a sense of humor. The universe may have a sense of humor, but Ian doesn’t, Eve warns her. Lucy reiterates that Daniel is safe, but Eve reminds her that they are not safe from Ian’s temper. Lucy knows he’ll understand in the end, but Eve suggests she leaves before Ian comes home. She’s not going to leave Eve to take the blame alone. Lucy reminds Eve that she didn’t listen to her instincts and it cost her Christina. She promised herself that she’d never let that happen again to her or anyone she even started to care about. Eve had a feeling, and Lucy believes that if you have a strong feeling, you have to act on it. Ian enters and slams the door, demanding to know if they’ve lost their minds.

Alison is sorry to hear about Hope, but Jamal is convinced that she did the right thing. One of Valerie’s biggest regrets is that she disrupted everyone’s life when Cedrik was after her. Alison tells her that everything worked out in the end, and she didn’t disrupt anyone’s life. When Alison goes to get a drink, Gabi finds her in the hallway. Alison tells Gabi that Valerie is staying there, but Gabi doesn’t know Valerie. Gabi enters the room and sits off to the side where Valerie and Jamal can’t see her, Valerie shows Jamal a picture of Hope, and she tells him that the baby looks like him. This confuses Jamal, but Valerie reminds him that they slept together, and asks him if he forgot. As he says he didn’t forget, Alison returns and wants to know what Jamal didn’t forget.

Livvie is in bed, but she still swears the music is the same as the box she found in the catacombs. She’s been hearing it in her head, and it got louder until she followed it to the nursery. But when everyone else arrived, the music changed. Kevin tries to convince her that all she needs is rest, and she’s welcome to do that at the lighthouse. Livvie reminds Jack that they’re supposed to be going away, but Jack says not until she’s better. He’ll do whatever she needs to get better. Kevin thanks Jack as he leaves, then Kevin sits beside her bed and asks her if she feels better now. But Livvie knows that everyone, even Jack, thinks she’s crazy.

Ian is still angry. Lucy tries to defend Eve, but Ian doesn’t want to hear that. Eve thanks Lucy and tells her to leave. At first Lucy argues, but Ian grabs her and takes her to the door so he can have it out with Eve alone. Eve apologizes for scaring him, but Ian wants her to understand how scared he was at the empty crib in the nursery. Eve’s defense is that she wanted to protect Daniel. Ian shows her that he didn’t need Eve to do anything. He’s perfect and safe. Eve is convinced that he’s safe now that there aren’t strangers coming in and out and no strange gifts. Ian tells her that the mobile came from Chris. Eve continues to argue. She had to get him out of the hospital as soon as possible, and Lucy left a note for Kevin to show him. But Eve made a decision about their son without consulting him, and Ian is more upset about that. He wants to know when was the moment she stopped trusting him.

Alison asks them what the big secret is, and Gabi ducks down so they can’t see her but she can hear them as Jamal tries to deny there is a secret. Valerie tries to cover. They don’t have a lot of time to catch up, she has a lot of work to do because she’s working there for her keep. At Valerie’s questions, Alison tells her all about the bike shop, and her excitement tells Valerie how well it’s going. Jamal gets Alison out of there as quickly as she can, but Alison stops him to tell Valerie that if she needs anything to ask. Jamal insists that she doesn’t’ need anything and drags Alison out the door. After Jamal and Alison leave, Gabi approaches Valerie. She wants to know all about Valerie and her brother. Valerie is shocked to hear that Jamal is Gabi's brother, and Valerie expects a speech about staying away from Jamal, since Gabi and Alison are probably friends.  Gabi tells her that she and Alison aren’t friends

Jamal is upset at Alison for coming to look for him, but Alison tries to tell him in a few quick sentences what happened to Livvie. Alison remarks how strange it is that Valerie showed up. It shocked her, and she admits to Jamal that she was upset that she saw him in Valerie’s arms, even though it was stupid. Agreeing that it was stupid, Jamal holds her and tells her he loves her.

Eve always trusted Ian, but she asked him to help her, and he refused. Ian asks her if he thought his son coming home for the first time might have meaning to him. Eve apologizes, but it’s not enough. He wants her to forget about Caleb. Eve is the only one keeping Caleb alive, the more power she gives him by not letting it go is causing more pain.

Kevin asks Livvie what’s going on, but Livvie can’t explain. She tries to tell him that they’re like out of body experiences. She keeps seeing Caleb in different places. No one else sees him. Kevin suggests it’s psychic after effects from Caleb. Livvie asks him to be a doctor, not her father. She feels like she’s losing her mind, and she’s scared. Moving closer, Kevin holds her and agrees to help her. He promises her that it’s going to be all right.

Jack is hammering boards across the catacombs as Lucy approaches. She touches him, and he pulls the hammer back on her in shock. They ask each other what they’re doing there. Lucy admits she was curious after everything Livvie, Alison, and Jack have said. Telling her to take one last look around, Jack informs her that there isn’t going to be one sign of Caleb when he’s done. As far as he’s concerned it never existed, and whatever is in there is going to stay in there. Caleb is gone. Taking his shoulder, Lucy turns him to face her. He drops the hammer and leaves. Lucy picks up the hammer and talks to whatever is in there. She asks it if it’s a coward that targets child, pregnant women, young lovers, innocent children, and doctors. Everything that is good in the world. Picking up the hammers, she hammers the boards herself, promising that whatever it is will stay in there forever. After Lucy and Jack are gone, the boards are blown out from the inside and the music from the box is heard.